Live Video Streaming: Important Tool for US Politics

Live Video Streaming: Important Tool for US Politics

The American political arena is gearing up for the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections. Candidates are in full swing, political events are going on full-fledged, and debates are already underway. It goes without saying that the electoral season happens to be one of the busiest times here in US. This political extravaganza goes on for months with debates, press releases and interviews each day.

With such highly crucial and hyped political activities being streamed live, there has been a significant change in the history of US politics. Take a look around and you will find live streaming to be a mainstream trend. And there are a couple of reasons responsible for it.

Let’s take a look at the details of the matter.

Reasons behind the popularity of live streaming

Both mobile networks and Smartphone adoption rates have increased. You also cannot forget the dramatic surge in broadband connection subscriptions. The most popular live streaming event was Superbowl 50, as it attracted almost 4-million viewers to the virtual platform. However, the online turn-up for election events will surpass these numbers by huge margins.

So, what is it that makes online video streaming so significant for US politics. Why has it become an integral part of political campaigns and electoral events here in US? Let’s get down to finding the answer.

Decoding the significance

Live streaming works like a magic wand for both politicians as well as journalists. It gives them the opportunity of streaming live events, commentary, electoral speeches, and pre-election campaigns more independently than ever before.

There is a significance of the term independent in this context.

Get back to earlier times and you will surely find the increasing dependence on television networks for featuring electoral campaigns and events. Both politicians and viewers had to rely on TV networks to watch these events.

The benefits

With the rapid emergence of live streaming, candidates will no longer have to rely on television networks for broadcasting their political campaigns.

Viewers and voters on the other end will enjoy direct access to streaming contents without having to depend on the flag-bearers of mainstream media.

Looking for the major trends

With that brief overview of the importance and benefits of live video streaming, let’s move onto the major live streaming trends.

  1. The shift towards real-time

Viewers and enthusiasts earlier had to view C-SPAN for viewing and listening to political news and events. Present times have a different story to narrate, as social media channels are taking up the role of broadcasters. From YouTube to Twitter, every social media platform offers instant access to political information.

YouTube has also taken up the leading role by moderating political debate sessions with global partners such as CNN.

That’s all about the general voters and the public. What about the politicians? They are also keeping up with the latest trends, and hence embracing live video streaming technology. Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  1. Greater reach to the youth: Tech savvy young individuals are always hooked onto social media networks. Streaming live campaigns will prove to be great of way of reaching out to them.
  2. Better engagement: The concept of live video streaming will inevitably result in highly engaged press and electorate. Live statements will offer perfect opportunities for debates and rebuttals. The comments of participants will be immortalized. So, there is no going back on words.
  3. Streaming options

Live streaming is rapidly transforming the ‘face’ and ‘phase’ of US political scenario. Quite a few well-known politicians are warming up to this concept, and using live video streaming services to enhance their campaign’s reach.

  1. Primcast for political updates

With the emergence of Primcast, there is some magnificent news for enthusiasts. As a plug-and-play streaming video solution, it will offer live streams from political events right at the moment it needs to be propagated.

Just arrange for a stable internet connection, and get your live political video streams running in few minutes with Primcast. Yes, it is that easy, thus ensuring unsurpassed convenience for journalists and politicians.

With a robust and reliable Content Delivery Network, Primcast will offer live video streaming to numerous viewers across the globe.

It’s time to get started

By now, you must be aware of all the requisites involved in live video streaming. Breeze through the checklist, if you wish to know what’s missing. Live video streaming depends on:

  • Robust video content hosting services such as Primcast.
  • Reliable internet connection with minimum upload speed of 2-5 Mbps
  • A video camera capable of featuring contents in real-time
  • Hardware encoders

With each of these elements performing their respective jobs, you will get to stream the most crucial political events, campaigns, from anywhere, with a push of a button. Perhaps, live video streaming will continue to earn popularity as one of the most important resources for engaging political campaigns.