Start streaming online with Primcast and Wowza

If you thought that Wowza Media Server is just a simply media streaming solution then you were wrong. With the latest addition of Wowza Media Server 3 there are no more conflicts that existed with other software suppliers such as the Adobe Flash Media server.

You can check for yourself and see the amazing features that come with this latest addition by going to With wowza you can benefit from custom streaming solutions.

Perhaps one of the best Wowza Media Server 3 features is the support for mobile streaming. Since in this day and age most people own high-end mobile devices, with Wowza you can output 1080p resolution videos to satisfy even the most pretentious customers.

Primcast offers both shared and dedicated server Wowza services. We will assist you with any issues that may arise with your Wowza services. As a customer of Primcast, you will benefit from free 24/7 customer support.

So if you are interested in finding a reliable, flexible and not to mention affordable solution for online video and audio content streaming then Primcast and Wowza are everything to get started in the online streaming world.

Automate your online radio station using Auto DJ software

Whether you are looking to build your very first online radio station or you are looking to automate the one you already have, Auto DJ is the service you can’t do without. If you didn’t already know, Auto DJ is an online radio automation software that you can attach to any SHOUTcast hosting account.

Auto DJ brings many benefits to any radio station. The most important benefit that radio station owners will gain access to is the complete automation feature. This means that radio owners will no longer need to stay at their computers in order to stream online. As a radio station owner you will not even need to leave your computer on the whole time you are streaming. So if for nothing else, by attaching an Auto DJ account to your radio hosting you will be saving on your electrical bill.

Auto DJ will also allow you to create playlists and schedule them however you see fit. This way you can have total control over what and when your online radio station will stream. You can even control your radio station from your mobile device since the Auto DJ can be accessed from the web-based control panel.

So to sum it all up, by attaching an Auto DJ account to your online radio you will be saving on your electrical bill, have complete control over your radio station (what and when something is going to play in you radio station), radio station automation and seamlessly switching between a live source and your playlists.

5 reasons why you should drop progressive video download and start streaming videos online

Most people watching videos online are looking for the highest video quality available. While not all videos today are shot in full 1080p High Definition, you still need to be able to stream those kinds of videos online for people who will settle for nothing but the best. Video streaming has become a very competitive market nowadays and if you are going to remain competitive then you are going to have to deliver nothing but the best services for all your online audience. The old way of delivering video content for your website visitors is through progressive download. What this means is that visitors are only able to watch a video while the video file downloads on their computer. There are obvious disadvantages to this method and you will soon find out why video streaming technology is much better than progressive download.

1. Streaming technology

With the true video streaming technology your audience will be able to skip through a video without having to wait for the whole video file to download onto their computers first.

2. Video file protection

Since the video file will not be downloading onto the viewer’s computer, you will be able to better protect your video content. Even though with progressive download the video file gets deleted from the temporary folder after the video has been closed, there are many software programs online that allow users to obtain a permanent copy of your videos. This doesn’t happen with video streaming since the video files will never be fully downloaded onto the end user’s computer.

3. Smooth video streaming

With the video streaming technology you can have full HD videos without having to worry about bandwidth too much. The adaptive bitrate feature allows users to watch video files at the best viewing quality that their internet connection can support.

4. Save bandwidth

Video streaming allows you to save on bandwidth usage. While with progressive download users need to download the whole video file in order to skip through, with video streaming the user doesn’t need to download the whole thing just to watch the end of a video and while not all users will skip to the end of the video, the ones who do will not unnecessarily use up your bandwidth.

5. Convenience

There are many online companies offering video streaming services nowadays. These services are not expensive and they save you the trouble of having to host all of your video files on your server and managing them.

If you are still not convinced that video streaming is the best way to provide video content for your online audience then you can check out more about this technology by going to our website at

Using the live event streaming service

We are all fans of live shows, live music events, live sporting events, etc. However, did you know that broadcasting live events across the internet is now available to virtually anyone? Just think about it; how many times have you wished that your friends and family were with you to witness a special event but couldn’t because they were too far away? With a live event streaming service you can broadcast an event in real-time, right as it is happening.

Getting started with event streaming is very easy. All you need to begin streaming online is a camera and a computer with an internet connection. However, you will also need to have an account with an event streaming service provider (which are quite common on the internet nowadays). The best part of it all is that you need close to 0 knowledge to begin streaming online. Even if you don’t know anything about streaming video content online, you can ask for help from the streaming provider’s support team.

You can stream your video content to as few or as many viewers as you like. Keep in mind though that streaming to many viewers will cost you significantly more. Although prices may vary from one company to another, you need to understand that not everything that is cheap is worth purchasing. When it comes to event streaming, you simply need to have a reliable and quality service. If, for example, you are streaming an event to a large audience and the quality of the stream is lacking or there are buffering, shuttering and interruption problems then you may lose a lot of viewers. So before purchasing the services of a company make sure that you do a little bit of research and see if they are really worth your money.

Finding the right provide for event streaming needs is not a hard task but you will need to spend some time researching. The first thing you could do is to check for online reviews of the company you are interesting in doing business with. Check out what other people are saying about their services and determine if the company provides reliable services.

When it comes to streaming an event online, you really need to make sure that you can rely on your provider. After all, you don’t have a second shot at streaming a live event.

Primcast offers very reliable and high quality event streaming services. If you are interested in finding more about our streaming services then head on to

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Are you using video effectively in your online marketing efforts?

Nowadays just about everyone has a mobile device. Modern-day device are now so advanced that they are equivalent to computers from only a few years back. They are powerful enough to run even the most demanding software, applications that we would never have though possible on such small devices. There has been a long time since mobile devices were only use for communication purposes. The main focus with hand-held devices is entertainment and this market will continue to grow even further in the years to come and beyond.

The niche market for mobile users who watch video on their devices has especially known a huge growth in the last year alone. On-demand video on mobile devices has also demonstrated a substantial growth in the past year as well. Recent reports show that two out of every 3 people who watch video on mobile devices are smartphone owners.

With such a spectacular number of consumers, this is a perfect opportunity for video publishers to monetize their content. However, most publishers today are still struggling with the same challenges they have been for nearly a decade. They won’t understand that the online environment is a completely different place than the TV and won’t start using different promotion methods other than what they are doing on TV right now. It is a known fact that simply repurposing television sports for online use isn’t the most effective way to advertise and still many publishers still do it to this day.

Although video is still very much effective when it comes to advertising online, publishers should take a completely new approach when it comes to promoting a product or service. The online environment is a completely different thing than the TV and should be treated as such. The video itself is rarely going to be the thing that people want to pay for.

Primcast is one of the most reliable hosting and streaming provider on the internet. We offer professional video streaming services that have support for mobile devices. If you would like to find out more about our services and the deals we have prepared for you, please visit our website at

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Media streaming done right

When compared to the other media streaming platforms currently available on the market, Wowza has had quite a rapid growth both in technology but in popularity as well. Unlike platforms such as Windows Media or Flash Media which had a slow start, Wowza has been profitable from day 1 and will continue to improve even further.

The reason Wowza has become so successful today is because it supports delivery to virtually any screen. The people from Wowza believe that this feature is absolutely critical to their business strategy. The platform’s architecture of the underlying infrastructure allows Wowza Media Server to accept plug-in modules with a variety of functions. Features such as adaptive bitrate and time-shifted playback are very simple to implement and very cost effective.

Wowza is designed to scale from a small single license server solution up to a Content Delivery Network level solution by adding licenses across a growing number of commodity hardware platforms.

With the introduction of the latest Wowza version, Wowza Media Server 3, users now have the ability to purchase and add in additional modules. One such very important module that users have been waiting for a long time is the network digital video recorder module. With the great support Wowza offers the development community, more powerful modules are bound to emerge and make Wowza an even better product than it already is.

So even though Wowza Media Server is the newest platform for streaming video content online, it is also the one with the most potential. Wowza has grown very rapidly and in a very short amount of time, even surpassing its competitors in some areas. Wowza can be used to stream to even thousands of simultaneous users. However, even if Wowza does not impose any limits, you may be limited by the hardware of the machine Wowza Media Server is installed on.

Primcast offers very reliable and not to mention affordable Wowza Media Server shared and dedicated plans. For more information about our offer please visit our website

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Best video streaming solution?

What is Flash Media Server?

If you didn’t know by now, the Flash Media Server is just about the most popular and probably the best platform for online video streaming. It has the strength and flexibility to support video streaming to as many or as few people as you want to. So if you are an online business owner then you will most certainly find good use for its awesome features.

Flash Media Server is one of the few platforms that can deliver true HD video content across the internet. The FMS has also great support for Apple devices so you will be able to stream to both office computers and to mobile devices. People on the move will greatly appreciate this great feature and you can be sure that they will become your loyal customers if you keep providing them with great quality and great content.

If you are serious about streaming video content online and you are looking to stream your media to even thousands of viewers then you may need a dedicated Flash Media Server. A dedicated FMS will especially come in handy when streaming High Definition video since HD videos require a lot of disk space and other resources such as CPU and RAM. Another great benefit of the dedicated Flash Media Server is that you can customize it however you want to.

Since a dedicated Flash Media Server can be quite costly, you will first need to determine whether you truly need one or you could do just fine with a shared Flash Media Server account as well. There are also two versions of the Flash Media Server you will need to choose from. You can therefore opt for the Flash Media Streaming Server or the Flash Media Interactive Server. The difference between the two is that the Flash Media Streaming Server can only do video streaming while the Interactive server can do video streaming as well as many other awesome things such as Rich Internet Applications. There is also a hefty price difference between the two versions of the software so you will need to determine if you are really going to use the full potential of the Flash Media Interactive Server once you have bought it.

Are there any other video streaming solutions similar to the Flash Media Server?

Although the Flash Media Server is probably the most popular platform for video streaming, there are other platforms as well that perform admirably. The Windows Media Server for example is one of the oldest platforms for online video streaming. Even though it is showing its age you can still use it with great success for most of your online video streaming needs. Keep in mind though that it cannot do mobile streaming of any kind.

Another very good alternative is the Wowza Media Server platform. Although it is newer that all the other video streaming platforms it has gained a lot of popularity due to its user-friendly interface and strength. Wowza is continuously being improved and in some areas it is said to be even better than the Flash Media Server. If you are a fan of video streaming then Wowza is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Where is the best place to buy FMS services?

Before you go ahead and purchase a FMS solution from the first company that offers this service you should take the time to first study the offers other companies have. In this economy you simply cannot afford to throw your hard earned money out the window. Check out the features, prices, reviews and last but not least technical support and make an informed decision. is an online hosting and streaming company that offers some of the most reliable video and audio streaming services on the market today. If you would like to hear more about our offer then head on to

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Your first live event stream

The event streaming service is exactly what you would imagine it to be: a service that allows you to stream a live event online. Although this technology has been here for quite some time now, not many are taking advantage of the benefits it can bring to online and offline businesses.

Whether you are at a live concert or at a rally course, you can always think of at least a couple of friends that would have simply loved to be there with you. With the event streaming solution, now they can. Most companies that offer this online streaming solution are very flexible when it comes to resource allocation. This way you are able to stream in real time to as many or as few people as you would like to.

In order to begin streaming online in real time you only need a video camera (even a decent web camera will suffice) and a computer with an internet connection. You will also need the services of a company that offers event streaming solutions. You will most likely need to book an event period since the company you are buying services from, will have make available the requested bandwidth for your event.

So whether you are looking to stream a music event online, wedding ceremony, sporting event, etc. then event streaming is definitely the best way to do this. There are no technical requirements and the services are very scalable and affordable. If you are looking to find more information about this service then head on to

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The new ‘king of content’?

As we all get a bit knowledgeable about the Internet world and how Internet Marketing is now becoming a very real way of making a full time income from home, new possibilities suddenly start to surface. However, things are not as simple as they may first seem. In order to make any kind of profit from your website you need to have traffic. Bringing in lots of internet traffic to your website is without a doubt the hardest thing to do. The rules of the game change faster than most people can adapt to and if you finally manage to catch a break, it usually lasts a very short while before Google, the leader of the game, does another algorithm update to their search engine and messes everything up again. This is the way it has been for the past couple of years but now things are about to take a different turn.

Ever since the beginning of the Internet there was a saying that ‘content is king’. This saying still stands even today. However there is a new king of content in town and that is video content. The internet infrastructure has evolved quite a bit in the past decade and now people from all over the world are able to watch high definition videos in real time. This advancement in technology has opened the doors to a lot of improvement over in online environment and the opportunity comes from the fact that not a lot of people are fully taking advantage of this medium even today. Good quality content will always drive people to your website so it would be wise to spend all your efforts into creating this quality video content.

However, before you can safely place your video content on your website you will have to settle the matter of hosting all that video content which can be quite costly when it comes to storage space and bandwidth. If you have a dedicated server then by all means host your videos on that server. However, if you have a simple shared hosting account then it probably wouldn’t be such a great idea to upload the videos there. For one thing, shared hosting accounts have very limited bandwidth allowance. Although your current hosting company may have advertised that they offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, you should know by now that there is no such thing as unlimited anything when it comes to the internet. If you carefully read their terms and conditions agreement then you can see just how easy it is for them to shut you down if they ‘think’ you are spending too much of their resources.

Currently, the best solution for sharing your video content online is through video streaming. There are many online companies offering video streaming services and these services run quite cheaply nowadays. So what should video streaming mean to you? A video streaming service will host your video content on their servers and all you have to do is to add a few lines of code on your website to embed a video player and be able to show your videos directly from your website. This means that you will not need to worry about bandwidth limitation and your audience will be able to watch your videos without any shuttering or buffering problems. offers very reliable, top quality video, audio streaming and hosting services that you can take advantage of starting right now. For more information about our services please visit our website at

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Are you looking for a way to improve your online business?

Online businesses are always looking for new ways to bring in potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is by using video content. It is a well-known fact that video content nowadays is the king of internet content. People will always prefer to watch a video rather than read text and watch images.

There are also several ways in which video streaming can be achieved and there are many online companies that offer this kind of service. Although more expensive, true video streaming is always preferred since the user doesn’t have to download the video he or she is watching to their computer. True streaming allows for uninterrupted, buffer free streaming on the highest quality, provided the end user’s internet connection allows it.

Progressive download is another method for delivering video content online. This is an older technology for video streaming and it involves downloading the video files on the user’s computer. The video can only be watched once the video file has been downloaded onto the user’s computer. This method is somewhat risky since it is very easy for the users to steal the files downloaded on their computers. So although progressive download may be cheaper than the true streaming alternative, it does have its disadvantages.

With so many online companies offering video streaming services, it has become increasingly harder to find a service that is actually worth paying for. However, there are a few things that you could keep in mind when searching for the video streaming company to host your files. Therefore the first thing you will want a company to have is a trial period or demo account. This way you will be able to know firsthand if you have stumbled upon a service that really deserves your money. Technical support is another aspect that you will want to pay extra attention to. If you are experiencing problems with your video streams you will want them to fix your problem as soon as possible. To test their responsiveness you should call them even if you don’t actually have a problem. This way you will be able to know just how fast you can get in touch with them and how well they treat you as a client.

Although price is always a deciding factor, you should still try to find a quality service. There is a lot of competition online and if you want to stand out and keep your audience happy then you should give them the best possible media experience they can find anywhere.

If you are interested in streaming videos from your website then Primcast can help you achieve this. With Primcast you can deliver high quality video content to users from all over the world. Our services are very reliable and affordable so if you are interested in finding more about what we have to offer then feel free to check out our website at

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