Pluto.TV to Ban YouTube Channels

Many of the channels available on have great content, but they are streaming through YouTube, which brings the YouTube logo onto the Pluto platform. is planning to remove these channels from its program guide, unless they stream through a white label provider, such as Primcast. So why is doing this you ask?

About Pluto TV

Based in West Hollywood, Pluto.TV has taken up the challenge in online TV by offering a service, similar to cable, absolutely free! Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV, Pluto manages to keep its viewers glued for hours, through a leaner technology that makes streaming easier.

They have partnered with the small to medium video content makers and are categorizing all of the video contents in a channel guide, similar to what you see on your cable box. This is resulting in a nonstop and continuous viewing of content over longer hours. However, most channels on Pluto TV are YouTube branded. This is hampering the brand marketing of Pluto TV, and soon these channels will be banned.

How will content producers streaming their videos on Pluto TV through YouTube react to these news? Stay tuned for more on this from Primcast.