Start streaming online with Primcast and Wowza

If you thought that Wowza Media Server is just a simply media streaming solution then you were wrong. With the latest addition of Wowza Media Server 3 there are no more conflicts that existed with other software suppliers such as the Adobe Flash Media server.

You can check for yourself and see the amazing features that come with this latest addition by going to With wowza you can benefit from custom streaming solutions.

Perhaps one of the best Wowza Media Server 3 features is the support for mobile streaming. Since in this day and age most people own high-end mobile devices, with Wowza you can output 1080p resolution videos to satisfy even the most pretentious customers.

Primcast offers both shared and dedicated server Wowza services. We will assist you with any issues that may arise with your Wowza services. As a customer of Primcast, you will benefit from free 24/7 customer support.

So if you are interested in finding a reliable, flexible and not to mention affordable solution for online video and audio content streaming then Primcast and Wowza are everything to get started in the online streaming world.

Media streaming done right

When compared to the other media streaming platforms currently available on the market, Wowza has had quite a rapid growth both in technology but in popularity as well. Unlike platforms such as Windows Media or Flash Media which had a slow start, Wowza has been profitable from day 1 and will continue to improve even further.

The reason Wowza has become so successful today is because it supports delivery to virtually any screen. The people from Wowza believe that this feature is absolutely critical to their business strategy. The platform’s architecture of the underlying infrastructure allows Wowza Media Server to accept plug-in modules with a variety of functions. Features such as adaptive bitrate and time-shifted playback are very simple to implement and very cost effective.

Wowza is designed to scale from a small single license server solution up to a Content Delivery Network level solution by adding licenses across a growing number of commodity hardware platforms.

With the introduction of the latest Wowza version, Wowza Media Server 3, users now have the ability to purchase and add in additional modules. One such very important module that users have been waiting for a long time is the network digital video recorder module. With the great support Wowza offers the development community, more powerful modules are bound to emerge and make Wowza an even better product than it already is.

So even though Wowza Media Server is the newest platform for streaming video content online, it is also the one with the most potential. Wowza has grown very rapidly and in a very short amount of time, even surpassing its competitors in some areas. Wowza can be used to stream to even thousands of simultaneous users. However, even if Wowza does not impose any limits, you may be limited by the hardware of the machine Wowza Media Server is installed on.

Primcast offers very reliable and not to mention affordable Wowza Media Server shared and dedicated plans. For more information about our offer please visit our website

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What you didn’t know about Wowza

Not many people have heard about Wowza. Wowza is the next generation streaming server software. It can deliver exceptional live and on-demand video streaming. With its help you could easily implement features such as live adaptive bitrate streaming and time shifted live playback. There are also many other great features packed in this amazing software that you could take advantage of right now.

You can use the Wowza software to stream high quality on-demand video as well as audio, rich internet applications and more. Wowza can also stream to multiple types of playback clients and devices simultaneously. This includes Flash player, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple Quicktime, 3GPP mobile devices such as Android, BlackBerry and Symbian and of course iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

When it comes to Wowza Media Server there are also a multitude of components that you can use to better deliver and protect as well as integrate on-demand media streaming, chat and recording.

Primcast offers some very reliable and not to mention affordable Wowza hosting services. If you would like to find out more about this amazing service then feel free to visit our website at or contact our technical support team for additional details.

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