Why stream your videos online with Windows media?

Although Windows media is the oldest platform for streaming video content online, it is also one of the most reliable ones out there. Its popularity is also due to the fact that it can reach much more people than other streaming platforms are capable of.

The great thing about Windows media is that it offers a rich user experience. If there is a bad thing going on with Windows media is that it continues to change formats. This is a problem for producers because they rarely can keep up with these changes.

Streaming your videos online with the Windows media streaming platform is quite easy to do also. All you need is to choose a format for your files, create the actual video file and put in on a server. This is about everything you need to do. You can now proceed to place the video on your website. Placing your video on the website can be done in two ways. You can either put a hyperlink to the file on the server or you can embed the video so that when a visitor comes to your website they will be able to watch the video in their web browser.

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