Stream to mobile devices using smooth streaming

Using Smooth Streaming you will be able to stream videos at an adaptive rate offering your viewers the best possible viewing experience. Smooth streaming can determine the available bandwidth and settle on the most appropriate bit-rate to display your video at. This way you will never have to feel concerned about your viewers having a bad experience with your video streams.

The power of Smooth Streaming lies in the fact that you can seamlessly transition the video quality of a media file that a player receives in near real time. The video streaming quality will be dependent largely on the consumer’s bandwidth connection, as a result consumers with hight bandwidth connections will experience HD whereas the others will benefit from the best quality that their bandwidth permits. This is very beneficial for the media companies as well due to the fact they no longer require to accommodate to the smallest common denominator quality level within their customers base.

With their extended viewing times as a result of higher quality true High definition experiences, firms are now capable to improve their brand consciousness and marketing revenues as well. With Smooth Streaming organizations also benefit from greater network scalability under distributed HTTP based Web servers and are at the same time in a position to supply better quality to their customers.

Smooth Streaming is simple enough to perform. Setting up Silverlight on your Mac or PC is all that you are required to do as a end user. As the Smooth Streaming requires a special encoder, content creators will need to upgrade their encoding software program.

In order to stream media assets to clients, hosting providers have to have IIS Media Services installed on their servers. The IIS Media Services will only need to be set up on the origin servers. You may need to set up your edge cache/proxy infrastructure as well in order to properly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs.

When it comes to application programmers, Smooth Streaming playback support ought to be added to their Silverlight programs. This can be done by using the Silverlight player templates integrated in the Expression encoder or by using Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

In order to appropriately create Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to encode the videos in a particular way. The same source content might probably need to be encoded at different bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. But instead of the user managing thousands of ‘fragments’ the server will create ‘virtual fragments’ and is able to change between which complete file it is delivering. Presentations with Smooth Streaming can be easily created with the help of the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Primcast is one of the best smooth streaming providers on the market. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer then feel free to visit our website at

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