Using Live Streaming to Promote Your Brand

Ever since streaming live videos was introduced in the digital landscape, it has changed the way videos are watched and enjoyed by everyone. Now there is no wait time for the entire video to be downloaded and viewed. With broadband being common, every business can think of adding video streaming onto its websites. Here are few benefits of the live streaming on websites to ponder upon:

More viewers: Streaming videos live on your website can help you reach more people simultaneously which is essential for many reasons.

For instance, if you plan to use videos for training and your employees are in different parts of the world, this benefit will work to your advantage. Also, if you are doing a product launch or marketing, announcement, seminar, or conference, you can convey the message with a wider reach.

More interaction with viewers: Live streaming offers better interaction potential with your audience. This can give you the opportunity to connect and update them with latest information, weave a story around your brand message, answer queries and questions, and get a feeling of their likes and dislikes instantly. This allows you to make quick adjustments and tweaks to your marketing message in order to achieve maximum conversions.

Minimized infrastructural needs: For any business, it’s difficult to organize seminars or promotional events on a large scale.  Organizing such events calls for large venues to accommodate a high number of customers which is difficult to find, and also requires additional costs for security and other arrangements.

With live streaming your message and presentations, can have global reach with low cost of implementation. You can reach your viewers on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Reduce Costs: Live streaming on websites can easily let you cut through device barriers at nominal costs. Using live streaming to promote your brand will reduce customer acquisition costs and minimizes time for organizations to market products and services.

Convenient: It is easier for attendees to join a live webinar than being physically present at a seminar. It is much more convenient to view a live streams, at the comfort of your home or office. The same concept can be applied to your business or website by using live video streaming services from Primcast.

Stand out from crowd: With live streaming on websites becoming increasingly popular, streaming live videos, events, and content can ensure a unique point of differentiation for a company in comparison to its competitors. Some of the ways in which your brand can gain leverage from live streaming include:

  • Conduct a seminar online or webinar
  • Hold conferences through live interactions with viewers and experts
  • Arrange for a tutorial for students or clients to enrich their knowledge on your product or services

Need the competitive edge of live video streaming to work to your advantage? Then why not consider the capabilities of Primcast, your very own live video streaming expert, here in the US.