Mobile Application development

If you have a great idea for a mobile application then tell us about it and we will build it for you. Since we have started developing mobile applications the response from our clients has been great. We will build professional level Apps that you can list on the Apple Store or Android MarketPlace. You can either give them away for free in order to increase customer awareness or you can sell them for a profit.

If you are a client we will even build an App for free. However, in order to benefit from the free mobile App you will need to have a 24/7 streaming station. This is a requirement to have the mobile App accepted to the online App stores. Once you have this covered you will only need to give us a few details about your station and you are good to go. The mobile app development time only takes 24 to 48 hours. This way, your audience will be able to listen to your station on their mobile devices such as iPhone, Android or tablets. So don’t waste any more time and contact us regarding your own custom application.

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