Check out the new Christmas deals from Primcast

It is Christmas time and Primcast has a very special deal for you. Starting December 24th you can receive up to 50% more traffic, storage and listeners with all new accounts. That’s up to 50% extra features all for the same price.

You can get 50% more traffic, storage and listeners by purchasing a new account from our website for a whole year. Special discounts also apply when paying on a yearly basis; that way you get the most benefits out of our offer. You can also pay for the new account semiannually, quarterly and monthly and in that case you will receive 35%, 20% and 10% extra features.

This special promotion only lasts until January 2nd so you should hurry up and take advantage of this one time amazing deal. If you order a new account now, your bonus will remain active for as long as you keep your account with us.

Visit and choose your the plan you desire. Our technical support team will assist you with every question you may have. You can contact us via Email, Live Chat or on the Phone. For your convenience we are available 24/7.

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Why use Auto DJ?

Time has come for you to upgrade your online radio station with a new Auto DJ account. Running your own radio station is for most of us a hobby but it can quickly become a time consuming hobby. Auto DJ is the best option if you don’t want to be stuck in front of your streaming computer the whole time you are streaming online.

With this great software you can even leave your station broadcasting 24/7 and you don’t even have to keep your PC on. All your audio files are transferred to a server and they get streamed from there. This way you will not only keep your fans pleased by playing their favorite music but you will be able to draw in even more listeners. Few people will listen to your station if you are only broadcasting for a few hours per day.

You can turn Auto DJ on and off whenever you like. So if you want to plug in your live stream then you simply need to turn off Auto DJ. After you finish your show you can simply turn on Auto DJ again and your listeners will begin listening to your playlists. They will never know that you are out doing something else while the Auto DJ server is doing all the streaming for you.

Creating playlists with your favorite songs is also extremely easy to do and very intuitive. You have complete control over the files you upload and you can set them up to play exactly in which order you prefer. You can even include commercials and other recorded audio you like.

So as you can see, Auto DJ is a critical tool that every online broadcaster should use in their arsenal. Most online broadcasters are already using Auto DJ and you would do well if you began using it as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Auto DJ and how it could help you run your online radio station better then you can come visit us on our website at

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Dedicated Servers and you

Is this the right time to get a dedicated server for your company? If your business is consistently improving then you may perhaps find yourself asking this question over and over again. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly vital for companies to have their data secured and also easily available. Exactly how do dedicated servers work and do you need one also? If you are a small business owner or manager then this question might give you a lot of troubles. Educating yourself on dedicated servers and what role they have inside the business world will eventually provide you with an answer, however as you clearly don’t have time just for this, taking merely a moment of your time for you to get familiarized with dedicated servers and the way they could influence your organization will really help to make a difference.

When compared to the common, shared web hosting the dedicated server solution allows you to own the entire server. Thus with the dedicated server solution you will be the only one using the server. There are quite a few sorts of dedicated servers that you can buy for your business, but what you most probably would like to fully understand first is whether or not you truly will need one for your company.

If you even thinking about whether you will need a dedicated server, in that case my guess is that you possess a business web site. In this case you may perhaps be able to effortlessly identify if your business is in need of a dedicated server. It is advised that you get a dedicated server if your site has even more than 3000 day-to-day site visitors. An additional sign you need to change to a dedicated server is if you find your web site slowing down.

If the researching that you have completed points to the fact that you may possibly require to get a dedicated server, you definitely will still might need to decide what sort of dedicated server to grab. The managed and unmanaged dedicated servers are the 2 main types of which you will have to choose from. If you prefer an unmanaged dedicated server, you are investing in the server and the equipment you will be needing to run it. Alternatively, deciding on a managed server will allow you to benefit from set up assistance and help in managing your server as well as receiving all of the equipment you require. With the latter solution you will not have to get worried with regards to the server from now on.

Having decided that you require a dedicated server and also you know which kind you need to acquire, the next phase is knowing where’s the absolute right place to get one. The best place to research your dedicated server purchase is on the net. There are a wide variety of server dealers and brands which usually have wonderful websites. Moreover, you can check for ratings of several servers by users who have purchased and used them. Simply by doing your exploration ahead of time, you can allow yourself to help make a good investment.

Deciding whether or not to rent or buy a dedicated server for your business is a big decision to make. For several firms the cost of a dedicated server is enough reason not to get this upgrade so you might need to ensure that you can fund it before actually paying for it. The added benefits that in most cases come with the purchase of a dedicated server are an increased business and enhanced productivity. But just as the dedicated server can be a plus for your company, it can also come to be a minus if your small business didn’t really require it. So if you give all this a bit of thought you will ultimately make the best decision for your organization.

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What you didn’t know about smooth streaming

If you are looking to stream your video clips at an adaptive rate then Smooth Streaming normally would be your best choice. When you are using Smooth Streaming your videos will be displayed at the appropriate bit-rate because it can assess the available bandwidth. This means that you will never need to cater for the lower common denominator to ensure that everyone who requests your video will get a perfect watching experience.

Smooth Streaming is considered to be the best given that it is able to switch in almost real time the video quality of a media file that a player receives. Consumers with high-bandwidth connections can experience high definition (HD) quality streaming when others with reduced bandwidth speeds receive the appropriate stream for their connectivity, making it possible for customers all over the board to have fun with a engaging, continuous streaming experience and alleviating the need for media companies to accommodate to the smallest common denominator quality level inside of their audience base.

This enables organizations to boost brand interest and advertising earnings by improving standard viewing instances by using higher quality true HD (resolution greater than 720p) experiences. Businesses also have the potential to take advantage of unmatched network scalability whilst employing distributed HTTP web based servers. By using smooth streaming they are now equipped to offer superior top quality services to even more users.

Smooth Streaming is straightforward enough to conduct. Customers are going to just need to have Silverlight added on their Computers or Apple computers. Content creators however need to upgrade their encoding software to one that can handle encoding to the Smooth Streaming file format.

In order to stream media assets to clients, hosting providers will need to have IIS Media Services installed on their servers. The IIS Media Services will only need to be installed on the origin servers. To be able to correctly pass through Smooth Streaming URLs hosting providers will also require to configure the edge cache/proxy infrastructure.

For application developers to correctly use Smooth Streaming they will have to add Smooth Streaming playback support to their Silverlight applications. This can be accomplished by using the Silverlight player templates bundled in the Expression encoder or by using Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

To produce Smooth Streaming presentations you need to encode your videos in a particular way. You will need to encode the same source at distinct bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. This way the server produces virtual fragments and will be able to switch between which complete file is delivering. Smooth Streaming presentations can be created using an encoder such as Microsoft Expression Encoder.

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Live Event Streaming Facts

From the time that it first made an appearance, the Internet continues to grow exponentially and is now the most powerful medium. Just about every discipline that one could think of takes advantage of the Internet. Quite a few local firms have already doubled their revenue because of the Internet. Live video streaming moreover had a lot to gain with the Internet’s popularity. There is actually no great surprise that live video streaming is so loved by the audience these days. The most recent event streaming technology allows you to see live events in hi-def and with virtually no signal loss or interruptions.

If live event streaming was great at only doing one thing, that will be getting you visibility. While using the live event streaming technology it is possible to broadcast your event to individuals in all four corners of the world. In case you have an online business you might be really missing out if you’re not making use of this fantastic technology right now.

No matter what event type you wish to stream online You could have your audience just about everywhere watch your event while using live video streaming technology. Streaming your events live could hardly be any less difficult. In the event you presently have a video camera and a PC with connection to the internet then you’ve got everything you need. Also, streaming your events live will not need any type of technical skill.

Even though you can stream live using your very own equipment you may as well desire to seek out the help of a reliable video service. This might considerably improve you image online and provide a better viewing experience for your viewers.

To put together a live event there are a couple of quick steps you will need to undergo. To begin with you’ll need to seek the services of a streaming service provider and tell them a time and date for your event. Some event streaming firms even provide the services of a filming crew to help broadcast your event. You will also need to pay attention to the service plan you are going to pay for. If your event begins you may not be able to change your plan if you find that you have way too many or not enough people.

You can even use live streaming services to set up a pay-per-view event. So anyone who desires to view the event live online will first pay the fee you determine for this.

Many companies might even provide a recording of the stream. There are lots of things you can try with the live stream’s archive. You can watch it at a later time or you might also share it with the individuals who wanted to be present at your live event but couldn’t.

Using the event streaming technology you will be able to reach everyone, wherever they are situated. You should consider streaming your live events whether you have a public or a personal event. With this you will get the most publicity while still maintaining your costs down.

When it comes to event streaming, Primcast has some of the best deals on the online market right now. So if you are interested in finding out about what we have to offer then head on to our website at

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