Simple facts about SHOUTcast

There are a number of protocols that can be applied to stream or broadcast media across the internet. In order to address the inconsistencies of data transfers you will need these specific protocols. In order to guarantee high quality viewing or listening experience the delivery of the content has to be specific and in the proper sequential manner. Thus, SHOUTcast hosting would probably be preferred for effective multimedia streaming.

SHOUTcast hosting can be looked at as a different type of web hosting. It primarily serves as server software used for streaming media. The company that came up with this piece of software is called Nullsoft. What the server does is to enable the broadcasting of digital or audio content to and from media player software using the MP3 or HE-AAC format. This is also how specialists and amateurs create internet radios.

It is a cross-platform and free application software. You can therefore easily implement and operate this software on multiple computer platforms. Apart from that, it is also available for utilizing at an optional fee or no cost.

A little bit about SHOUTcast’s history and usage

The first server dates back from 1999. “I Can Yell” is the original name of the streaming protocol which now uses metadata tags and responses starting with the abbreviation “ICY”. The domains of the protocol were registered before Nullsoft, the developer of the software. Nullsoft changed the protocol’s name to SHOUTcast, the prefix ‘ICY’ nevertheless still persists in the protocol spec.

The software’s main purpose is to generate audio broadcasts or to listen to them. With such a useful and quite inexpensive piece of software program, internet broadcasting stations started to appear all over the place. This has made it possible for many experts and enthusiasts to build their own broadcasting stations much less costly than if they were to set up a standard FM radio station or an AM broadcasting station.

How is it designed?

What basically happens is a network protocol is used by SHOUTcast’s client-server each component in order to communicate. The audio data and metadata such as station name and song titles are intermingled by this protocol. Web page data is distributed over the internet by using the hypertext transport protocol as a transport protocol.

Over the years SHOUTcast has known a remarkable increase in popularity. If you intend to set up your own radio station then there is really no better solution than using SHOUTcast. Whether you want to set up a big or a modest radio station, SHOUTcast will make it easy for you to do so.

Primcast offers some very reliable SHOUTcast hosting plans. If you would like to find out more about this services then please head on to

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Why should you use SHOUTcast?

The purpose of SHOUTcast is simple. SHOUTcast hosting servers allow you to host an online radio station. To put it simply, SHOUTcast in itself is a free software developed by AOL that has the capability to take a single piece of audio and distribute it to a number of clients. Of course, this is putting it rather simplistically, but that explains the essence of SHOUTcast hosting.

There are a number of advantages in using SHOUTcast:

* It is widely used

* Enjoys popular support

* Low cost

* A large number of radio station support SHOUTcast

These days, more and more people are interested in SHOUTcast servers. But, it must be remembered that running a server that does an awesome job of filling the world with music is not an easy job. Before you can beam out your music, you have to configure the server, upload music and configure some more. So, choosing the right SHOUTcast hosting service is the only way to make your life easy.

All SHOUTcast hosting servers do the same thing. However, there is a difference in the number of tools offered by various hosting servers. Depending on these tools, you have greater ability to control your server. Additional features are great. The network over which the streams are delivered decides the quality of the service. Similarly, some SHOUTcast hosting services offer great customer support. The price is also a factor that should figure in choosing the right hosting service.

Some of the nifty features that you must look for in your SHOUTcast hosting service provider are the level of customer support they offer, their up time report and of course, customer reviews about the quality of their service. Without prompt customer support, it is practically impossible for an average person to configure the server and get the music going. The best way is to read through customer reviews. You’ll know what other customers feel about the service of these hosting services. Better still, choose a service that allows you a trial period. That way, you get a chance to evaluate the services of the host firsthand.

Another important feature is the number of listeners the package supports. If you are running a home radio station that is meant for your pals, you could do with a package that allows 8-10 listeners. However, a large radio station requires a bigger listening capacity. If your hosting service does not provide sufficient power, then, your listeners are going to drop you.

Radio stations must never suffer from downtime. Listeners don’t like their stations drawing a blank. Therefore, choose a hosting service that guarantees you minimal downtime. This is important.

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What you didn’t know about SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast hosting

There are numerous protocols that could be applied in order to stream or broadcast media through the internet. Addressing the inconsistencies of data transfers will require you to have these specific protocols. So to guarantee high quality viewing or listening experience the delivery of the content has to be specific and in sequential order. As a result, SHOUTcast hosting would probably be preferred for efficient multimedia streaming.

SHOUTcast hosting can be considered as a different type of web hosting. It is mainly server software, which is utilized for streaming media. This software is developed by Nullsoft. The broadcasting of digital or audio content to and from media player software is made possible by this server.In order to create web radios, professionals and hobbyists use the same concept.

Even though SHOUTcast is a great piece of software you will be able to get it for free and run it on multiple platforms. Operating this software on multiple platforms is as easy as it is implementing it. Even though the base software is free you will be able to get extra functions if you are willing to pay for them.

A little bit about SHOUTcast’s history and usage

The first server dates back from 1999. “I Can Yell” is the primary name of the streaming protocol which now uses metadata tags and responses starting with the abbreviation “ICY”. Nullsoft, the company which developed the software registered the domains of the protocol. They then proceeded to transform the protocol’s name to SHOUTcast, the prefix ‘ICY’ nevertheless still persists in the protocol spec.

Generating or listening to internet broadcasts is the software’s principal purpose. With the creation of such practical software program it has become possible to set up a cost-effective Internet broadcasting station. This has made it possible for many professionals and hobbyists to build their own broadcasting stations for a considerably lower price than if they would have set up AM or FM broadcasting stations.

How does it work?

SHOUTcast’s client-server model has each component communicating via a network protocol. The station name or song title is intermingled with the audio data via this protocol. In order to send out web page data over the internet, the HTTP protocol has to be used as a transport protocol.

SHOUTcast has known a huge rise in popularity even since it was first launched. If you intend to set up your own radio station then there is really no more suitable option than using SHOUTcast. With SHOUTcast hosting you will be able to set up the online radio station of any size you like.

Primcast offers some great deals on SHOUTcast hosting. In order to take advantage from our amazing offers visit

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AAC better than MP3? Think again!


SHOUT cast

The aim of compression is having the same quality of your audio or video file, but a reduced size and a higher transfer speed.

The AAC and MP3 formats provide different types of compression. The MP3 compression is the lossless type – the compression process doesn’t eliminate parts of the file to make it smaller, so that the original can be exactly restored. The AAC compression is a lossy one – bits of data are removed as the file is compressed, the compression is greater but it’s impossible to restore the original file. Even so, there is no difference in terms of audio fidelity, at least not one that the human ear could notice.

The Advanced Audio Coding is meant to compress files at a smaller size than an MP3, but at the same time to offer a better quality. How is that? Well, even though at high bitrates (256 kbps) there is no significant difference between the quality of an MP3 file and an AAC one, when going down to 128 kbps you will notice an improved quality for the AAC file compared to the MP3. When it comes to file size, on the other hand, MP3 has a slight advantage. For the higher bitrates, mp3 presents significantly diminished sizes but AAC seems to rely especially on higher quality for lower bit rate – which means that an AAC file of a smaller bit rate (smaller size) will have the same or better quality that a higher bit rate (larger) MP3 file.

For professionals, AAC presents a series of new features that might make a bigger difference from the old MP3:

  • More sample frequencies than MP3(8 kHz to 96 kHz for AAC versus the 16 kHz to 48 kHz  for MP3).
  • Up to 48 channels, while MP3 uses up to 5.1 channels maximum.
  • Higher efficiency for coding stationary signals and transient signals.
  • More tools to increase compression efficiency than the MP3 standard.
  • Better handling audio frequencies above 16 kHz than the MP3 format.

Overall, the AAC format allows developers more flexibility to design codecs, providing a good environment for competition in the area that leads to discovering better compression metods. However, in terms of whether AAC is better than MP3, the advantages of AAC are not entirely decisive.

At Primcast, we provide SHOUTcast hosting Servers that can stream both AAC and MP3 formats. You can find out more at ! Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 technical support team for more information and guidance!

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Looking to upgrade to SHOUTcast 2.0? Have it done the Primcast way!

shout castSHOUTcast 2

Primcast included SHOUTcast 2.0 on the list of products! The new SHOUTcast version is the ideal solution for your on-line radio. It is better, faster, easier to use and a lot more flexible.

The search feature is improved so that you can find music in real time. The real time search shows you what’s playing now and what’s “coming up” next. There are a number of sorting options, so you can sort your music by genre, station name, number of listeners, bitrate and type.

There’s a new, improved station list which makes it easier to find your favorite station. The flexible player lets you sample stations and browse at the same time. Station recommendations are now available with “SHOUTcast Featured Stations”.

Broadcasters and developers can enjoy now the all-new SHOUTcast YP2 protocol. They can stream more than one station from the same SHOUT cast instance, and not worry about hacking attempts with the improved stream and server security. The new SHOUTcast 2.0 supports more file types and international characters.

Upgrade your account to SHOUTcast 2.0! Broadcast your audio content online and become part of one of the largest directory of radio stations on the web!

Find out about our great offers on SHOUTcast hosting accounts by visiting our website or by contacting us by phone, e-mail or live chat.

646 201 40 76

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