Online radio

Online radio

For the past few years the internet has been governed by a simple saying: ‘content is king’. As it turns out, this saying couldn’t be truer now. But with media transitioning to the internet, a new type of content is what really drives internet traffic nowadays. I’m talking about video and audio content.

You can now find news casts, films, radio stations and many other media formats over the internet. Media content has continuously evolved along with the internet and with it, the user’s demand for such content continued to grow. That way many of the industry’s biggest players were able to take advantage of the internet’s newest standards.

It is now easier than ever for anyone with an internet connection to build their own radio station. Most of the internet radio broadcasters are individuals that broadcast from their own homes using a software program called SHOUTcast. SHOUTcast is a free broadcasting script developed by the company Nullsoft. Most of these broadcasters are not looking to make a profit from their online radio stations but rather to simply share their music collection with others.

The music industry makes available licensing to play copyrighted music online to the internet radio community so that musicians can receive royalties for their work and everything stays legal. With such a rapid growth that the online radio has known it is safe to say that the traditional radio stations will be completely replaced within the next decade.

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