How to Start Live Streaming

Streaming live video can be intimidating to some, as it may be difficult to understand how to get started.  If you’ve been pondering the idea of streaming live, this article may help you get started whenever you are ready.

Here at Primcast, we have put together a knowledge base, with step by step instructions, to help you start streaming with various software or hardware encoders. We’ll explain what encoders do here in this article.

What is Live Streaming?

Live video streaming is the same as television broadcasting, but through the internet. It is the delivery of video content online, and is usually accessible on any device, depending on your setup. The demand for internet accessible video content increases exponentially each year, which has driven the streaming technology to evolve very rapidly. Primcast has been streaming live since 2004, adapting the earliest live streaming technologies from Abode and Microsoft. We’ve since grown to become one of the leading streaming providers for both Radio and Live Video.

How to Start Streaming Live

Are you ready to join the millions of users already broadcasting live video? You’ll need a camera, an encoder and live video streaming service from Primcast. You can choose any camera, however a good HD camera is recommended. You will also need an encoder, to take the video from the camera and send it to our streaming servers for distribution. Our encoder of choice, is the small yet versatile, Cerevo LiveShell 2, which can be purchased directly from us. Your HD camera must have an HDMI output, in order for it to work with the LiveShell 2.

If you don’t have the budget for an HD camera and hardware encoder, you can stream directly from your desktop or laptop, using any webcam and Flash Media Live Encoder (free). If you already have a Primcast account, our support team will remotely assist you with the setup.

Looking to re-stream an existing TV Channel?

You will need authorization to re-distribute that content from the channel owner. Although Primcast does not monitor your stream content, we do have to enforce copyright laws if we receive notices that you are broadcasting without authorization.
To broadcast an existing channel, you can use a Teradek VIDIU Pro for 1080p streaming or a Cerevo LiveShell 2 for up to 720p streaming. Both encoders have HDMI inputs, which means that can be connected to any cable or satellite box.

How do Viewers Access my Broadcast?

Your audience can view your live stream directly through your website or Facebook, depending on your account type. Our support team will assist you with the integration.

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