Don’t quite have the time for your own radio station? Try the alternative : Music-streaming services

The internet hasn’t ignored the busy ones among us either! For their musical delight and their busy schedule, music-streaming services were invented! It’s a cheap, time saving alternative to listening to the music you like without having to manage a real radio station. Most of these services are for free, within a number of listening hours – even better for the truly busy fellows, and for the rest, the subscriptions are at a reasonable price. Here are three of the more popular services on this kind listed by price.


Offers you personalized 40 hours of free, advertising-supported music per month. After that, you can either wait for the next month or choose between the two payment methods available: 99 cents for the rest of that calendar month – for the same type of services, with unlimited listening hours, or $36 to upgrade to Pandora One for one full year – unlimited listening hours every month, no advertising, no daily skip limit, higher audio quality streams etc.

A bit more complex and expensive – for those not living in UK, US or Germany – this music website uses Audioscrobbler system to create your list of recommendations. It also offers a series of features that makes your experience more social : forums, private message sending and music player. For the UK, US and Germany clients, the registration is for free and unlimited, but for the other users, there’s a €3.00 per month subscription to pay after a 30 track free trial. The paid accounts offer special benefits like no advertising, priority on server, recent visitors list.


A more flexible, but definitely more expensive alternative is Rhapsody. Rather than buying individual songs, you pay a monthly fee ($9.99/month) for access to Rhapsody’s library of a nine million songs. You can then search, select and stream the music you want to listen to. The interesting thing about this website is that it offers the possibility to download tracks and listen on your MP3 player – after you have it authorized, of course. The service offers a selection of over 10 million songs, and applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

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