Buy Dedicated Servers with Bitcoin


Consistent with the times, the way we think about money is changing. What used to be a barter system became a payment system with the introduction of currency. The first ever form of currency can be dated back to 1000 BC in China, where bronze and copper coins were used to pay for goods and services. Then came gold. Then came paper. With Bitcoin, we go back to coins (it’s in the name)–but not in the way you’d think.

Bitcoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ and open-source, peer-to-peer digital payment network. So while one might imagine barters in an open market somehwere in Ancient Rome exchanging gold coins, it’s really a system of of buyers and sellers sending digital currency to one another using computers or mobile apps. If you really think about it, it’s essentially the same system with some added benefits: anonymity and the lack of a need to put on pants and leave your house.

And now you can use Bitcoin for why you’re really here–the feature rich dedicated servers provided by Primcast and Server Room. Entry level dedicated servers with SSD drives start at just $29 per month, which includes 100TB of monthly traffic. Even our Ancient Roman friends can tell you that’s a steal. But affordable doesn’t always mean cheap in the colloquial sense. Server Room and Primcast dedicated servers are backed by quality HP Enterprise grade software, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 support. And for those who have greater needs, 1gbps unmetered dedicated servers start at $199 per month, and 10gbps at $799 per month.

To recap: Bitcoin is the new wave of digital currency which can be used to make purchases on the web easily and, if need be, anonymously–even providing one’s name is optional. Bitcoins are not subject to international regulation as they are not tied to any country or national currency, so international payments are a breeze. There are also no banks involved in a peer-to-peer transaction system. And because there are no credit card or transaction fees with cryptocurrency, it may be preferable for small businesses and other organizations, which may explain why so many are adopting it–including Primcast!