The internet and video streaming

Video Streaming

It has always been stated that when it comes to the internet, the ‘content is king’. But over the years, as the internet became more and more evolved, a new kind of content is becoming increasingly popular these days and it will continue to rise in popularity. Video is now the number one preferred content for most internet users. Why bother read something when it is so much easier watching it?

Video streaming websites have been especially successful these past few years. Think of YouTube and other similar websites. The power of such websites lays in the fact that end users don’t have to download a certain media file before they are able to view it. However, you need to understand the difference that is between video files and video streaming. Streaming video refers to the mechanism of the distribution of medium and not the media itself.

Not so long ago, video streaming was used almost exclusively by the big companies that were able to afford this technology. However, as time passed, more and more websites begun to implement streaming as costs were no longer an issue.

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