Why should you use SHOUTcast?

The purpose of SHOUTcast is simple. SHOUTcast hosting servers allow you to host an online radio station. To put it simply, SHOUTcast in itself is a free software developed by AOL that has the capability to take a single piece of audio and distribute it to a number of clients. Of course, this is putting it rather simplistically, but that explains the essence of SHOUTcast hosting.

There are a number of advantages in using SHOUTcast:

* It is widely used

* Enjoys popular support

* Low cost

* A large number of radio station support SHOUTcast

These days, more and more people are interested in SHOUTcast servers. But, it must be remembered that running a server that does an awesome job of filling the world with music is not an easy job. Before you can beam out your music, you have to configure the server, upload music and configure some more. So, choosing the right SHOUTcast hosting service is the only way to make your life easy.

All SHOUTcast hosting servers do the same thing. However, there is a difference in the number of tools offered by various hosting servers. Depending on these tools, you have greater ability to control your server. Additional features are great. The network over which the streams are delivered decides the quality of the service. Similarly, some SHOUTcast hosting services offer great customer support. The price is also a factor that should figure in choosing the right hosting service.

Some of the nifty features that you must look for in your SHOUTcast hosting service provider are the level of customer support they offer, their up time report and of course, customer reviews about the quality of their service. Without prompt customer support, it is practically impossible for an average person to configure the server and get the music going. The best way is to read through customer reviews. You’ll know what other customers feel about the service of these hosting services. Better still, choose a service that allows you a trial period. That way, you get a chance to evaluate the services of the host firsthand.

Another important feature is the number of listeners the package supports. If you are running a home radio station that is meant for your pals, you could do with a package that allows 8-10 listeners. However, a large radio station requires a bigger listening capacity. If your hosting service does not provide sufficient power, then, your listeners are going to drop you.

Radio stations must never suffer from downtime. Listeners don’t like their stations drawing a blank. Therefore, choose a hosting service that guarantees you minimal downtime. This is important.

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Virtual Private Servers – could you benefit from using one?

You might have heard the term ‘virtual private server’ before but what does it really mean and more importantly, do you need one for your business? In short, a virtual private server stands for multi-tenancy, virtualization, resource management and clustering.

Virtual private servers have lately become quite popular due to the fact that it enables resellers to multiplex resources on a dedicated server by employing an enhanced technology platform. Virtual private servers should therefore not be mistaken for shared servers or dedicated servers as this would be a grave error.

Resellers simply love virtual private servers as these allow them to fully control and allocate resources to their customers. So once a reseller gains control over a VPS they not only have full control over their server but they can also grand control to the end user, being able to instantly allocate web space, e-mail accounts and other services. Due to their high level of control, virtual private servers are now among the most preferred hosting accounts on the market.

What is truly amazing about the virtual dedicated servers is that they allow multi-tenancy. In simple terms, a VPS is able to host if not hundreds of customers on a single physical server. You can also virtualize the server’s CPU resources. This way each virtualization of the CPU will act as a standalone dedicated server environment. So not only does the VPS provide innovative resource management but it also enables system administrators to control the customer resources.

Virtual private servers also allow control panel management where administrators can allocate resources and support the deployment of third party software. Virtual private servers are best for those who are looking for web hosting servers which provide clustering abilities and the possibility to move data transparently among servers.

With a simple search on the internet you will be able to find many companies offering virtual private server plans. However you may first want to check out our Virtual Private Server offers first. We provide high performance and very reliable services that you can take advantage of right away. So head on over to Primcast right now and check out our offer.

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Why internet radios are important

Why internet radios?

If you like listening to a certain type of music then you probably know  what a big role internet radios play in out daily lives. With such a wide diversity to choose from, radios have been designed to satisfy the needs of all listeners out there. But a good radio station is not only about good music. At the same time it may help you stay in touch with the latest news as well.

The main advantage of an online radio station is that you are able to listen to it from anywhere in the world. And although the competition between these radio stations is pretty high these days, this can only mean good news for listeners all over the world. This means that the online radio owners have to continuously improve their services, their radio shows and their online presence.

Another great thing about the online radio stations is that you can actively join their communities. You can chat with other listeners on the radio station’s website and you can post your comments for anybody else to see.

With online radios becoming so popular these days, you can also find many useful applications on the web. Such a useful application is the one that allows you to store all your favorite radio stations on it so that you won’t have to manually search for a radio station every time. You can find this sort of applications all over the internet, with a simple search from Google. All you need to do is to download one such application and store your favorite radio station on it. The next time you open your computer the radio station will start playing automatically.

The only downside for the internet radio is that if you have connection problems you won’t be able to listen to any online radio station. But besides this minor inconvenient, there are plenty benefits that the online radio has over the traditional radio. For one there is the accessibility, the diversity and not to mention quality.

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What to look for when searching for dedicated hosting services

Cheap dedicated hosting

If you have been looking for a cheap dedicated hosting service then you probably know there are thousands of companies out there offering this type of service. It is therefore essential for you to know what you should be looking for in a dedicated hosting service. Below are some things you will need to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your investment.

The first thing you will need to decide is if you are going to get a managed or an unmanaged dedicated server. Although you will need to pay more for the managed server with the same configuration as the unmanaged one, this may prove to be a very good choice if you don’t know anything about managing a server (such as performing maintenance, backups, installs and many more).

If you choose to go with the managed server you will need to watch out for companies that try to lure you in with their cheap offers for the unmanaged dedicated servers but who then charge much more for the managed server option.

The company that provides the dedicated server should also offer you the possibility to easily upgrade your server, should you ever need more resources. Ask about the prices they are asking for server upgrades. The same goes for installs. Make sure you have all the facts before actually making a purchase. Some companies offer cheap prices on dedicated server but then charge exaggerated amounts for other things such as upgrades or installs.

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Here is what you should know if you are planning to stream a live event

Live event streaming

Even from its inception, live video streaming has been extremely popular with audiences all around the world. People subscribe by the millions on the pay per view networks and they will continue to do so for many years to come.

But even with the mega millionaire companies out there streaming all sorts of live events that people are paying big money to see online, now everyone has a chance to stream live to thousands of people simultaneously. You can now literally film and then stream your recording of anything online for anyone to see, or pay to see if you choose to. You could stream live a wedding, sporting event, concert or anything you will ever need to. The technology to stream live events online is truly an amazing one that we wouldn’t have hoped for a few years back.

So if you have decided that you can benefit from this great technology then you will need to find a proper service to put it into practice. What you should look for is a company that will partner with you by tailoring to your needs. You will want to find a company that is flexible and which can provide you with the best services that your money can buy.

To make sure that you have found the right company what you could do is to call their technical support and have a little chat with them. You don’t really need to buy their services at this point. But you could really find a lot about the company this way such as: how the company treats their clients, how prompt and responsive is the technical support (should you ever encounter a problem that you won’t be able to deal with yourself), etc.

It would be ideal if you could get a demo from them to see how their services perform. This way you won’t find yourself in the middle of a live stream with their servers failing to deliver or providing your viewers with very poor quality services.

As there are quite a few companies that offer this kind of services, you may need to skip through many of them. But if you can find that trustworthy company that will deliver on their promises and ensure that your events are a success then it would be all worth it. Try spending a little time on finding the right services to rely on and the next time you will go live with an event you will have much more confidence and your audience will certainly appreciate it.

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VPS or Dedicated Server?

We all know that Virtual Private Servers have revolutionized the shared internet hosting business. But is really a VPS the proper option for each and every scenario you may encounter with your website or is a dedicated server the much better option for your requirements?
A virtual private server can
provide separate user accounts and offer a higher level of security that was only previously accessible on dedicated servers. And even though they are able to deal with numerous functions that a web site would require and that a shared hosting account couldn’t have the ability to deal with, they still can’t deal with each and every scenario.
really mimics the functionality of a dedicated server by having each and every account stored on its own drive. The VPS software program then manages every account individually to be able to assure the smooth functioning and availability of all accounts on the server.
In contrast to the Virtual Private server, the dedicated server is really a single machine that’s leased to a single user. The server could be customized with applications that suit the user’s requirements. A dedicated server is by no means shared with anybody else so the user who owns it can allocate all its resources however the user desires.
you’d envision, the greatest downside of the dedicated server is that it is quite expensive. Even much more costly are the managed dedicated servers. Businesses that provide this type of service will make certain that your server is always up and running correctly and will handle any errors that come up along the way. So even if you need to invest a bit more cash on a managed dedicated server, in the event you do not know a lot about managing a server then it is probably best to leave this job to individuals who know how it should be done.
Even though the virtual dedicated server is comparable to the dedicated server, it can’t totally replace it. In contrast to a VPS, the dedicated server is in a position to deal with high amounts of web visitors, big databases, and big media hosting and intensive internet applications. To provide you with a clear concept of what’s the distinction in between the dedicated and virtual private server, imagine that the largest and most well-liked web sites are hosted on more than one dedicated server to be able to deal with the load.
If you decide that a virtual private server is the best choice for your current requirements then you would do well to find a hosting company that will be able to effortlessly upgrade your virtual hosting account to a dedicated one if you will ever require to do so. This way in the event you will ever require to upgrade you hosting account you need to have the ability to do so rapidly and with out interrupting your service.
if you don’t have a website with high requirements then it’s probably better to start off with a a virtual private server account. Ask the company you’re thinking about buying services from if they’ll have the ability to offer a fast and painless upgrade to a dedicated hosting account in the event you will require to upgrade.

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When should you upgrade your hosting account?

Shared hosting vs Dedicated hosting plans

Dedicated Web Hosting is among the three primary hosting methods. Other hosting include virtual hosting, sometimes called shared hosting, which is the most commonly encountered internet hosting method; and clustered internet hosting which uses a gaggle of servers which can be integrated as a way to increase performance and redundancy for any internet hosting customer who may have unique needs. You’ll find many benefits and disadvantages on the various hosting methods. Dedicated web hosting is a hosting method that numerous internet-based businesses find being extremely advantageous. With virtual or shared web hosting, you do not have a lot of flexibility or features for your web server that your hosting provider owns. The company providing web hosting services shared services partitions a server to get shared from a volume of customers because of their websites and email. Since it is a shared server, the users with virtual hosting share the HDD drive, the processor, and also the bandwidth as well as applications. The World Wide Web host that can offer the virtual hosting services has treating the server configurations. Web server is usually a step up from virtual hosting because it is being set up and furnished by an online webhost, where you’re the only customer that uses the server therefore you have complete control of the server for administrative purposes. Since you administer and control the net server yourself with web server, you’ve greater flexibility. The hosting company that gives web server services generally owns the server and leases it for your requirements. However, you are the one responsible for your server’s management. Depending on the dedicated web hosting services provided, you may be able to handle your own upgrades and install your own software programs, or perhaps you can outsource such tasks to the web server provider. Aside from flexibility and control, there are many advantages of having a dedicated web server. Because you are the only customer using the server, you won’t share resources including hard disk drive space, processing speed, bandwidth and applications, so dedicated web hosting is usually a much bigger efficient and may provide a many more space and speed of processing for one’s website, database and email applications. The problem with dedicated web hosting when compared to virtual web hosting service would be that the price of dedicated web hosting is greater than that of hosting that is shared. For many internet-based businesses, a simple shared web server is enough; however, for businesses with advanced needs, custom engineering and server design using clustered hosting could be necessary. However, clustered hosting is actually pretty rare. For companies that need custom applications and more space than what can be purchased in a shared environment, dedicated web hosting is usually the answer. Upgrading from virtual web hosting to web server is usually recommended should your business have multiple websites, using custom applications, needing specialized support or increased web hosting space and speed. In case your website or websites provide download capabilities for customers then the dedicated web server is a superb internet hosting choice for you because it will have fewer bandwidth restrictions than there are with the virtual or shared hosting. If you are just starting in online business, you may not need more than the sufficient and cost-effective shared web hosting; however, when your business begins to grow and will require you to add features and capabilities aimed at improving your website, or launch multiple websites, a dedicated web server could be a better option. When creating long-term plans for your online business, be sure to take into account the possibility of upgrading to dedicated web hosting down the road as well as the relative costs involved. You would do well to find a virtual web hosting provider that offers the ability to quickly and easily upgrade to a dedicated web server when it might be absolutely essential for your business.

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Why use dedicated servers for video streaming?

Dedicated servers for video streaming

If you’re considering establishing your personal audio or video podcast or perhaps a streaming internet radio station you’ll have to think about a dedicated stream server host provider. You will find a great variety to select from but you should probably choose those who focus on video streaming online. Streaming Video You may decide to stream audio or video or have the files readily available for download out of your website so that as everybody knows they can use up your memory very quickly. Customers are now able to broadcast at home on their computer systems or music artists and radio hosts using their galleries. Getting a dedicated server for movies online turns into a viable method to store video and audio files from the rest of the business or data. This is exactly why you will find a variety of packages readily available for dedicated streaming servers that may handle whatever type of media you would like. Getting a dedicated streaming server that’s set up which are more CPU and memory intensive programs enables the confidence of continuous broadcasting. Breakthrough for Music Business Home DJ’s can now broadcast in real-time for you to their audience using their computer to the devoted server and to their audience. Storing mp3 files on the dedicated server enables audience to experience the files without saving them.

Streaming server hosts can securely stop your stream and broadcast your saved play-lists using their server through yours for your audience 24/7 when you’re not online. Internet radio TV stations don’t have to own or lease a devoted server. You will find many specialized devoted streaming server services that deliver audio in MP3 technology inside a live situation or can deliver on-interest in aged broadcasts. Some devoted streaming servers support MPEG-4 video streaming in which the user should have a streaming video player (free).

Delivering real-time media from the server on the network to some client instantly doesn’t permit the user to maneuver across the time-line at their own selecting. You will find a couple of different streaming video systems however they all mostly incorporate a Expensive Media Server 2, Flash-application that supports file playing along with a ffmpeg video ripper tools. It’s due to this that it’s highly suggested at this time to possess a dedicated server strictly for streaming. Podcasters can upload their files on the server where they will be decoded to the FLV format for streaming. From the small work from home internet radio station to some country-wide digital broadcast network, including fortune 1000 companies and CNN, dedicated streaming servers are the only method to store, process and stream video and audio.

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Should you buy a Small Business Server?

Why use a Microsoft Small Business Server?

Unlike large companies that have complicated network systems and many servers performing individual tasks, small businesses usually rely on whatever they can get for the least amount of investment they can get away with. They may also rely on open source software and while these options will perform well for what they are worth, problems will inevitably appear and even the most skilled technicians will need help in trying to fix them and needless to say that support for these options is pretty scarce and usually hard to find.

With the Microsoft Small Business Server you get one computer server which has multiple roles built into one package. This server works like a large network of computers would but at a much lower scale. You can have the same computer performing all the required tasks thus saving your business a lot of money. For the Microsoft Small Business Server to work optimally you will need to set it up correctly and install the right software.

Many small businesses nowadays make the mistake of not setting up their servers the right way and end up using their Microsoft Small Business Server as a simple file server instead of using it for its full potential. You can avoid this as well as increase the productivity of your business with the help of a Small Business Server.

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Why should you buy a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers

As any successful internet business grows, it is going to need better and better equipment to rely on if it is going to remain competitive. On the internet, visitors are vital to any business so the more visitors you have to your website, the more money you could potentially make. But as you keep getting more and more visitors to your website you start noticing the limitations of your current hosting account. Although it has served you well during your ascension period, it is now time to move on to something more powerful that will allow you to bring your business to unimaginable heights.

The best solution that the market currently offers is the dedicated servers. These dedicated servers are actually physical pieces of hardware that the dedicated server host provider rents to you. You will have a lot more control over a dedicated server than you would with a shared hosting account. Dedicated servers are very popular with internet gamers as well. The high demand of dedicated servers for games has led to the creation of an entire market niche. Many hosting providers now offer dedicated gaming servers which offer all the same features of regular dedicated hosting but which are intended for less serious purposes.

And although dedicated servers cost more than the regular hosting servers they do offer some very useful features that you will not be able to get from other hosting account types. One of the most sought after feature why people choose to get dedicated servers accounts is the customization options. You can fully customize in any way you want the dedicated server. You can also choose which control panel to use (Plesk and Cpanel are the most popular).

Everyone using dedicated servers knows just how reliable they are. Actually they offer just about the best hosting services around. You get much faster loading times than if you were to use a shared hosting account.

Security is another major reason why more and more people nowadays are choosing to get dedicated servers accounts. With dedicated servers no one else but you can have access to your files so there is no possibility for anyone else to put malicious software on your server and mess up your business.

With dedicated servers you also get unique IP addresses. This means that your IP can only point to your website and therefore speeding up the webpage loading process. With dedicated servers you also get the possibility of doing upgrades. As your business grows even further you will need to have more bandwidth, RAM and increase the processor speed.

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