Little known things about the Flash Media Server

When it first surfaced the market, the Flash Media Server was a blessing in disguise. The basic idea was great: the player needed for video files was already installed on the majority of computers so viewers would not have to download any player. Everyone could simply watch your video content easily. It all sounded amazing on paper but when the first version came out it was nothing short of a complete mess. The overall server performance was much worse than the already present at the time Windows Media Server. In order for FMS to support the same size audience one would have had to add many more servers. Therefore the FMS had a very slow start and the server licensing costs didn’t help either.

Companies that provided FMS services at the time were forced to either take losses on hosting for the format or to charge higher rates than the already established and better performing Windows Media. However due to the very high demand for this format, the Flash Media Server managed to finally overcome most of the issues. Many 3rd party developers had already started to develop severs in order to support the format. In time, Adobe’s version became better and better offering higher performance with each update.

Nowadays Flash has become the first choice for video content delivery for most users. The one major downside to the FMS is the lack of mobile device deliver to some of the devices on the market. Even worse is the fact that Adobe has recently announced that they are stopping developing flash players for mobile devices. The good news is that there is still hope for mobile device owners with the release of html5 player.

If you are looking for some affordable Flash Media Server hosting services then Primcast has exactly what you need. For more information about this service please visit us at

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Just how useful is the Auto DJ software?

If you are new to radio hosting online then you may not have heard of Auto DJ. So what exactly is Auto DJ? This software is very useful because it allows you to keep your radio station streaming non-stop without you having to be at the computer. You don’t even have to keep your computer running while the Auto DJ software has started playing.

The best thing about Auto DJ is that it is very simple to use. To start streaming automatically on your radio station you simply have to start the Auto DJ software and the music files that you have uploaded onto the Auto DJ server will start playing automatically. You will also need to create playlists if you want the music files to play in a specific order.

If you want to have a live show or if you like streaming music yourself then you can still do this by simply shutting off the Auto DJ. Once you are done streaming live then you can simply start Auto DJ back on and your listeners will never even know that you are no longer streaming the music.

If you already have a SHOUTcast or IceCast account then you can buy Auto DJ separately and attach it to your audio streaming platform. Many companies are now offering SHOUTcast plans together with Auto DJ so if you are just starting out in online radio then you may want to take a look at their offers. However, before actually paying for Auto DJ and/or SHOUTcast services you should first check and see just how good a company’s audio streaming services are and if they have good customer support that you can rely on.

Auto DJ is probably the best thing you can get for your online radio station. Not only will this amazing software save you a lot of time that you can use to do anything else but it will also help your online radio station keep its audience happy and even bring in more fans. There is no doubt that Auto DJ is a worthy investment and for what it costs nowadays there is really no reason why you shouldn’t get it for your online radio station.

If you are looking for a good Auto DJ account then Primcast offers very reliable and affordable Auto DJ plans. You can find out more about our services by going to

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How much do you know about dedicated servers?

Should you change your web hosting service to a dedicated server? As your company continues to increase you will find yourself asking this question more and more. Additionally, as the world has become a lot more digital, you realize the need for important information protection and convenience is vital to business. What precisely are dedicated servers and does your business really need one? This is a problem which may haunt you as a business proprietor and / or manager. Finding out all you can about dedicated servers and how they influence the business world will undoubtedly help you discover an answer, but even though you don’t have time for this, it may help if you took just a moment of your time to read this article through and get familiarized with dedicated servers and what exactly they can do for your small business.

The most important characteristic of the dedicated server is that you own the whole web server, as opposed to the shared hosting solutions. For that reason with the dedicated server solution you will be the solely one making use of the server. Presently you can certainly find all kinds of dedicated servers available to be procured, but what you probably would prefer to acknowledge first is whether or not you actually need to have one for your business.

If you are taking into consideration getting a dedicated server, in that case you probably possess a business website. By taking a look at your every day internet usage you could possibly tell if your small business requires a dedicated server or not. For instance, if your site has a lot more than 3000 users each day, you ought to definitely think seriously when it comes to getting a dedicated server. At the same time, you may notice a slowing down of the web site, that could be a sign that the small business might be better off and more effective using a dedicated server.

In the event that everything points to the fact that you need to have to get a dedicated server then the following move would definitely be to determine what sort of server you will want. You will thus need to decide whether you will need to get a managed or an unmanaged dedicated server. The unmanaged dedicated server option implies that you are simply getting the server as well as the equipment that you need to run it. However, if you opt for a managed server you will be given support to aid you set up and handle your dedicated server in addition to what you get when selecting the unmanaged server option. So if you will not want a lot of hassle in handling your server then you really should absolutely go for the managed server option.

And so once you have discovered that you must have a dedicated server and that it ought to be either managed or unmanaged, you should find out where you might get it. The ideal place to do your investigation is almost certainly the web. There are numerous great websites which you will quickly manage to discover and which present a great selection of products. You can moreover try to find great product critical reviews from other consumers which will make it a lot easier for you to decide which make or model to get. As a result of carrying out your exploration ahead of time, you can help yourself to make a very good purchase.

Acquiring a dedicated server for the business is a huge decision you have to make and you need to absolutely not neglect the analysis part. Make sure that what you receive from obtaining a dedicated server outmatches the expenses of a dedicated server. A great increase in your company could quite possibly be gained from buying a dedicated server for your site. Nevertheless, if you make this purchase without needing to you could very well end up melting away a lot of money. With a little education, you will surely make the suitable server decision.

Primcast offers very affordable offers for dedicated hosting. Please visit our website at for more information about this service.

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How smooth streaming works

You can now stream videos at an adaptive rate giving the potential customers one of the best possible viewing experience. Smooth streaming is able to choose the suitable bit-rate to display your video at by establishing the available bandwidth. That way you don’t have to settle for the lowest common denominator in order to ensure that all your spectators will have a sleek watching experience.

Smooth Streaming is considered to be the best since it is able to switch in nearly real time the video quality of a media file that a player is provided with. Consumers with high-bandwidth internet connections can experience high definition (HD) quality streaming while others with smaller bandwidth speeds receive the proper stream for their connection, enabling customers across the board to experience a compelling, consistent streaming experience and alleviating the need for media organizations to cater to the lowest common denominator quality level inside of their audience base.

By increasing their regular viewing times as a result of higher quality true High definition experiences, companies are now able to boost brand interest and advertising income. With Smooth Streaming companies also benefit from increased network scalability under distributed HTTP based Web servers and are also capable to offer better quality to their customers.

It is actually very easy to conduct Smooth Streaming. For example if you are an user then you won’t need to do anything except have Silverlight set up on your PC or Apple computer. Content creators however require to upgrade their encoding software to one that supports encoding to the Smooth Streaming data format.

If you are a hosting supplier then you will require to install IIS Media Services to be able to stream media assets online. The IIS Media Services will only need to be installed on the origin servers. Configuring the edge cache/proxy infrastructure will ensure the correct passing through Smooth Streaming URLs.

Developers’s Silverlight applications will need to have Smooth Streaming playback support in order to work correctly with Smooth Streaming. This is easily achievable with the help of the Silverlight player templates that are provided in the Expression Encoder. Additionally you could also use Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

To design Smooth Streaming presentations you need to encode your videos in a particular way. You will need to encode the same source at various bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. But instead of the user managing thousands of ‘fragments’ the server will create ‘virtual fragments’ and is able to change between which complete file it is delivering. For Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to use the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Smooth streaming is one of the best ways to stream your video content online. Primcast offers very affordable smooth streaming services that you can take advantage of. So if you would like to find out more about this service then please visit our website at

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What is Flash Media Server all about?

When it comes to online interactivity there are very few services that can offer such great functionality. The most popular applications that the Flash Media Server offers are multi-way communications, video chat, multiplayer games, virtual training, interactive training and Voice over IP (VoIP). As if this wasn’t enough, the Flash Media Server (FMS) will also allow you to send videos to multiple platforms such as mobile phones or computers and much more.

The Flash Media Server has become so popular because it can easily send and receive files without interruption and in complete security. In order to deliver video files through FMS, the available bandwidth will be used. Therefore if you want to transfer files even more quickly then you will need to allocate more bandwidth to the server.

Most businesses nowadays have already embraced the Flash Media Server and are using its services now more than ever before. The smart online business owners have already enhanced their websites with applications available from the FMS and are now attracting much more visitors than their competitors. Video files hosted on the FMS are very fast to access. However, the FMS does not only distribute video files but it also keep all the content safe.

Online businesses are not the only ones using Flash Media Server. Video is the most popular form of internet content nowadays and more and more people are beginning to realize this. Bloggers, videographers, game developers and social networks are all using the FMS. The video streaming technology has continuously advanced over time and is now more dynamic. Because of this, more people can be reached through a network and the network load is decreasing instead of increasing.

The Flash Media Server opened the way for businesses to introduce interactive media applications on their websites and at the same time keep their costs low. When it comes to video streaming there are very few other options out there that enable users to securely view videos and listen to playbacks, let alone do it better than the Flash Media Server.

When choosing the right Flash Media Server for your business you will first need to determine what your needs are and choose accordingly. The price you will need to pay for this service will greatly be influenced by the size of your business and type of content you wish to deliver to your audience.

So if you need to play videos over the internet but at the same time protect your content then the Flash Media Server is perfect for you. Also, if your video files are longer than fifteen minutes it is also a very good idea to go with Flash Media Server because when streaming video, the user does not have to wait for the whole video to download on his or her computer before they are able to watch it.

If you are interested in learning more about the Flash Media Server and how you could use it in your business then feel free to visit our website at

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Are you planning to start your own online business?

Although you may not already know it, dedicated servers are the best place to host a website due to their increased security features and great customization options. So when should you upgrade to a dedicated server for your small business? You will find yourself asking this question a lot of times as your small business continues on to expand. It is also getting increasingly vital for firms to have their info protected and quickly accessible. What precisely are dedicated servers and does your business need one? If you are a manager or business owner then you will certainly need to know how to answer these haunting questions. The key element to answering these questions is to educate yourself on dedicated servers and their particular involvement in your world of business, and with time being such a rare comodity these days, taking merely a moment of your time to get familiarized with dedicated servers and the way they could impact your company will really help to make a difference.

A dedicated server can best be referred to as a hosting solution that allows you to have the entire server. It is, as the name would imply, dedicated only to you and thus not shared. Having so many dedicated server types out there on the market you will manage to come across regardless which one you might need, but you probably should not hurry and purchase a dedicated server if you are not certain that you need to have it for your organization.

If you are pondering getting a dedicated server for your business, then you perhaps are a business website owner. If that is correct then you can simply use your internet usage figures to establish if you in fact need a dedicated server. If you get at the bare minimum three thousand site visitors each day then this is a excellent indicator that you have to acquire a dedicated server. One other sign that you have to switch to a dedicated server is when you notice your website slowing down.

Once you have done the study and determined that probably a dedicated server is what is perfect for you and also your business, you ought to determine what kind. Now there are only two main kinds to think about: managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. When selecting the unmanaged dedicated server you may want to get the actual server and the equipment you will be needing to run it. Then again, deciding on a managed server will permit you to take advantage from set up guidance and help in controlling your server together with getting all of the equipment you need to have. Thus if you really don’t want a lot of headache in monitoring your server then you should certainly go for the managed server option.

And so once you’ve understood that you must have a dedicated server and also that it should be either managed or unmanaged, you need to discover where you might get it. Your best bet to finding the top offers is looking for them on the web. You will definitely manage to come across a great deal of websites offering these dedicated servers or renting them. Searching for evaluations from other shoppers will also definitely help you decide on a great performing dedicated server. As a result of doing your analysis ahead of time, you can allow yourself to help make a fantastic investment.

Deciding on whether or not to rent or buy a dedicated server for your company is a major decision to make. With this kind of a big decision to make you need to take all the time you need to assess your organization’s requirements and decide if you really need the dedicated server. A dedicated server might be a very good benefit to your organization, boosting it and maximizing its efficiency. On the contrary, you can find yourself paying a lot of money you didn’t need to spend if you jump into such a purchase thoughtlessly. It will be easy for you to come up with the right choice once you get well-informed in this matter.

Primcast offers some very affordable and not to mention reliable dedicated hosting services. If you would like to find out more about our dedicated hosting services then please visit our website at

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How live streaming events works

Currently the Internet is about the most successful medium. Every niche that one could bring to mind make use of the Internet. You may use it to communicate with your close friends and family and you can also employ it for business purposes. Live video streaming moreover had a lot to gain from the Internet’s rise. There’s truly no wonder that that live video streaming is so used often by the audience at the moment. Watching a live event from the comfort of your home is the next best thing to viewing the event in person. Some people even favor staying at home to view their preferred event.

If you need publicity (who doesn’t?) then you most definitely really should try to stream your events live. If you are planning to reach enormous amounts of people then streaming your events live will surely enable you to achieve that. In case you have a business online you might be really missing out if you are not making use of this great technology at this point.

No matter what type of event you are trying to broadcast You could have your viewers just about everywhere see your event while using live video streaming technology. The best part is that there isn’t anything complicated about streaming your events live. All you need to have is a camera as well as a PC that has an internet connection. You don’t really need any special or tech expertise in order to stream your events live.

According to your audience proportions, you may as well want to look for the assistance of an experienced video firm. Doing this will pleasantly surprise your viewers and determine them to keep returning for more.

There isn’t nearly anything difficult about setting up a live event. The first thing you should do is to discover the perfect event streaming provider and set up a date and time for your event. Some event streaming firms even offer the services of a filming crew to help broadcast your event. One thing you will want to be sure of is to pick the service packet to suit your requirements. Once your event begins you simply won’t be able to change your plan should you have too many or too few people.

Live streaming events offer lots of benefits. You may also put together pay per view events. So anybody who plans to watch the event live online will first pay the fee you determine for it.

Some streaming event providers even feature recordings of your stream. You might be able to think of quite a few things that you could do with the live stream’s recording. You could view it at another time or you may also share it with the individuals who wished to be present at your live event but were not able to.

The event streaming technology permits you to reach anybody, regardless of where they are situated. So if you have a personal event that you might want to share with all your family and friends, a music concert coming up and you wish to reach every single fan or another situation you could think of then you certainly should at least consider live event streaming.

Primcast offers very advantageous live event streaming services. If you would like to learn more about this service the please visit our website at

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Choosing the best web hosting plan

There are many factors you should consider when looking to invest in a web hosting account. You should take the necessary time to look for the best deal on the market because you aren’t going to move to a different web hosting company pretty soon. Just spending a little more time now to figure out what you need for your website will save you from a lot of headaches in the future.

Right now, most major web hosting companies are offering ‘unlimited’ features. Although this may not be completely true, they do offer quite a large amount of resources at your disposal. However, before you purchase an account that offers ‘unlimited’ features you should first read their Terms of Use page and learn what your limitations are. Most of the times you will find that their terms are pretty much a deal breaker. If you believe that you won’t be able to abide by those terms then better move on to the next hosting company.

Another thing that you should consider is of course price. A higher cost per month does not automatically mean that you are getting a better service for your money. There are many web hosting plans comparison websites that you could visit and take a look at what each plan has to offer. That way you will know exactly if a web hosting plan is worth investing in or not.

Price and features is not all when it comes to website hosting. You also need to have a very reliable service. The industry standard for server uptime is 99.99%. Nowadays most website companies guarantee to have that uptime but you should make sure that it is so. What you can do is search the web for complaints about the company’s services and check if there were any problems regarding server uptime or any other kind of problem for that matter.

Last but not least you should make sure that the company you are looking to invest into will provide you with a high quality technical support. Even though you may be knowledgeable about a thing or two regarding managing your website, you just can’t know when you are going to need their help. When you do need help, you better make sure that you are going to get it. You can check if the company has responsive and helpful technical support by simply calling their line and just let them know that you are testing their response time and maybe ask a few questions about their service.

Primcast offers quality web hosting plans that are very reliable and cheap. If you would like to find out more about our offer then please visit our website at

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Need high quaity video? Use smooth streaming

If you are wanting to stream your videos at an adaptive rate then Smooth Streaming may be your best choice. Smooth streaming can assess the available bandwidth and pick out the best suited bit-rate to display your video at. This implies that you will never have to cater for the lower common denominator to make sure that everyone who requests your video will have a flawless viewing experience.

Smooth Streaming is thought to be the best given that it is able to transition in nearly real time the video quality of a media file that a player receives. Consumers with high-bandwidth connections can enjoy high definition (HD) quality streaming when others with lower bandwidth speeds receive the most appropriate stream for their connection, making it possible for consumers all over the board to enjoy a engaging, uninterrupted streaming experience and alleviating the need for media companies to cater to the smallest common denominator quality level within their customers base.

With their increased viewing times through higher quality true High-definition experiences, firms are now capable to increase their brand recognition and marketing revenues as well. They can furthermore take advantage from unprecedented network scalability using distributed HTTP-based Web servers and deliver far better quality to more customers.

Smooth Streaming is straightforward enough to conduct. Setting up Silverlight on your Mac or PC is all that you are needed to do as a end user. As a content creator you will also be required to upgrade your encoding software program as Smooth Streaming requires a specific encoding software program.

Hosting suppliers will need to install IIS Media Services on their servers in order to stream online media assets to clients. You will only have to install IIS Media Services on your origin servers. In an effort to correctly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs hosting providers will also require to configure the edge cache/proxy infrastructure.

For application developers to correctly use Smooth Streaming they will have to add Smooth Streaming playback support to their Silverlight applications. This is easily done using Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client or by basically using Silverlight player templates bundled in the Expression Encoder.

In order to correctly create Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to encode the videos in a particular way. The same source content may likely need to be encoded at different bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. This way the server produces virtual fragments and will be able to switch between which complete file is delivering. Presentations with Smooth Streaming can be easily created with the help of the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Primcast has very affordable smooth streaming plans that you can take advantage of by visiting

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