Live Video Recording To On-Demand Videos

Live Video Recording To On-Demand Videos: Unraveling Tips, Tricks, And Technologies

With a whopping 51.5% of video streaming consumption through WiFi, a lot has been stated about this latest digital marketing strategy. From real-time audience engagement to brand familiarity, live video streaming makes everything possible. You can also record live videos and release it for public viewing later. In that way, you will succeed in reaching out to potential customers and enthusiastic audiences, even if they are absent for the live event.
Releasing compelling and captivating live videos for on-demand viewing happens to be a widespread practice here in US. However, most people release it the way they receive it from their respective streaming video hosting service providers. Now, that is certainly not an amazingly good practice.
On this note, let’s look at some of the exciting ways of making your live recorded feeds a genuinely impressive on-demand experience. In the process, we will also get down to discussing a few highly functional video editing software tools.

Considering video editing

How would you feel, if you could tweak your videos for ensuring a better viewing experience for your audience? That sounds great? Doesn’t it? And here’s the catch. It is here that the concept of video editing comes across as a great option. Take a look at the following points for some effective video editing tips.

1.    Eliminate erroneous elements

Live video streams are live. Perhaps, that is the best part about them. And that happens to be the worst part too. Live recording captures every single movement and activities occurring at a particular moment. Quite naturally, undesired pauses, awkward intermissions, gaffes as well as several other errors get caught too.
•    The option of video editing helps you eliminate all such erroneous elements. With live video editing, you can also remove the ‘dead air’ time, before preparing the final video.
•    Another interesting benefit is the elimination of unnecessary video contents. Your target audience will inevitably not like to sit through multi-hour videos unless they are highly enjoyable throughout.
With video editing, you will have the choice to remove unnecessary contents and keep the highlights.

2.    Including credits

Video credits are a way of acknowledging the relentless efforts of several individuals involved in the production of the material. Additionally, it also makes your on-demand video more authentic and acceptable amongst potential viewers.
Since marketing videos are targeted towards specific consumer groups, it will be great to include Call-to-Actions to your on-demand videos. The video editing option will let you do that.

3.    Creating transitions

At times, video editing might leave you with awkward gaps between content chunks. These sudden jumps and breaks prepare the grounds for transitions. By fading out the sudden breaks and removing discontinuity in videos, transition offers a seamless viewing experience.
Viewers can now relate a certain episode to another without losing continuity between the two. If we get to down to the basics, we will find that ‘cut’ happens to be the elementary transition option. By aligning video clippings in succession, you can play a video clip right at the moment its predecessor stops. ‘Cut’ is fundamental and it is powerful and effective too!
Transitions are the key to offering seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience to audiences. So, it will prove to be highly effective in making your recorded video more engaging on-demand.

4.    Audio with clarity

You will never wish your target audience to get hold of a video offering poor sound quality. Therefore, audio editing will prove to be an effective way of cleaning up hums, hisses, blips or hullabaloo in the background, thus making the video more audible.

5.    Addition of titles

While streaming videos to Facebook or other social media platforms, you will require considering certain crucial aspects. Releasing the uncut video versions won’t be a great thing to do. Rather, you can include certain incredibly exciting visual elements to make the video more appealing. Some of the most common tactics in this context are:
•    Add titles in between video segments or introduce them right at the beginning. It will impart a highly professional feel to your videos.
•    Other than that, you also have the choice to classify the entire video into separate chunks. Each of these chunks might find relevance with distinct groups of viewers.
•    Title inclusions also make your live video streams informative. Your viewers will know what they are watching.

6.    Image exporting

You might face difficulties or inconvenience while viewing PPT slides in your video recordings. What you can do is add these presentations in your ‘behind-the-scenes’ or ‘after-facts’ segment.
Image exporting will help you lift these images from the presentation and place them in your on-demand video feeds. As the consequence, your target viewers and audiences will get to view highly entertaining videos.

Knowing the technologies

It is impossible to spice up your recorded live events without the proper technology. With the emergence of some of the robust video editing tech tools, things have become easier than before.
I.    Final Cut Pro X: It is intuitive and easy-to-use video editing software from Apple. Presence of plugins and advanced features take your videos from boring to brilliant.
II.    Adobe Premier Pro: Used in Mac computers and PCs, this particular software offers a more professional-looking video compared to its contemporaries.
III.    iMovie: As a better version of Final Cut, it combines simple functionality with fantastic features.
If you feel you need the professional touch to your final version of your video there are many experts here in the US, who have competencies to pump up its engagement level by a notch.

The bottom line

Video editing tips and highly functional editing tools make life easier for video editors. You can also rely on self-help and efforts while transforming your recorded events to on-demand videos if you follow these tips diligently.
Do write in to us and let us know if any other process needs to be a part of this list. We would love to hear from you.

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