How Can Audio Streaming Benefit Your Business?


We have all, at some point in our lives, walked into a store, restaurant, or hotel and thought to ourselves, “what song is this?” If that point has been within the past couple of years, it’s likely that the song was being played on internet radio or a dedicated stream curated for the business you walk into.

Consumers like curated content. This has grown to be more and more relevant as we reach an internet age in which everything is targeted to and personalized for the consumer. But how does one go about adding personal appeal to a standing business or institution? It has been mentioned in a previous post that businesses and hospitality services can build a brand with dedicated internet radio. Audio streaming for your business creates a consistent, recognizable atmosphere and is a simple way of allowing consumers to feel more engaged with your brand.

Internet radio is also highly convenient for business owners: unlike traditional radio, you have total control of what content is put out, as well as where and when. Consider a new customer walking into a café. What are they listening to? Is it music that uplifts, invigorates, calms, or inspires? Now, think of a guest walking into a new hotel for the first time. Are they hearing about any new promotions or deals the hotel has to offer? With audio streaming, it is entirely up to the owner. Your customers can be reached 24/7, with the ability to decide what your business is playing at your fingertips, on any web-enabled device. Music selections and promotional content can be curated into playlists, which can then be automated after being uploaded to Primcast servers. There is always the option to flip a switch and make live broadcasts or announcements.

Aside from brand building and customer satisfaction, audio streaming for your business can also bring substantial monetary benefits. That’s right—money! 50% of the American population tunes in to internet radio every week. According to Edison Research and eMarketer, that’s roughly 177 million listeners per year, and $42 billion dollars in mobile advertising revenue forecasted for internet radio and streaming services this year. Most people who tune in to internet radio actually opt for ad-supported listening—91% of global listeners use ad-supported devices.

Bringing advertising into the picture can be mutually beneficial for the business owner and the advertiser. For example, if your hotel has a tennis court, it may be advantageous for the business to run internet radio ads for sporting goods (like tennis rackets). Again, there is a vast amount of freedom in being a business owner with a dedicated streaming service, so it is entirely up to you.

Streaming that is customized for your business gives it a personal touch, and that has universal appeal. So whether you are a tiny eatery that is open late nights or a busy hotel with guests flowing in and out at all hours of the day, giving your customer a seamless audio experience adds multitudes to their overall satisfaction, and may add a huge amount of revenue for your business.