40 Scenarios Where You Need 24/7 Streaming Support


  1. Your dog eats your cables instead of your kid’s homework.
  2. Your cat knocks your video encoder off the table just to spite you.
  3. Your kid eats your cables and doesn’t do their homework just to spite you.
  4. Your encoder isn’t configured properly.
  5. You aren’t in expert in transcoding, bitrates, video formats, or codecs.
  6. You broadcast a radio show about insomnia in the middle of the night.
  7. You broadcast anytime that’s not 9am – 5pm.
  8. You broadcast on a holiday or weekend.
  9. You don’t have the time to wait 2 to 3 business days to get a reply from the other guys.
  10.  You’re hosting a live stream of the kids’ soccer game and Karen’s mom, Susan, who’s on the PTA, will lose it if there are interruptions.
  11. Slow or interrupted internet speed while broadcasting.
  12. Network congestion.
  13. Karen’s dad is an MMA fighter who is watching the game from elsewhere and the stream isn’t loading for him. He’s very upset.
  14. Buffering, the enemy of all live and pre-recorded video.
  15. Your kid’s team beats Karen’s team, but you can’t pause or rewind or watch it again because you can’t seem to work the nDVR feature.
  16. You’re hosting a live stream for any viewers who you value, but don’t want to risk losing in case there are interruptions.
  17. Software crashes.
  18. Interrupted camera feeds.
  19. Karen’s dad dropkicks your equipment.
  20. Equipment failure in general.
  21. You’re a modest local radio show that broadcasts news and weather but have poor connectivity because you’re in the middle of a hurricane, and you need to tell your listeners that they’re probably experiencing a hurricane.
  22. You’re worried about losing any video or audio content that you broadcast while in poor weather conditions or with poor connectivity.
  23. You’re not in Kansas anymore–you’re in the middle of nowhere and need help setting up so you can stream remotely.
  24. Your dog, Toto, got whisked away in a twister after eating your cables and now you feel guilty and want to put a missing dog pre-roll banner on your videos.
  25. You need help setting up a paywall to be submitted to your kid’s college fund because they keep eating their homework.
  26. You’re in search of a heart, a brain, or courage.
  27. (On second thought, no one can really help you with that.)
  28. You want to start monetizing your videos in general, but don’t know where to start.
  29. You aren’t familiar with VAST or VPAID.
  30. You experience any number of technical problems.
  31. Turning it off and then turning it back on again doesn’t work.
  32. Lightly slapping your equipment doesn’t fix it.
  33. Lightly kicking your equipment doesn’t fix it.
  34. You call the 9-to-5 guys and they ask if you turned it off and then on again, so you smash your equipment to the ground.
  35. Smashing your equipment doesn’t fix it.
  36. You experience sudden changes in audio and video quality and suspect it might be a ghost.
  37. You find out it’s not a ghost, but that still doesn’t solve it.
  38. You need an answer to the ages old question, “Who you gonna call?”
  39. You don’t want to risk losing audience engagement over quality issues.
  40. You want to provide a seamless streaming experience to your audience.