Streaming Media Server

Streaming Media ServerStreaming Media Server

In our day and age the demand for delivering digital audio and video media files and live streams is getting higher and higher. Whether you are a website owner or a business owner that relies on digital content delivery then you know just how much of a difference a good streaming service makes in your business.

In order to be competitive you need nothing but the best services you can get your hands on. But seeing how prices on this type of internet services have always been kind of high, you may be required to make some sort of compromise in order to get the best features for the best value.

While some users will be happy to have the basic Windows media streaming servers features, more advanced users will most likely turn to dedicated servers as they come with many other great features and not to mention great reliability.

But in order to figure out which Windows media streaming server is the right choice, you should first have a better knowledge of what a Windows media streaming server really is.

What a Windows media server basically does is to allow an administrator to generate streaming media. Besides being able to stream video and audio content, Windows media servers can do a great deal of other things that you may find useful. Such things are the ability to cache and record streams, enforce authentication, impose various connection limits, restrict access, use multiple protocols, and generate usage statistics and many other great features.

The streams can also be distributed between servers as part of a distribution network where each server ultimately feeds a different network. The Scalable Networking Pack for Windows Server 2003 adds support for network acceleration and hardware based offloading which in turn boosts the Windows streaming media server’s performance.

Primcast has great offers on Windows media streaming servers and the best thing about our plans is that they are extremely flexible so if you either have a large or a small business, you will be able to get a great deal on an affordable price. For more information on our amazing offers feel free to visit our website or contact our technical support team which is available for you 24/7.

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Primcast is updating to Flash Media Server 4.0 – 30th of November, 5 AM

primcastFlash Streaming Media Server

Adobe announced a family of products that come to satisfy the needs of every costumer, no mater the size of their business.

Flash Streaming Media server, Interactive and Enterprise Servers have all suffered upgrades to improve the content delivery and security, and offer the best quality despite the channel or device.  New capabilities such as IP multicast, HTTP dynamic streaming and multicast Fusion (application multi casting) within FMS makes it easier to centralize the video distribution point. The network load is reduced with Multi-casting so that the users benefit of the same quality no mater the size of the content or the number of viewers it’s streamed to.

Using FMS, video can be delivered to the desktop using Adobe AIR along with the Flash Player that runs in the browser. And if you are one of the many with a growing number of mobile users, these runtimes are also available for the mobile device (sounds like a little redevelopment may be in order though).

The big picture is :

  • Flash media Streaming Server 4: Designed for the SMB, it includes basic video streaming, Live and on demand, content protection and advanced playback.
  • Flash Media Interactive Server 4: This version includes the ability to provide video/text based chat fostering multi-way communications. It also supports IP Multicast, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, the ability to cache content and integration with LDAP/AD for authentication.
  • Flash Media Enterprise Server 4: The enterprise version supports the RTMFP (real time media flow protocol) for improved real-time delivery. Along with IP multicast and peer to peer delivery you can also combine Multicast Fusion.

… and Primcast now has it!

Find out more at .

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