Dedicated Servers provided by Primcast

Dedicated Servers are the perfect solution for high traffic projects and also if you need privacy, security, or your website and online applications require too many resources to be deployed on a shared server. You can choose between various operating systems including Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat or even Windows 2012. The ordering process should allow you to choose whatever you think that suits your needs. Our dedicated servers are housed in data centers in the United States and Europe, allowing you to choose a server closest to your location. It usually takes 24-72 hours for us to have your server set up and released from the day we receive your order.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Intel Xeon Dedicated ServersPrimcast provides 24/7 assistance for all the services offered, so Dedicated Servers do not make an exception. Our Support Team is available anytime to guide you or even fix unexpected errors. Even if you need an application or a software installed on your Dedicated Server Hosting, we can help you out as long as a license is provided for it. Due to our servers capabilities, upgrading or downgrading your initial configuration is not really a problem. There are no additional fees required to make changes to your server’s configuration. Primcast typically gives a 7-day overlap for you to transfer your data from one server to another. Or you can simply request it via our contact methods. We offer a large area of selection for all the components of a dedicated servers. We use only Intel Xeon platforms and you can choose from Dual Core processors to Octo Core or even 10 core processors for high applications or services requirements.

Streaming and Webhosting Dedicated Servers

If you have an upcoming project and you need resources that cannot be accessed using a shared account, the Dedicated Server is the solution you need. We do offer the latest technologies for streaming and webhosting in our service selection table. Primcast usually recommends Linux Dedicated Servers for streaming and webhosting. But if this operating system looks too hard to handle some of the solutions like WowzaFlash or Shoutcast do have support for Windows Dedicated Servers also. Our dedicated servers are connected to a network of multiple 10Gbps uplinks, providing route diversity and redundancy for your dedicated server. If your project requires excessive bandwidth, 10Gbps ports are available to order with our dedicated servers. Also, private 100Mbps, 1000Mbps or 10000Mbps ports with unmetered traffic are available upon request.

If you need more assistance or information in regards of buying a Dedicated Server, feel free to contact our support team which is available as usually 24/7 via LiveChat, Email or Phone.