Streaming Events @ Primcast

Great choice if you are interested in streaming a particular event, to a numerous public! If your event won’t last longer than a couple of days, the monthly plans are an expensive choice. Our Streaming Event plans are specially customized to support an unlimited number of listeners at any bit rate you choose. They offer high quality streaming and you won’t be having any unfortunate surprises because out technical support team will be monitoring your activity all along.

The Streaming Event plans are charged per hour and mbps and offer you 10 GB storage. You can use this plan even if your event takes place for few days in a row, a couple of hours a day, but we wouldn’t recommend it for a low number of listeners/viewers.

This plan is available for Flash Media Streaming, Windows Media Streaming or SHOUTcast and with a bit rate at your choice. You can order your own Streaming Event plan by contacting our tech support team! The prices vary between $25 per 1 hour and $100 for up to 24 hours, for an unlimited number of users, at any bit rate you choose.

For details about this offer, talk to our tech support team. They are here for you 24/7!

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AAC better than MP3? Think again!


SHOUT cast

The aim of compression is having the same quality of your audio or video file, but a reduced size and a higher transfer speed.

The AAC and MP3 formats provide different types of compression. The MP3 compression is the lossless type – the compression process doesn’t eliminate parts of the file to make it smaller, so that the original can be exactly restored. The AAC compression is a lossy one – bits of data are removed as the file is compressed, the compression is greater but it’s impossible to restore the original file. Even so, there is no difference in terms of audio fidelity, at least not one that the human ear could notice.

The Advanced Audio Coding is meant to compress files at a smaller size than an MP3, but at the same time to offer a better quality. How is that? Well, even though at high bitrates (256 kbps) there is no significant difference between the quality of an MP3 file and an AAC one, when going down to 128 kbps you will notice an improved quality for the AAC file compared to the MP3. When it comes to file size, on the other hand, MP3 has a slight advantage. For the higher bitrates, mp3 presents significantly diminished sizes but AAC seems to rely especially on higher quality for lower bit rate – which means that an AAC file of a smaller bit rate (smaller size) will have the same or better quality that a higher bit rate (larger) MP3 file.

For professionals, AAC presents a series of new features that might make a bigger difference from the old MP3:

  • More sample frequencies than MP3(8 kHz to 96 kHz for AAC versus the 16 kHz to 48 kHz  for MP3).
  • Up to 48 channels, while MP3 uses up to 5.1 channels maximum.
  • Higher efficiency for coding stationary signals and transient signals.
  • More tools to increase compression efficiency than the MP3 standard.
  • Better handling audio frequencies above 16 kHz than the MP3 format.

Overall, the AAC format allows developers more flexibility to design codecs, providing a good environment for competition in the area that leads to discovering better compression metods. However, in terms of whether AAC is better than MP3, the advantages of AAC are not entirely decisive.

At Primcast, we provide SHOUTcast hosting Servers that can stream both AAC and MP3 formats. You can find out more at ! Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 technical support team for more information and guidance!

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Primcast is updating to Flash Media Server 4.0 – 30th of November, 5 AM

primcastFlash Streaming Media Server

Adobe announced a family of products that come to satisfy the needs of every costumer, no mater the size of their business.

Flash Streaming Media server, Interactive and Enterprise Servers have all suffered upgrades to improve the content delivery and security, and offer the best quality despite the channel or device.  New capabilities such as IP multicast, HTTP dynamic streaming and multicast Fusion (application multi casting) within FMS makes it easier to centralize the video distribution point. The network load is reduced with Multi-casting so that the users benefit of the same quality no mater the size of the content or the number of viewers it’s streamed to.

Using FMS, video can be delivered to the desktop using Adobe AIR along with the Flash Player that runs in the browser. And if you are one of the many with a growing number of mobile users, these runtimes are also available for the mobile device (sounds like a little redevelopment may be in order though).

The big picture is :

  • Flash media Streaming Server 4: Designed for the SMB, it includes basic video streaming, Live and on demand, content protection and advanced playback.
  • Flash Media Interactive Server 4: This version includes the ability to provide video/text based chat fostering multi-way communications. It also supports IP Multicast, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, the ability to cache content and integration with LDAP/AD for authentication.
  • Flash Media Enterprise Server 4: The enterprise version supports the RTMFP (real time media flow protocol) for improved real-time delivery. Along with IP multicast and peer to peer delivery you can also combine Multicast Fusion.

… and Primcast now has it!

Find out more at .

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Looking to upgrade to SHOUTcast 2.0? Have it done the Primcast way!

shout castSHOUTcast 2

Primcast included SHOUTcast 2.0 on the list of products! The new SHOUTcast version is the ideal solution for your on-line radio. It is better, faster, easier to use and a lot more flexible.

The search feature is improved so that you can find music in real time. The real time search shows you what’s playing now and what’s “coming up” next. There are a number of sorting options, so you can sort your music by genre, station name, number of listeners, bitrate and type.

There’s a new, improved station list which makes it easier to find your favorite station. The flexible player lets you sample stations and browse at the same time. Station recommendations are now available with “SHOUTcast Featured Stations”.

Broadcasters and developers can enjoy now the all-new SHOUTcast YP2 protocol. They can stream more than one station from the same SHOUT cast instance, and not worry about hacking attempts with the improved stream and server security. The new SHOUTcast 2.0 supports more file types and international characters.

Upgrade your account to SHOUTcast 2.0! Broadcast your audio content online and become part of one of the largest directory of radio stations on the web!

Find out about our great offers on SHOUTcast hosting accounts by visiting our website or by contacting us by phone, e-mail or live chat.

646 201 40 76

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It’s Black Friday?! It’s SALES day at Primcast!


Primcast Black Friday Sales

This year, Primcast brings Black Friday to you with discounts for all the plans. Find the one that best suits your needs and let us know about it so we can offer you a good deal for it!

On 26th of November, join Primcast and celebrate Black Friday! Same quality for better prices !

Black Friday @ Primcast ! Find out more at !

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Dedicated Servers from Primcast – safe, flexible, reliable!

dedicated serversPrimcast Dedicated Servers

If you set your mind on a Dedicated Server, you’re in for a treat at Primcast! We have the No. 1 solution if you need extra safety or if your application requires extra-resources!

Since the hardware is allocated entirely to you, you don’t have to worry that your Dedicated Server performance will be affected by other users. There’s no extra-charge for installation. Our team will do it for you free and the server will be entirely under your control, so you can install whatever software you choose.

With the Dedicated Server, you will also benefit of on-demand operating system updates, server monitoring, DDoS protection and mitigation and automatic e-mail messages that warn you when you reached 80% of your bandwidth limit – so you don’t worry your account will be suspended for exceeding the bandwidth limit. All these features are free of charge. If you need extra-safety for your  Dedicated Server , our team can provide back-up and restoration services for a reasonable amount. Also, Primcast uses HP ProLiant Servers – reduced costs by using fewer resources and less energy – and provides for free remote management with integrated lights out technology from HP.

The server is fully customizable and can be set up within 24 hours. Upgrades and downgrades are free of charge and are available anytime only by contacting our tech support team (by phone, live chat or e-mail).  Primcast is here to help you 24/7 !

Order NOW your very own Dedicated Server and your business will start on safe ground!

Want to find out more ? Visit Primcast at! Here you will find information about Dedicated Servers and other services we provide. Remember we are here 24/7 to answer your questions and offer solutions for your streaming problems!

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Reduced prices, better services!


Are you tired of changing your server provider? Never found the respect and care you deserve to receive? Having doubts about the quality of the service you will receive?

At  Primcast you have the chance to test your account before you decide to buy one. Sign up for a free demo account and, for 5 days, you can see exactly what is it all about.

If you are convinced, you can order your account from and take advantage of the price reductions.

Plus! Depending on the payment frequency that you choose, you can also benefit of our quarterly, semi-annual or annual reductions (5%, 10% or 15%)

Hurry up! These prices won’t be here forever!

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Primcast Bloggers to be

Primcast Blog

Some would say  ‘It was about time!’ … I subscribe 😛

For the people who don’t know us, we’re Primcast. Experienced company, good products, great prices… Plus! We’re good at what we do.

What do we do? We sell servers. SHOUTcast servers, Flash Media, Teamspeak, Windows Media, Auto DJ, Dedicated and so on. You can find more at

For the people who do know us, thank you for believing :) . For you we are permanently trying to be better.

Why need a blog? Because everybody has one 😀 Because there’s new information in our field, information that you would find useful. Because we aren’t perfect, but we’re trying hard to get there and we really need your suggestions for that. Because sometimes people need to talk, and Primcast has a very talkative team.

Thank you for joining us! Don’t hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind!

For more info, please visit

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