What type of web hostin do you need?

When it comes to web hosting, it all depends on what you are planning to achieve with your website. If for example you are expecting to have a lot of visitors to your website then you may opt for a dedicated server. If however you are only looking to build a personal website that only you and a few others are going to browse then a shared web hosting account will be more than enough for your needs.

As you may already know, there are several web hosting options available to you. The most common options are a shared web hosting account, VPS server and dedicated server. In this article we are going to talk about the different features, pros and cons that each of the options mentioned above have. This way you can determine which one better fits your requirements.

Hosting your website on a shared web hosting account would be the cheapest option. You may also be able to find free web hosting accounts but it is hard to recommend those. They are extremely limited in features and most of them will place their advertisements on your hosted websites.

Shared web hosting is the cheapest for a reason. When you host your website on a shared hosting account you are actually sharing the server’s resources with maybe thousands of other users like yourself. This means that this account type would only work if you are getting a small number of website visitors per day. Although many web hosting companies are saying that they offer unlimited features with their shared hosting accounts, they are actually not. You are only allowed to use their resources as long as your website is not using too many server resources that it affects the other users.

The VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server is actually another type of shared web hosting. This account type also involves sharing a dedicated server with other users. The difference here is that you are hosting your website on a virtualized environment. What does this mean? A virtualized environment acts much like a dedicated server. You have your own server resources that you can use however you see fit. You also benefit from most of the features that come with a dedicated server as well. The major downside to this type of hosting is that you are still sharing the server with other users. You also do not have the same protection against hackers, spam and viruses as dedicated servers (although a huge increase in protection when compared to the shared web hosting).

VPS costs a little bit more than the shared web hosting but it is much more powerful. The VPS can be seen as the middle option between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This also is the natural choice of upgrade from the shared hosting account.

When it comes to website hosting, dedicated servers are the best. They can handle huge amounts of internet traffic, they are loaded with features and the customization options are the best of all 3 web hosting types. The dedicated server has it all but it does come with a price. Dedicated servers are the most expensive of the web hosting options. You should only invest in a dedicated server if you know you are going to cover the costs from your website. It wouldn’t make much sense if you hosted your brand new website on a dedicated server right from the start because until the time your website will be flooded with visitors you will in fact be wasting money because the dedicated server is not used to its full potential.

Primcast offers some very affordable web hosting plans. Whether you are looking to get a shared web hosting account, VPS or a dedicated server, feel free to visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/services

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Smooth Streaming at a glance

With the Smooth Streaming solutions from Primcast you will be able to deliver your audience the finest possible viewing experience. Smooth streaming is able to select the suitable bit-rate to display your video at by calculating the available bandwidth. This indicates that you will never have to cater for the lowest common denominator to ensure that everyone who requests your video will surely have a remarkable watching experience.

Smooth Streaming is deemed to be the best since it is able to transition in practically real time the video quality of a media file that a player receives. Consumers with high-bandwidth connections can enjoy high definition (HD) quality streaming whereas others with smaller bandwidth speeds receive the appropriate stream for their connectivity, enabling users all over the board to delight in a engaging, continuous streaming experience and alleviating the need for media companies to accommodate to the smallest common denominator quality level within their clients base.

This enables firms to boost brand interest and advertising earnings by extending standard viewing instances by using higher quality true HD (resolution higher than 720p) experiences. Smooth Streaming makes it possible for businesses to have even more clients and to provide them even greater viewing quality. They also get results from greater network scalability using HTTP based web servers.

Smooth Streaming is rather easy to carry out. For example if you are an consumer then you won’t need to do anything aside from have Silverlight set up on your PC or Mac. On the other hand if you are a content creator you will need to upgrade your encoding application to one that helps encoding to the modern Smooth Streaming file format.

Hosting suppliers will want to install IIS Media Services on their machines in order to stream media assets to customers. The IIS Media Services will only need to be installed on the origin servers. Hosting providers will also need to set up the edge cache/proxy infrastructure in order to correctly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs.

Software developers will need to add Smooth Streaming playback support to their Silverlight applications. This can be accomplished by using the Silverlight player templates integrated in the Expression encoder or by using Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

If you are looking to create Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to encode the videos in a particular method. You will need to encode the same source at several bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. The benefits of this is that the user does not have to handle hundreds or even thousands of ‘fragments’ as the server will create ‘virtual fragments’ and will be able to transition between which complete file it is offering. For Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to use the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

If you are interested in finding out more about Smooth Streaming and what we have to offer then please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/smoothstreamingservers

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Why stream your videos online with Windows media?

Although Windows media is the oldest platform for streaming video content online, it is also one of the most reliable ones out there. Its popularity is also due to the fact that it can reach much more people than other streaming platforms are capable of.

The great thing about Windows media is that it offers a rich user experience. If there is a bad thing going on with Windows media is that it continues to change formats. This is a problem for producers because they rarely can keep up with these changes.

Streaming your videos online with the Windows media streaming platform is quite easy to do also. All you need is to choose a format for your files, create the actual video file and put in on a server. This is about everything you need to do. You can now proceed to place the video on your website. Placing your video on the website can be done in two ways. You can either put a hyperlink to the file on the server or you can embed the video so that when a visitor comes to your website they will be able to watch the video in their web browser.

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The truth about dedicated servers

Truly does your online business require a dedicated server? You will likely ask yourself this question more than one time before you find out the response. With everything these days getting gradually digitalized, you might feel an increasing need to secure the information that is important to your small business. What are dedicated servers and does your small business require one? If you are a business owner or manager then this issue could possibly give you a whole lot of hassles. The key to answering these questions is to teach yourself on dedicated servers and their purpose in your world of business, and you as well as I both understand that you don’t have a lot of time already, you will want to at least take a few minutes to examine this article through and familiarise yourself with dedicated servers and the impact they can have on your own organization.

As the name implies, this kind of server is dedicated solely to you and you won’t need to share it with someone else like you had to with alternative hosting solutions. There are a lot of kinds of dedicated servers which you can get for your company, but don’t hurry and purchase a dedicated server just yet; your company may very well not even require one.

If you are thinking about purchasing a dedicated server, then you probably have a business site. By verifying your everyday internet use you could very well tell if your business really needs a dedicated server or not. If you get at the very least 3,000 visitors daily then this is a good sign that you have to aquire a dedicated server. You may notice that the site is slowing down at times then this may be another hint that you might want a dedicated server.

If perhaps the research that you have performed points to the fact that you might possibly require to get a dedicated server, you will still would need to determine what type of dedicated server to buy. You will therefore need to decide whether you might need to get a managed or an unmanaged dedicated server. The unmanaged dedicated server solution implies that you are basically acquiring the server as well as the related equipment that you need to run it. Picking the other solution, the managed server, will make it possible for you to get guidance for putting together your server in addition to supervising it. If you make up your mind to go with the latter you will only need to worry about the content of your web site and little else.

When you’ve figured out the type of dedicated server to settle on it is now time to settle on where you might get it. The ideal place to do your analysis is possibly the world wide web. There are numerous great web sites which you will rapidly be able to discover and which provide a great selection of products. You can additionally look for great product reviews from other clients which will make it a lot easier for you to determine which make or model to acquire. As a result of doing your exploration ahead of time, you can allow yourself to make a good investment.

Figuring out if you should carry out such a huge business move as purchasing dedicated server can often be difficult. Dedicated servers don’t come cheap so you really should take as much time as you require to run the figures and discover if your organization can find the money for and will have to gain from buying or renting a dedicated server. A great boost in your company could very well be obtained from buying a dedicated server for your web site. In contrast, you can wind up spending a lot of money you didn’t need to shell out if you jump into such a investment thoughtlessly. Making the suitable decision concerning your small business is painless as soon as you find out what the facts are.

If you are thinking of investing in a dedicated server for your business then you may want to consider the very affordable deals from Primcast. To find out what our offer is all about, visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/dedicatedservershosting

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The benefits of using a Live Event Streaming service

Currently the Internet is just about the most formidable medium. It’s got uses in just about every field imaginable. Many conventional businesses already have doubled their revenue because of the Internet. Along with the Internet becoming such a powerful force, many other technologies started to be very popular as well. This is likewise the case with live video streaming. People today are particularly fond of live video streaming but this is not much of a surprise. The newest event streaming technology permits you to view live events in hd and without having signal loss or disruptions.

If live event streaming was fantastic at just doing one thing, that would be getting you visibility. No matter where you are situated, streaming your event live allows you to reach possibly lots of people around the globe. If you’re an online business owner then this is the best opportunity to further promote your services and products.

Regardless of what type of event you are attempting to broadcast you should use live event streaming to carry your message across. Getting started with using this type of technology is incredibly easy as well. The requirements for streaming your event online are a video camera, PC and internet access. You will be happy to also know that streaming online doesn’t require any sort of unique technical expertise.

Even though you can stream live utilizing your own equipment you might also desire to seek the help of a professional video firm. Doing so will please your viewers and make them to keep returning for more.

To create a live event there are a number of simple steps you will need to undertake. To start with you will need to seek the services of a streaming service provider and tell them a time and date for your event. You will find firms that might even have their own specialised filming crews to assist with your event. One important thing you will want to make sure of is to pick the service packet that meets your needs. As soon as your event begins you will not be able to change your plan if you find that you have way too many or too few visitors.

Live streaming events offer lots of benefits. You can even create pay per view events. So anybody who plans to watch the event live online will first pay the fee you determine for it.

Some streaming event providers even feature recordings of the stream. There are plenty of things you can try using the live stream’s recording. You might view it at a later date or you could also share it with the individuals who wished to show up at your live event but couldn’t.

So no matter where your family, good friends, supporters, etc, can be found you will still be able to reach them with the aid of the event streaming technology. So if you have a personal event that you might want to share with all your family and friends, a music concert on the agenda and you would like to get to every single fan or some other situation you could think of then you certainly need to at least think about live event streaming.

Primcast has some very good deals when it comes to Live Event Streaming. To find out what we have to offer please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/streamingevents

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Is Smooth Streaming dead?

With the Smooth Streaming technology you will be able to deliver your spectators the very best possible watching experience . Smooth streaming can assess the available bandwidth and settle on the suitable bit-rate to display your video clip at. This means that you will never need to cater for the lowest common denominator to be certain that everyone who requests your video will enjoy a remarkable watching experience.

The potential of Smooth Streaming lies in the fact that you can easily switch the video quality of a media file that a player receives in near real time. Consumers with high-bandwidth connections can experience high definition (HD) quality streaming while others with smaller bandwidth speeds receive the appropriate stream for their connectivity, enabling users across the board to experience a engaging, uninterrupted streaming experience and alleviating the need for media organizations to cater to the lowest common denominator quality level within their audience base.

Firms are now in a position to boost brand recognition as well as marketing income by improving the average viewing times through higher quality true High-definition experiences. With Smooth Streaming companies also benefit from higher network scalability under distributed HTTP based Web servers and are at the same time in a position to offer better quality to their consumers.

Smooth Streaming is straightforward enough to operate. As an consumer you will not be required to do anything else besides install Silverlight on your Apple computer or Personal computer. Content creators however will want to upgrade their encoding software program to one that facilitates encoding to the Smooth Streaming data format.

Hosting providers will want to install IIS Media Services on their servers in order to stream online media assets to users. Installing IIS Media Services is only a necessity on the origin servers. In order to correctly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs hosting providers will also need to manage the edge cache/proxy infrastructure.

Software developers will need to add Smooth Streaming playback support to their Silverlight applications. This can be done by using the Silverlight player templates included in the Expression encoder or by using Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

To make Smooth Streaming presentations you need to encode your videos in a certain way. You will need to encode the same source at various bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. But instead of the user managing thousands of ‘fragments’ the server will create ‘virtual fragments’ and is able to move between which complete file it is delivering. For Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to use the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Primcast offers very affordable Smooth Streaming accounts. To find out more about this service and what are the deals available to you, please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/smoothstreamingservers

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What can FMS do for you?

We all know that when it comes to the Internet, ‘content is king’. Some years ago, content was nothing more than text and images. Today when we say content we think of video, audio, scripts, etc. and of course, text and images. Video is all the rave nowadays and most webmasters know this. So if you want to stay on top of today’s competitive market then you better join in on the fun.

With so many video formats surfacing the web, how do you know which one you should choose to stream from your website? Flash video streaming has always been and still is one of the best platforms for both live and on-demand video streaming and it should be your preferred platform as well. The fact that Flash media streaming is so widely available and so many big internet companies are using this platform even now has a lot to say about how reliable it is.

Many internet users believe even today that progressive download is the same as streaming. This is completely false because these are two different technologies. When it comes to video streaming, progressive download is not seen as ‘true streaming’.

Video streaming with Flash is done with the help of Flash Media Server (FMS). Flash Media Serve

What are the advantages of the Virtual Private Server?

If you are serious about doing business online then you may want to consider upgrading your web hosting from the shared account that you currently have. If you can’t afford to rent a dedicated server (those things are pretty expensive nowadays) your best option is to get a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This type of service is actually very similar to dedicated hosting.

VPS servers behave as though they were physical servers. Each VPS has its own separate storage space, CPU, ram, etc. The main difference between the VPS and physical dedicated server is that the VPS runs on a virtualized environment. The VPS acts much like a dedicated server in the sense that you can install your own software and you have a great deal of control over it.

VPS also allows access to the root of the server. This way you can better customize your server. You can install whichever software you like and you can add update packages and change server configuration. Like with a physical dedicated server, security is never compromised when it comes to VPS.

Website owners are actually very pleased with VPS plans because they offer the great customization and flexibility of the dedicated server while being priced very reasonable. VPS hosting is usually aimed at the businesses and enterprise s that are on their way up. They are an intermediary between shared hosting and dedicated servers and a recommended step for anyone seeking to build a successful online business.

Upgrading your VPS is also very easy do to and not to mention quickly done. Since the resources you need are already there, it is only a matter of allocating them to you by the hosting company. VPSs also have easy to use control panels that offer highly powerful tool box that allows easy access to very powerful features.

But although Virtual Private Servers have plenty features and are quite low priced there are of course a few disadvantages. When compared to the dedicated server, the VPS offers less security. However, the security that the VPS offers is much higher than the one offered by the shared hosting accounts. Security is of course important but you shouldn’t invest in a dedicated server if you don’t require anything but 100% security. The backup features are also much better when it comes to dedicated servers. However there are other backup options that you should consider other than those that come with a dedicated server.

Primcast offers very affordable VPS plans. For more information about our offer please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/vpshosting

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