Start streaming online with Primcast and Wowza

If you thought that Wowza Media Server is just a simply media streaming solution then you were wrong. With the latest addition of Wowza Media Server 3 there are no more conflicts that existed with other software suppliers such as the Adobe Flash Media server.

You can check for yourself and see the amazing features that come with this latest addition by going to With wowza you can benefit from custom streaming solutions.

Perhaps one of the best Wowza Media Server 3 features is the support for mobile streaming. Since in this day and age most people own high-end mobile devices, with Wowza you can output 1080p resolution videos to satisfy even the most pretentious customers.

Primcast offers both shared and dedicated server Wowza services. We will assist you with any issues that may arise with your Wowza services. As a customer of Primcast, you will benefit from free 24/7 customer support.

So if you are interested in finding a reliable, flexible and not to mention affordable solution for online video and audio content streaming then Primcast and Wowza are everything to get started in the online streaming world.

Mission: Small Business Contest

At Primcast we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our services as well as the support we are offering to all our customers. It is because of this reason that we have registered our business for the Mission: Small Business contest in order to receive a $250,000 grant offered by Chase Bank USA and Living Social.

Why does Primcast need this grant?

The purpose of Mission: Small Business grant is to enable small businesses such as Primcast to execute a business plan that will result in the expansion and growth of the business. The grant would allow the business to invest in a new location, new equipment, and product or distribution channel.

Why vote for us?

The Mission: Small Business program is looking to increase the awareness of the important role businesses such as Primcast play in the local communities and to help them grow. Although you may not directly gain from helping us winning this grant, Primcast will use the funds to further improve the quality of the services, offering you better performance, reliability and better overall deals for you as a customer.

Help us to help you

We believe we have a strong claim to this grant but in order to be eligible we need your support. We need a minimum of 250 votes for our business until June 30, 2012 when voting period closes. Businesses that meet the requirements will have their claim evaluated and Grant Recipients will be chosen. The grant recipients will be announced on or before September 15, 2012.

Take action

If you are a Primcast client or if you would like to help support our good business then we kindly ask you to vote for us on the Mission: Small Business page here. Voting for Primcast only takes a few seconds of your time and it is very easy. We have outlined the steps you need to take below:

Step 1: Head on to the Mission: Small Business page by either clicking on the link or by typing the address ( in your web browser.

Link to Mission Small Business

Step 2: Click on the ‘Log in & Support’ button as outlined in the image below.

Login and Support

Step 3: Enter your Facebook account details in the window that pops up and click the ‘Log In’ button.

Input Facebook details

Step 4: Next, click the ‘Log In with Facebook’ button as shown in the image below.

Log In with Facebook

Step 5: On the next page you will only need to type in the name ‘Primcast’ in the search box and click the ‘Search‘ button.

Search for Primcast

Step 6: The final step is clicking the ‘Vote’ button from the bottom of the page.

Vote for Primcast

Please share this with your friends and family by clicking on the ‘Share vote’ link as outlined in the image below.

Share Vote

Thank you for helping us get closer to winning the Mission: Small Business grant that will enable us to improve on our business and provide better services for all our customers.

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Primcast tutorials

Find out how you can stream media online

If you are new to online media streaming services then it may be quite difficult for you to properly set up and stream video or audio to your audience. This is where Primcast comes in. has a wide variety of tutorials on how to stream different Medias on the internet.

One the Primcast’s tutorials page you will be able to find complete guides on how to stream filed on-demand with Flash media server, how to broadcast live with SHOUTcast or ICEcast, how to stream with sam broadcaster, how to stream with centova cast based auto-dj, how to automate live streaming with windows media encoder, how to stream with flash media encoder and many more.

So besides the very reliable and affordable services, Primcast also offers great tutorials on everything you need to stream your media online. And the best thing about it is that you can access these tutorials for free by simply going to:

If you require even more assistance when setting up the services from you can also contact the technical support team which is available for you 24/7 on live chat or phone.

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It’s Black Friday?! It’s SALES day at Primcast!


Primcast Black Friday Sales

This year, Primcast brings Black Friday to you with discounts for all the plans. Find the one that best suits your needs and let us know about it so we can offer you a good deal for it!

On 26th of November, join Primcast and celebrate Black Friday! Same quality for better prices !

Black Friday @ Primcast ! Find out more at !

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Dedicated Servers from Primcast – safe, flexible, reliable!

dedicated serversPrimcast Dedicated Servers

If you set your mind on a Dedicated Server, you’re in for a treat at Primcast! We have the No. 1 solution if you need extra safety or if your application requires extra-resources!

Since the hardware is allocated entirely to you, you don’t have to worry that your Dedicated Server performance will be affected by other users. There’s no extra-charge for installation. Our team will do it for you free and the server will be entirely under your control, so you can install whatever software you choose.

With the Dedicated Server, you will also benefit of on-demand operating system updates, server monitoring, DDoS protection and mitigation and automatic e-mail messages that warn you when you reached 80% of your bandwidth limit – so you don’t worry your account will be suspended for exceeding the bandwidth limit. All these features are free of charge. If you need extra-safety for your  Dedicated Server , our team can provide back-up and restoration services for a reasonable amount. Also, Primcast uses HP ProLiant Servers – reduced costs by using fewer resources and less energy – and provides for free remote management with integrated lights out technology from HP.

The server is fully customizable and can be set up within 24 hours. Upgrades and downgrades are free of charge and are available anytime only by contacting our tech support team (by phone, live chat or e-mail).  Primcast is here to help you 24/7 !

Order NOW your very own Dedicated Server and your business will start on safe ground!

Want to find out more ? Visit Primcast at! Here you will find information about Dedicated Servers and other services we provide. Remember we are here 24/7 to answer your questions and offer solutions for your streaming problems!

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Reduced prices, better services!


Are you tired of changing your server provider? Never found the respect and care you deserve to receive? Having doubts about the quality of the service you will receive?

At  Primcast you have the chance to test your account before you decide to buy one. Sign up for a free demo account and, for 5 days, you can see exactly what is it all about.

If you are convinced, you can order your account from and take advantage of the price reductions.

Plus! Depending on the payment frequency that you choose, you can also benefit of our quarterly, semi-annual or annual reductions (5%, 10% or 15%)

Hurry up! These prices won’t be here forever!

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Primcast Bloggers to be

Primcast Blog

Some would say  ‘It was about time!’ … I subscribe 😛

For the people who don’t know us, we’re Primcast. Experienced company, good products, great prices… Plus! We’re good at what we do.

What do we do? We sell servers. SHOUTcast servers, Flash Media, Teamspeak, Windows Media, Auto DJ, Dedicated and so on. You can find more at

For the people who do know us, thank you for believing :) . For you we are permanently trying to be better.

Why need a blog? Because everybody has one 😀 Because there’s new information in our field, information that you would find useful. Because we aren’t perfect, but we’re trying hard to get there and we really need your suggestions for that. Because sometimes people need to talk, and Primcast has a very talkative team.

Thank you for joining us! Don’t hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind!

For more info, please visit

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