What you didn’t know about Auto DJ

Auto DJ

Nowadays just about anyone can build their own online radio station. With software like SHOUTcast and Auto DJ it has gotten extremely easy for literally everyone to own and maintain radios online. SHOUTcast hosting is generally cheap and has loads of useful features that can make any internet user into an experienced radio host.

Auto DJ will allow you to stream music and tracks even when you don’t have a source connected to the server. It works by streaming files and data from the server instead of from your workstation. That way you don’t have to be at your computer while your radio station is broadcasting online. You can also schedule the Auto DJ to start whenever you like from an easy to use control panel.

With the help of Auto DJ you don’t have to interrupt your online stream if you have no live shows to broadcast. Before Auto DJ this was a huge inconvenience for your listeners and often led to people abandoning your online radio station due to dead air.

Using Auto DJ you can simply use the preset playlists and have them loop during the hours when you aren’t streaming from a live source. You can now easily have your radio st