The new ‘king of content’?

As we all get a bit knowledgeable about the Internet world and how Internet Marketing is now becoming a very real way of making a full time income from home, new possibilities suddenly start to surface. However, things are not as simple as they may first seem. In order to make any kind of profit from your website you need to have traffic. Bringing in lots of internet traffic to your website is without a doubt the hardest thing to do. The rules of the game change faster than most people can adapt to and if you finally manage to catch a break, it usually lasts a very short while before Google, the leader of the game, does another algorithm update to their search engine and messes everything up again. This is the way it has been for the past couple of years but now things are about to take a different turn.

Ever since the beginning of the Internet there was a saying that ‘content is king’. This saying still stands even today. However there is a new king of content in town and that is video content. The internet infrastructure has evolved quite a bit in the past decade and now people from all over the world are able to watch high definition videos in real time. This advancement in technology has opened the doors to a lot of improvement over in online environment and the opportunity comes from the fact that not a lot of people are fully taking advantage of this medium even today. Good quality content will always drive people to your website so it would be wise to spend all your efforts into creating this quality video content.

However, before you can safely place your video content on your website you will have to settle the matter of hosting all that video content which can be quite costly when it comes to storage space and bandwidth. If you have a dedicated server then by all means host your videos on that server. However, if you have a simple shared hosting account then it probably wouldn’t be such a great idea to upload the videos there. For one thing, shared hosting accounts have very limited bandwidth allowance. Although your current hosting company may have advertised that they offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, you should know by now that there is no such thing as unlimited anything when it comes to the internet. If you carefully read their terms and conditions agreement then you can see just how easy it is for them to shut you down if they ‘think’ you are spending too much of their resources.

Currently, the best solution for sharing your video content online is through video streaming. There are many online companies offering video streaming services and these services run quite cheaply nowadays. So what should video streaming mean to you? A video streaming service will host your video content on their servers and all you have to do is to add a few lines of code on your website to embed a video player and be able to show your videos directly from your website. This means that you will not need to worry about bandwidth limitation and your audience will be able to watch your videos without any shuttering or buffering problems. offers very reliable, top quality video, audio streaming and hosting services that you can take advantage of starting right now. For more information about our services please visit our website at

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