Simple facts about SHOUTcast

There are a number of protocols that can be applied to stream or broadcast media across the internet. In order to address the inconsistencies of data transfers you will need these specific protocols. In order to guarantee high quality viewing or listening experience the delivery of the content has to be specific and in the proper sequential manner. Thus, SHOUTcast hosting would probably be preferred for effective multimedia streaming.

SHOUTcast hosting can be looked at as a different type of web hosting. It primarily serves as server software used for streaming media. The company that came up with this piece of software is called Nullsoft. What the server does is to enable the broadcasting of digital or audio content to and from media player software using the MP3 or HE-AAC format. This is also how specialists and amateurs create internet radios.

It is a cross-platform and free application software. You can therefore easily implement and operate this software on multiple computer platforms. Apart from that, it is also available for utilizing at an optional fee or no cost.

A little bit about SHOUTcast’s history and usage

The first server dates back from 1999. “I Can Yell” is the original name of the streaming protocol which now uses metadata tags and responses starting with the abbreviation “ICY”. The domains of the protocol were registered before Nullsoft, the developer of the software. Nullsoft changed the protocol’s name to SHOUTcast, the prefix ‘ICY’ nevertheless still persists in the protocol spec.

The software’s main purpose is to generate audio broadcasts or to listen to them. With such a useful and quite inexpensive piece of software program, internet broadcasting stations started to appear all over the place. This has made it possible for many experts and enthusiasts to build their own broadcasting stations much less costly than if they were to set up a standard FM radio station or an AM broadcasting station.

How is it designed?

What basically happens is a network protocol is used by SHOUTcast’s client-server each component in order to communicate. The audio data and metadata such as station name and song titles are intermingled by this protocol. Web page data is distributed over the internet by using the hypertext transport protocol as a transport protocol.

Over the years SHOUTcast has known a remarkable increase in popularity. If you intend to set up your own radio station then there is really no better solution than using SHOUTcast. Whether you want to set up a big or a modest radio station, SHOUTcast will make it easy for you to do so.

Primcast offers some very reliable SHOUTcast hosting plans. If you would like to find out more about this services then please head on to

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