The things you should know about a Smart Tv

We all know that 2012 was the year of smartphones, but 2013 will be definitely the year of Smart Tv’s. Our television gets more intelligent, and comes with gesture and voice controls, downloadable apps, face recognition and many other new features and apps.
But first of all, we need to see what are the advantages of a Smart Tv.
Well, a Smart Tv (or Connected Tv), is used to describe the new range of Tv’s, set-top boxes & BluRay players that are connected to the internet, includes a browser with Flash support and provides an interactive experience for the customer.
This type of gadget has all of the functions of a standard Tv, but the most important feature is that it gives you the possibility to access the internet. We can make a summary by saying that a Smart Tv refers to a convergence of computer-like features.
Most of the customers, which prefer Smart Tv’s insteed of Classic Tv, said that one of the most interesting option is that this kind of device provides interesting applications which facilitate the access to certain pages such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa (and much more), without the need to connect the laptop or computer.
A Smart Tv’s gives you access to apps, games, video playback, gesture and voice control, social networking (Social TV), web Browsing, streaming movie content, media sharing or smartphone connectivity. Don’t forget that every Smart Tv platform offers access to an online app store, from which you can download a lot of applications, which can be installed directly into your Smart Tv menu.
At this moment, having an app means to you take advantage of the great opportunity that new media givs you. You are placed on a market that has not yet been fully exploited. Among the major benefits that a Smart Tv applications can bring, one of them includes the ability to get in touch with potential clients from the comfort of your own bedroom, and especially the ability to use a single device instead of two.
At Primcast we have a special department which is in charge of Smart Tv apps and Mobile apps. Why do you need to know this? Because if you have a great idea, our development team will be able to built it. And don’t forget a very important aspect – if you have a streaming server from Primcast, you can get a free standard smart TV app especially made for you.
In conclusion, a Smart Tv brings you all kinds of benefits starting with a connection to the internet, an operating system that gives you almost unlimited possibilities to have fun and relax, but even more awsome, Primcast gives the possibility to have your own Smart Tv applications!

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