When should you invest in a dedicated server?

If you are an online business owner then you will need to upgrade your hosting service to a dedicated one at some point. Even though you don’t necessarily need a dedicated server right now for your website, once your online business starts to take off your website visitors will start getting frustrated by the loading times, website crashes and errors they will get and this is something that you should completely avoid. If your visitors don’t have a good experience on your website then how can they expect to have a good experience with your product or service?

Depending on what amount of traffic you are expecting to come to your website, you could also choose to move it on a virtual private server. This type of web hosting is the next best thing to a dedicated server and you get the benefit of having a great level of flexibility and customization. The benefit of moving to a virtual private server is that you get about the same functionality as a dedicated server but for much less money. The downside to having your website hosted on a virtual private server or dedicated server is that you will also need to do the maintenance part. You will also need to manage the server installs and software upgrades as well.

You can also find managed dedicated hosting servers. Although these services will cost you a bit more, they can save you quite a bit of time and money since you won’t need to manage the server and you don’t need to have an employee to take care of the server maintenance.

A dedicated server can be used for much more than simply hosting your website (although if you have a very popular website that gets visited by thousands of visitors every day, a dedicated server is simply required). You can also install applications and other software that will only work on a dedicated server.

Most businesses nowadays (online or offline) rely on dedicated servers for data storage, document management, website hosting and much more. So if you are having problems with your website being to slow, need more resources such as bandwidth, storage and processing power for your web applications then a dedicated server is perfect for the task.

There are plenty of online companies selling dedicated servers. However, you need to be careful when purchasing a dedicated server online. There are some bad reputation companies out there that are only after your money and will simply not deliver on the services you have paid for. So if you find offers that are ‘too good to be true’ then you should consider the fact that those offers may in fact be too good to be true.

Primcast offers high quality and reliable dedicated servers and virtual private server hosting. If you would like to find out more about our hosting solutions then feel free to visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/services

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