Trends that will Define Video Streaming in 2016

Trends that will Define Video Streaming in 2016

What is more appealing to you, an elaborate description of a product and its technical specs, or an engaging video, leaving behind an indelible impression on your mind? Most likely the latter will be your choice. According to market reports, video streaming consumption through WiFi amounts to a whopping 51.5%. Another report states that the cumulative time spent in viewing YouTube’s live video streaming is almost close to 6-billion hours.
These numbers explicitly state the unsurpassed popularity of videos. By creating a strong visual impact of your dream venture, video streaming helps achieve your marketing objectives quicker and more cost effectively. Be it a product or professional service, nothing explains your strong suite of  unique selling points better than creative and engaging videos.

From then to now

The previous year can be regarded as the golden era for live video streaming. 2015 not only popularized the concept but also prepared the grounds for further development and evolution. As a consequence, the first quarter of 2016 saw the emergence of some amazing live video streaming trends.
What will be in it for your digital marketing campaign?
Having an idea about these trends will help you devise highly beneficial marketing strategies for your business. Here is our compilation of the top 10 video streaming trends of 2016.

1.    Rapid expansion of live streaming

Whether it is traditional media or social media platforms, live streaming is increasingly gaining traction especially in the B2B market. Easy and convenient streaming options have pulled down almost all adoption barriers. Especially, with Facebook’s entry into the live video streaming market, live feeds are surpassing the popularity of saved video contents.

2.    Acceleration in online video viewing

Refer to the video-watching patterns in the past decade and it will unravel some great facts. With the advent of mobile innovations and the internet, almost every user spends a huge amount of time online. And this behavior has resulted in increased viewership of streaming videos. According to present market trends, this rapid acceleration in video viewing will further popularize streaming video content and Video-On-Demand.
This trend is substantiated by statistics across the globe. For instance here in the US, on average, a PC viewer watches almost 229 online videos every year. If market stats are anything to go by, then nearly 25% of web users make it a point to watch a video every day. With improved internet connections and network systems, this trend is only expected to boom in 2016.

3.    Emergence of video streaming applications

Other than video viewing patterns, 2016 will also record a massive upsurge in the growth and development of online video streaming applications and devices. Viewers will have access to Chromecast and Roku Stick along with good old mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

4.    The power to interact

Rather than a lot of tech jargon, it is always great to view interactive videos complemented with call to action overlays. Interactive live videos ensure better viewer engagement compared to their other counterparts. So, 2016 will offer the golden opportunity of increasing your viewer engagement alongside preparing the grounds for Virtual Reality.

5.    Golden times for video advertising

Business Insider states that at 1.84%, online video advertising achieves the maximum click-through-rates among all digital ad channels, and the popularity will continue in 2016. It has the potential to attract customers through robust and subject-oriented advertising contents.
The approximate revenues from online advertisement monetization for 2015 were at $7.7 billion. With the growth of bandwidth and increasing Smartphone ownership, this trend might experience a massive growth by almost 20% in 2016.

6.    Increased usage of mobile devices

There is no denying the role played by mobile devices in accelerating the success story for video streaming. 2016 will witness a dramatic surge in the use of mobile devices for viewing streaming content. This will be particularly due to the unparalleled comfort and convenience offered by mobile viewing. Going by the increasing contribution of mobile devices in web traffic, it will account for at least 70% of web traffic in 2016.

7.    The expected demise of TV subscriptions

With the emergence of online broadcasting, viewers have the opportunity of viewing streaming videos from their favorite channels. As the result, almost 2.4 million television viewers have abandoned traditional TV viewing. However, such accelerations in online video viewing will inevitably inflict fatal blows on the popularity of television programs, thus leading to low subscriptions.

8.    Say B for ‘branded’ and S for ‘simple.’

The year 2016 will offer great possibilities for online video streaming. The trend will find application in both the branded market as well as small-budget marketing projects. With this split, both market biggies as well as small and medium sized enterprises will enjoy quality marketing experience,
Market leaders will keep on producing exclusive content, thus achieving a competitive edge in the market. At the same time, those with low marketing budgets will enjoy access to top-quality broadcast tools and equipment. Both will experience the creation of a niche market, thus achieving recognition for their efforts.

9.    Enhancements in social media feed

It won’t be an overestimation to say that any marketing campaign is incomplete without social media. As an integral segment of marketing, social media happens to be present in every single marketing tactics or strategy.
With the increasing popularity of live video streaming, social media platforms will be lending the much needed support for its success in 2016. With unique video protocol implementation, lightning fast internet speed and better video compression, social media channels will support numerous live streams.

10.    The arrival of 4K

Picturesque locales or stunning product visuals will surely enthrall you to the tee. How about watching it in great detail? That is what 2016 has in store for you. By popularizing 4K picture quality with resolutions of 3840 x 2160, 2016 will mark the arrival of 4K.
Quite naturally, it will be time for codecs such as HEVC and others to gain grounds.

To sign off

When Instagram launched its video recording feature, there were almost 5-billion videos uploaded within a single day. This frenzy denotes the immense potential for digital marketers to push their products through a medium that is bound to yield amazing RoI.
With complete and dedicated adoption of the latest live video streaming technologies, its future simply can’t get better than in 2016. Moreover, with big brands as well as small enterprises opting for full-scale adoption of live video streaming, there is nothing that can stunt its growth.

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