What you didn’t know about smooth streaming

If you are looking to stream your video clips at an adaptive rate then Smooth Streaming normally would be your best choice. When you are using Smooth Streaming your videos will be displayed at the appropriate bit-rate because it can assess the available bandwidth. This means that you will never need to cater for the lower common denominator to ensure that everyone who requests your video will get a perfect watching experience.

Smooth Streaming is considered to be the best given that it is able to switch in almost real time the video quality of a media file that a player receives. Consumers with high-bandwidth connections can experience high definition (HD) quality streaming when others with reduced bandwidth speeds receive the appropriate stream for their connectivity, making it possible for customers all over the board to have fun with a engaging, continuous streaming experience and alleviating the need for media companies to accommodate to the smallest common denominator quality level inside of their audience base.

This enables organizations to boost brand interest and advertising earnings by improving standard viewing instances by using higher quality true HD (resolution greater than 720p) experiences. Businesses also have the potential to take advantage of unmatched network scalability whilst employing distributed HTTP web based servers. By using smooth streaming they are now equipped to offer superior top quality services to even more users.

Smooth Streaming is straightforward enough to conduct. Customers are going to just need to have Silverlight added on their Computers or Apple computers. Content creators however need to upgrade their encoding software to one that can handle encoding to the Smooth Streaming file format.

In order to stream media assets to clients, hosting providers will need to have IIS Media Services installed on their servers. The IIS Media Services will only need to be installed on the origin servers. To be able to correctly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs hosting providers will also require to configure the edge cache/proxy infrastructure.

For application developers to correctly use Smooth Streaming they will have to add Smooth Streaming playback support to their Silverlight applications. This can be accomplished by using the Silverlight player templates bundled in the Expression encoder or by using Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

To produce Smooth Streaming presentations you need to encode your videos in a particular way. You will need to encode the same source at distinct bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. This way the server produces virtual fragments and will be able to switch between which complete file is delivering. Smooth Streaming presentations can be created using an encoder such as Microsoft Expression Encoder.

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