When should you invest in a dedicated server?

If you are an online business owner then you will need to upgrade your hosting service to a dedicated one at some point. Even though you don’t necessarily need a dedicated server right now for your website, once your online business starts to take off your website visitors will start getting frustrated by the loading times, website crashes and errors they will get and this is something that you should completely avoid. If your visitors don’t have a good experience on your website then how can they expect to have a good experience with your product or service?

Depending on what amount of traffic you are expecting to come to your website, you could also choose to move it on a virtual private server. This type of web hosting is the next best thing to a dedicated server and you get the benefit of having a great level of flexibility and customization. The benefit of moving to a virtual private server is that you get about the same functionality as a dedicated server but for much less money. The downside to having your website hosted on a virtual private server or dedicated server is that you will also need to do the maintenance part. You will also need to manage the server installs and software upgrades as well.

You can also find managed dedicated hosting servers. Although these services will cost you a bit more, they can save you quite a bit of time and money since you won’t need to manage the server and you don’t need to have an employee to take care of the server maintenance.

A dedicated server can be used for much more than simply hosting your website (although if you have a very popular website that gets visited by thousands of visitors every day, a dedicated server is simply required). You can also install applications and other software that will only work on a dedicated server.

Most businesses nowadays (online or offline) rely on dedicated servers for data storage, document management, website hosting and much more. So if you are having problems with your website being to slow, need more resources such as bandwidth, storage and processing power for your web applications then a dedicated server is perfect for the task.

There are plenty of online companies selling dedicated servers. However, you need to be careful when purchasing a dedicated server online. There are some bad reputation companies out there that are only after your money and will simply not deliver on the services you have paid for. So if you find offers that are ‘too good to be true’ then you should consider the fact that those offers may in fact be too good to be true.

Primcast offers high quality and reliable dedicated servers and virtual private server hosting. If you would like to find out more about our hosting solutions then feel free to visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/services

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Building your first website

If you are looking to start your own business then there is no easier way than with an online store. Just think about it: you don’t need to have a shop, you don’t need any employees, you don’t even need to have any products to sell in the beginning. There are many businesses already making a killing this way. However, things could be easier when it comes to building your website and going online. There is also a lot of competition you will need to be mindful of when first starting online.

Although there is competition in just about any business nowadays, when it comes to the online world we are talking about a completely different level. There are more things you need to take into consideration but the starting costs are next to nothing when compared to brick and mortar businesses. The first thing you will need to build is your website. If you don’t want to pay a web designer to build the website for you and you don’t know how to do it yourself then you can simply choose to install a blog platform on your hosting account and install an already built and optimized theme. Many people are already successful online doing this exact thing.

I have already mentioned that you need to have a web hosting account. With so much competition between web hosing companies you can find great deals for the cheap. A good web hosting account can go for about $5 per month but you would get a better deal if you choose to pay for it for a year in advance. You can also ask the support team from the hosting company to assist you in installing a blog platform, provided you don’t have any intention of building your own website from scratch. The most popular blog platforms are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. They also have varying degrees of difficulty to work with, WordPress being the easiest to work with and Drupal being the hardest. There are benefits to working with each of them but this is a subject for another article.

Once you have decided what your online business is going to be and you have found the proper web hosting Company, then it is only a matter of time before you can get started online. You will also need to learn about search engine optimization and social networking. However, the most important thing right now is that you start working on your online business and have your website up and ready online.

Primcast is an online streaming and hosting company. Our web hosting services are very reliable and quite affordable. We can offer support in installing services on your account such as blogs and other software. If you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer then please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/webhosting.

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Important factors to consider when building a website

If you are planning to start your own online business then the first thing you will need is a website. The website is much like a physical store. If you look at a store from the outside and you see things that you like and the store seems inviting then you will more likely go in and visit. When it comes to websites, you need to pay as much attention to design as you would in the physical world. Good website design and good usability are two of the most important things that you have to pay attention when building a website.

Before you even start designing the website (or have someone else design the website for you) you will need to create a plan of action and write down each category, pages and other website elements that the finalized website will have. This way you will have a clear notion of how you would like your website to look and function.

Designing a website is not only about shapes and colors. You need to pay extra attention to where everything is placed so that visitors will be able to find exactly what they are looking for without having to think about it. Information architecture is another major factor that you will need to take into consideration. Since the people visiting your website are going to look for information (whether it is information about the product or service you are selling or information in general) you will need to put some thought in the way you present your information to them. There are certain techniques that seem to work better than others. We won’t be going into detail on information architecture in this article; however, you should know that there are entire books written on this subject and you should try to learn more about it.

You can have the prettiest, fastest and most information packed website. If search engines don’t show your website in the search results, it is if it didn’t exist at all. Search engine optimization is about as important as building the site itself. You will most likely not be able to do everything yourself but it is important that when building your website you will have search engine optimization in mind. The on-site optimization is easier to do when the website is just being built. So if you do this right from the beginning, you will have a much easier time getting better rankings in the search engines later on.

When it comes to offering a good website experience for your visitors, web hosting plays another important role. Before uploading your website files to any web hosting company, you should first take the time and do a little bit of research. A good web hosting company will have great uptime for their servers, offer free 24/7 technical support and most importantly, offer the features that you need the most for hosting your website. If you can’t find what you were looking for in shared web hosting accounts but a dedicate web hosting plat is too expensive then a Virtual Private Sever is a very good option as well.

Primcast offers very reliable and not to mention affordable shared hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting plans. If you would like to learn more about our web hosting solutions and see a full list of features that we are offering for each of our services, feel free to visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/services

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