About event streaming

About Event Streaming

More and more online businesses are looking to provide their customers live events, streamed directly from their websites. But when searching for the right event streaming hosting provider, one should take into account a series of factors.
Although there are free services to use for this task, they are barely recommended; not if you are trying to provide your audience with high quality and uninterrupted streams. The problem with free live streaming services is that the bandwidth across their networks is split between the users looking to stream their video and audio content.

What you will want to first look for is a live event streaming supplier that offers global availability across high speed internet connections and with the capacity to handle peak loads and flash traffic.

Another thing that you will need to consider is the platform that you want your live stream to be viewed on. You may want to first consult the company you are looking to purchase streaming services from for this part. Your chosen supplier should advise you as to what would be the optimal player for their network speeds.

You will also need to estimate how much traffic you are going to need for the live event streaming. A bandwidth of 5TB is enough for most small businesses. If you manage to find a company that can also offer the ability to archive video, your audience will be able to view the content at any time rather than as a live stream.

Thanks to today’s technology you are now able to stream live content from your small business globally with just a few clicks of a mouse. Live event streaming can be a very successful tool for any small business. The number of worldwide clients you can reach with event streaming is simply astonishing.

Primcast offers some very reliable and affordable event streaming services. To find out more about our offer feel free to visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/streamingevents

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