Radionomy’s Stations Removed from Tunein

Radionomy’s Stations Removed from Tunein

In an interesting twist to the on-going war between Sony labels and Radionomy, Sony has issued a take-down notice to Radionomy stations hosted on Tunein. Radionomy has been under the fire for copyright infringement from Sony brands since February, 2016. This action puts online radio stations hosted on Radionomy at risk of being removed from Tunein at any time.

Radionomy, which hosts around 40000 to 50000 online radio stations, has seen its volumes taking a hit, since Sony group of music labels have filed the infringement case. Radionomy does not mention to its customers that royalties are to be paid to copyright owners, nor do they provide royalty reports so that broadcasters can become legal.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), Sony group of music labels has claimed ownership of specific content (i.e. music, albums, tracks or artists), and Radionomy stations, listed on TuneIn have been broadcasting and streaming this content without permission to do so. TuneIn, on its part, has taken cognizance of the DMCA’s requirement, and has accepted to take down Radionomy stations from its broadcasting system.

The origins of the case

Readers may remember the Feb 26 lawsuit filed by Sony group of labels in a California federal court that cited multiple violations of copyright of their music by stations like Radionomy. Sony has claimed that the radio station has wrongfully participated in reproduction, public performance, and display of the music tracks through its users. The monetary damages sought by Sony makes the case all the more interesting. They are claiming maximum statutory damages under US laws – $150,000 per track that was infringed upon by Radionomy.

What the future holds

As of now the content disabling notice by Sony has been implemented by TuneIn for a majority of the Radionomy stations. The action has impacted mostly stations that have played or continue playing music owned by Sony Music Entertainment and other US labels. Online broadcasters can get licensed and receive monthly royalty reports from Primcast, which will allow them to calculate and pay their royalty fees.

Stay tuned for more updates, as Primcast keeps you informed of more action on this front.