Should you buy a Small Business Server?

Why use a Microsoft Small Business Server?

Unlike large companies that have complicated network systems and many servers performing individual tasks, small businesses usually rely on whatever they can get for the least amount of investment they can get away with. They may also rely on open source software and while these options will perform well for what they are worth, problems will inevitably appear and even the most skilled technicians will need help in trying to fix them and needless to say that support for these options is pretty scarce and usually hard to find.

With the Microsoft Small Business Server you get one computer server which has multiple roles built into one package. This server works like a large network of computers would but at a much lower scale. You can have the same computer performing all the required tasks thus saving your business a lot of money. For the Microsoft Small Business Server to work optimally you will need to set it up correctly and install the right software.

Many small businesses nowadays make the mistake of not setting up their servers the right way and end up using their Microsoft Small Business Server as a simple file server instead of using it for its full potential. You can avoid this as well as increase the productivity of your business with the help of a Small Business Server.

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