Learn all about smooth streaming

If you are hoping to stream your videos at an adaptive rate then Smooth Streaming are going to be your ideal choice. Smooth streaming is able to select the correct bit-rate to display your video at by establishing the available bandwidth. This way you will never have to worry about your viewers having a horrible experience with your video streams.

Smooth Streaming dynamically detects local bandwidth and CPU conditions and seamlessly switches, in near realtime, the video quality of a media file that a player receives. Consumers which already have high internet connections will be in a position to experience high definition streaming quality when people with lower bandwidth speeds will be able to experience the best services that their internet connections can handle, this way allowing everybody to enjoy a very good and continuous streaming experience and thus saving the media organizations from being required to compromise for the lowest common denominator quality level from their customers base.

With their extended viewing times through higher quality true High definition experiences, companies are now capable to increase their brand consciousness and marketing revenues as well. They can also profit from unparalleled network scalability utilizing distributed HTTP-based Web servers and offer superior quality to a lot more customers.

Smooth Streaming is actually quite simple to operate. For instance if you are an user then you won’t require to do anything other than have Silverlight set up on your Personal computer or Apple computer. As a content creator you will also be expected to upgrade your encoding software as Smooth Streaming requires a particular encoding software program.

If you are a hosting provider then you will need to install IIS Media Services in order to stream media assets on the net. IIS Media Services should be set up on the origin servers only. In an effort to correctly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs hosting providers will also need to configure the edge cache/proxy infrastructure.

For application developers to correctly use Smooth Streaming they will have to add Smooth Streaming playback support to their Silverlight applications. This is easily attainable with the help of the Silverlight player templates that are included in the Expression Encoder. Additionally you could also use Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

To create Smooth Streaming presentations you need to encode your videos in a specific way. You will need to encode the same source at several bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. But instead of the user managing thousands of ‘fragments’ the server will create ‘virtual fragments’ and is able to transition between which complete file it is delivering. For Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to use the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

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