The Fundamental Guide to Internet Radio Software


The options for an internet radio solution are vast and varied, but there are few that cater to all your needs, which are as unique as you. So whether you are a beginner or seasoned radio veteran, on a Mac or a PC, an up and coming SoundCloud DJ or the next Ira Glass, there is software out there for you.

Making the right choice of broadcasting software can make or break a station. Ensure you have weighed up the pros and cons of each application and how you will utilise the functionality offered before committing. Research by visiting the product sales pages, forums and review sites. Choosing the first free broadcaster you come across and expecting it to do everything can be a bad move which can waste your time, money and patience.

From basic to all inclusive, these are some of the best.


This is an advanced, open-source DJing software used by beginners and pros alike. It works with everything from Windows and Mac to Linux and UBUNTU (if you’re into that). It can be used to take live calls as you broadcast, as it is compatible with Skype. It comes with input multiple microphones for guests. It’s ideal if you have lots of tracks and shows because it comes with an advanced library management system, as well as a built-in ID3 tag editor to update track information like titles, artists, and albums. When broadcasting with MIXXX your track’s details are displayed to the viewer through the player. It is also a neat little solution for mixing as you can beat sync with up to 4 decks.

MIXXX also includes special audio mixing features (as implicated in the name) such as:

  • Time stretch and vinyl emulation
  • Beat looping
  • Powerful master sync
  • Hotcues
  • Beat rolls and censor
  • Intuitive pitchbend
  • Broad format support
  • EQ and crossfader control

The best part? It’s included free with a host of Primcast radio solutions.


Nicecast is an easy to use live broadcasting software that works quite well with Mac systems. It can hijack audio from most media players available for Mac OS X including iTunes. It will also extract artist and track information then send it to your SHOUTcast server. It can also play audio from an external source be it USB or Line-In. Use it with Skype to do live talks with guests, or take advantage of the variety of audio effects it offers to play around with your tracks. What makes Nicecast stand out are features like control for privacy (password protect your stream) and a server checker to ensure that your stream is available to everyone, globally. It has an easy 3 step setup: select source, play audio, and start your broadcast.


BUTT, which stands for “Broadcast Using This Tool, is great for 2 reasons. 1: It’s one of the most simplest software to setup and use. 2: It’s a multi-operating system broadcaster, meaning it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, plus it’s free. BUTT works as a middleman, for example you can connect a microphone for your talk shows or use a media player like iTunes to play your music. Audio is encoded and pushed out to your station online. BUTT will broadcast any input source on your computer. Perfect if you have an external mixer or microphone. Butt cannot ‘hijack’ the audio stream of media player and broadcast the audio. It’s an ideal tool for beginners and experienced broadcasters that need something simple, so it’s definitely worth your time.

For beginners or those new to internet radio broadcasting – user friendly, can be up and running quickly for those who want to broadcast live without unnecessary complexities. BUTT is not the most aesthetically appealing—both in looks and in name—but has a simple user interface and is accessible.


Samcast is one of the most popular and advanced pieces of broadcasting software. It is a professional radio DJ system that gives you the power and control to stream your unique live audio through SHOUTcast to listeners from all corners of the world. It offers simple broadcasting just like Winamp + DSP but also has powerful radio automation features. It is cloud radio that’s always online even if you aren’t. You can set high rotation playlist, schedule shows and handle external sources . Samcast also features statistic relays which records realtime listener information about your station. Its special features include:

  • Media management (easily manage multiple DJs)
  • Mixes (stream in multiple formats with external relays)
  • listener statistics
  • Free players and widgets for your website
  • Access to multiple mixing decks to control and synchronize your audio
  • Mix your show together with faders, EQ sliders, and improve your vocals with the FX voice feature to alter how you sound
  • Free trial