Why use Auto DJ?

Time has come for you to upgrade your online radio station with a new Auto DJ account. Running your own radio station is for most of us a hobby but it can quickly become a time consuming hobby. Auto DJ is the best option if you don’t want to be stuck in front of your streaming computer the whole time you are streaming online.

With this great software you can even leave your station broadcasting 24/7 and you don’t even have to keep your PC on. All your audio files are transferred to a server and they get streamed from there. This way you will not only keep your fans pleased by playing their favorite music but you will be able to draw in even more listeners. Few people will listen to your station if you are only broadcasting for a few hours per day.

You can turn Auto DJ on and off whenever you like. So if you want to plug in your live stream then you simply need to turn off Auto DJ. After you finish your show you can simply turn on Auto DJ again and your listeners will begin listening to your playlists. They will never know that you are out doing something else while the Auto DJ server is doing all the streaming for you.

Creating playlists with your favorite songs is also extremely easy to do and very intuitive. You have complete control over the files you upload and you can set them up to play exactly in which order you prefer. You can even include commercials and other recorded audio you like.

So as you can see, Auto DJ is a critical tool that every online broadcaster should use in their arsenal. Most online broadcasters are already using Auto DJ and you would do well if you began using it as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Auto DJ and how it could help you run your online radio station better then you can come visit us on our website at http://www.serverroom.us/autodj

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