What are the advantages of the Virtual Private Server?

If you are serious about doing business online then you may want to consider upgrading your web hosting from the shared account that you currently have. If you can’t afford to rent a dedicated server (those things are pretty expensive nowadays) your best option is to get a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This type of service is actually very similar to dedicated hosting.

VPS servers behave as though they were physical servers. Each VPS has its own separate storage space, CPU, ram, etc. The main difference between the VPS and physical dedicated server is that the VPS runs on a virtualized environment. The VPS acts much like a dedicated server in the sense that you can install your own software and you have a great deal of control over it.

VPS also allows access to the root of the server. This way you can better customize your server. You can install whichever software you like and you can add update packages and change server configuration. Like with a physical dedicated server, security is never compromised when it comes to VPS.

Website owners are actually very pleased with VPS plans because they offer the great customization and flexibility of the dedicated server while being priced very reasonable. VPS hosting is usually aimed at the businesses and enterprise s that are on their way up. They are an intermediary between shared hosting and dedicated servers and a recommended step for anyone seeking to build a successful online business.

Upgrading your VPS is also very easy do to and not to mention quickly done. Since the resources you need are already there, it is only a matter of allocating them to you by the hosting company. VPSs also have easy to use control panels that offer highly powerful tool box that allows easy access to very powerful features.

But although Virtual Private Servers have plenty features and are quite low priced there are of course a few disadvantages. When compared to the dedicated server, the VPS offers less security. However, the security that the VPS offers is much higher than the one offered by the shared hosting accounts. Security is of course important but you shouldn’t invest in a dedicated server if you don’t require anything but 100% security. The backup features are also much better when it comes to dedicated servers. However there are other backup options that you should consider other than those that come with a dedicated server.

Primcast offers very affordable VPS plans. For more information about our offer please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/vpshosting

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What is a VPS and why should you care?

You may have heard the term VPS several times before without knowing what it actually meant. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The VPS is actually a virtual machine that is hosted on a server along with other virtual private servers. Each VPS on the server has its own CPU, RAM and bandwidth allocated and it is therefore able to act as a dedicated server.

So why would anyone prefer a VPS over a dedicated server? Isn’t the actual dedicated server better than a virtual one? While this may be so, a lot of people end up using VPSs because they are quite cheap when compared to dedicated servers. The functionality you can get with a VPS is very close to that of a dedicated server. You can still install your own applications and the server itself behaves as a dedicated one. The downside is that there are limitations to how much you can upgrade your VPS, which reflects in the way it performs and what you can actually do with it. Not to mention that you are sharing resources with other VPSs on the same server.

Just like with the dedicated server, you can find managed and unmanaged virtual private servers. If you have the technical skill and the time to spend on your server then by all means you should go for it. However, most people don’t have the necessary knowledge to run their own servers so the managed VPS is the only option that remains. Once you have decided which type of server you want it is only a matter of finding the right company to buy this service from.

So if you are thinking that a VPS would improve your business then there are various packages that you may be interested in. First, you will want to look at how much RAM a certain VPS plan has allocated. The CPU is also important and so is the network bandwidth.

While more of everything is always welcomed, you also need to pay attention to how much everything costs. You shouldn’t get a professional VPS plan just because you can afford it. You may never get to use the resources that are available. Instead, find out what are your website’s requirements and choose a plan that is just right for you. A beginner VPS plan should more than suffice for a small website. As your website grows you can always upgrade your account, should you find the available resources aren’t enough.

Primcast has some very good deals on Virtual Private Servers. If you would like to see our full offer then please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/vpshosting

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Virtual Private Servers – could you benefit from using one?

You might have heard the term ‘virtual private server’ before but what does it really mean and more importantly, do you need one for your business? In short, a virtual private server stands for multi-tenancy, virtualization, resource management and clustering.

Virtual private servers have lately become quite popular due to the fact that it enables resellers to multiplex resources on a dedicated server by employing an enhanced technology platform. Virtual private servers should therefore not be mistaken for shared servers or dedicated servers as this would be a grave error.

Resellers simply love virtual private servers as these allow them to fully control and allocate resources to their customers. So once a reseller gains control over a VPS they not only have full control over their server but they can also grand control to the end user, being able to instantly allocate web space, e-mail accounts and other services. Due to their high level of control, virtual private servers are now among the most preferred hosting accounts on the market.

What is truly amazing about the virtual dedicated servers is that they allow multi-tenancy. In simple terms, a VPS is able to host if not hundreds of customers on a single physical server. You can also virtualize the server’s CPU resources. This way each virtualization of the CPU will act as a standalone dedicated server environment. So not only does the VPS provide innovative resource management but it also enables system administrators to control the customer resources.

Virtual private servers also allow control panel management where administrators can allocate resources and support the deployment of third party software. Virtual private servers are best for those who are looking for web hosting servers which provide clustering abilities and the possibility to move data transparently among servers.

With a simple search on the internet you will be able to find many companies offering virtual private server plans. However you may first want to check out our Virtual Private Server offers first. We provide high performance and very reliable services that you can take advantage of right away. So head on over to Primcast right now and check out our offer.

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