What is a VPS and why should you care?

You may have heard the term VPS several times before without knowing what it actually meant. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The VPS is actually a virtual machine that is hosted on a server along with other virtual private servers. Each VPS on the server has its own CPU, RAM and bandwidth allocated and it is therefore able to act as a dedicated server.

So why would anyone prefer a VPS over a dedicated server? Isn’t the actual dedicated server better than a virtual one? While this may be so, a lot of people end up using VPSs because they are quite cheap when compared to dedicated servers. The functionality you can get with a VPS is very close to that of a dedicated server. You can still install your own applications and the server itself behaves as a dedicated one. The downside is that there are limitations to how much you can upgrade your VPS, which reflects in the way it performs and what you can actually do with it. Not to mention that you are sharing resources with other VPSs on the same server.

Just like with the dedicated server, you can find managed and unmanaged virtual private servers. If you have the technical skill and the time to spend on your server then by all means you should go for it. However, most people don’t have the necessary knowledge to run their own servers so the managed VPS is the only option that remains. Once you have decided which type of server you want it is only a matter of finding the right company to buy this service from.

So if you are thinking that a VPS would improve your business then there are various packages that you may be interested in. First, you will want to look at how much RAM a certain VPS plan has allocated. The CPU is also important and so is the network bandwidth.

While more of everything is always welcomed, you also need to pay attention to how much everything costs. You shouldn’t get a professional VPS plan just because you can afford it. You may never get to use the resources that are available. Instead, find out what are your website’s requirements and choose a plan that is just right for you. A beginner VPS plan should more than suffice for a small website. As your website grows you can always upgrade your account, should you find the available resources aren’t enough.

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Does your website need a dedicated server?

Is this the suitable time to get a dedicated server for your company? This will become a frequent question on your mind as your business continues to increase. Furthermore, as the world becomes extremely digital, you acknowledge the need for data security and convenience is essential to business. What precisely are dedicated servers and does your small business require one? This is a complicated issue for both business owners and managers. In order to answer those questions you will need to find out as much as you can concerning dedicated servers and also the way the could affect your company, but even despite the fact that you don’t have time for this, it would probably be best if you at least only took a few of minutes to study this article and better fully grasp what dedicated servers are and the way in which they are able to impact your organization.

The difference between the typical, shared hosting and dedicated server hosting is that with dedicated servers you actually own the entire server. Which means that the server is only dedicated to you and you don’t need to share it with anybody else. Having so many dedicated server sorts out there on the current market you will be able to find regardless which one you need to have, but you shouldn’t hurry and invest in a dedicated server if you are not certain that you need to have it for your business.

If you are thinking of buying a dedicated server, then you most likely have a business website. If that is correct then you can simply just use your internet usage data to decide if you truly require a dedicated server. For instance, if your site has a lot more than 3000 users every day, you will need to probably think seriously about buying a dedicated server. If you notice that the site is slowing down every now and then then this might be another hint that you will need a dedicated server.

In the event that the researching that you have completed points to the fact that you might possibly really need to get a dedicated server, you definitely will still might need to decide what kind of dedicated server to purchase. Presently there are two major kinds to take into consideration: managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. The unmanaged dedicated server solution translates that you are basically acquiring the server along with the related equipment you need to run it. Managed servers, on the other hand, supply you with help in setting up and running the server in addition to all the equipment you need. If you make a choice to go with the latter you will basically need to worry with regards to the content of your website and little else.

Having determined that you require a dedicated server and you also understand which sort you ought to purchase, the next step is finding out where is the absolute right place to acquire one. The perfect place to look for your dedicated server purchase is on the net. This way you will easily have the option to find the company you are most happy with and purchase it or rent it for a reasonable price. One other thing that can aid you in deciding which dedicated server to buy is the online product ratings you can find all over the internet. The main difference between making a good or a awful purchase almost generally lays in doing the proper research in advance of actually purchasing the product.

It is usually extremely tough to make this kind of important decision for your business such as buying a dedicated server. For quite a few firms the selling price of a dedicated server is enough reason not to get this upgrade so you need to make sure that you can fund it before actually buying it. If the numbers work out right, a dedicated server can certainly be a great benefit to your firm, boost your company, and increase your productivity. Paying for a dedicated server without consideration, without doing any analysis could lead to spending a lot of money on something you did not need. Making the suitable decision concerning your small business is painless as soon as you fully understand what the facts are.

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Some important facts about Smooth Streaming

Using Smooth Streaming you will be able to stream videos at an adaptive rate bringing the viewers one of the best possible watching experience. When you are utilizing Smooth Streaming your videos will be viewable at the appropriate bit-rate given that it can assess the available bandwidth. When using Smooth Streaming you will no more have to settle for the lowest common denominator with regards to making sure that your audience will receive the best possible watching experience.

The performance of Smooth Streaming lies in the fact that you can easily switch the video quality of a media file that a player receives in near real time. Consumers with high-bandwidth internet connections can enjoy high definition (HD) quality streaming while others with reduced bandwidth speeds receive the proper stream for their connectivity, enabling consumers all over the board to experience a compelling, consistent streaming experience and alleviating the need for media firms to accommodate to the smallest common denominator quality level inside of their audience base.

By extending their average viewing times because of higher quality true HD experiences, organizations are now capable to increase brand recognition and advertising income. They can at the same time benefit from unmatched network scalability using distributed HTTP-based Web servers and provide far better quality to more customers.

Smooth Streaming is actually quite simple to operate. Clients should just need to have Silverlight set up on their Personal computers or Macs. As a content creator you will also be required to upgrade your encoding software as Smooth Streaming requires a particular encoding software program.

Hosting suppliers will want to install IIS Media Services on their machines in order to stream online media assets to clients. You will only need to install IIS Media Services on your origin servers. Configuring the edge cach/proxy infrastructure will make sure of the correct passing through Smooth Streaming URLs.

Developer’s Silverlight applications will need to have Smooth Streaming playback support in order to work correctly with Smooth Streaming. This is easily attainable with the help of the Silverlight player templates that are provided in the Expression Encoder. Alternatively you could also use Silverlight Media Framework with Smooth Streaming Client.

If you are looking to create Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to encode the videos in a particular method. The source would have to be encoded at diverse bit-rates with each bit-rate being one complete file. The advantage of this is that the user does not have to handle hundreds or even thousands of ‘fragments’ as the server will create ‘virtual fragments’ and will be able to switch between which complete file it is offering. For Smooth Streaming presentations you will need to use the Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Primcast offers some of the best smooth streaming services available on the market today. If you would like to find out more about our deals then please visit our website at http://www.primcast.com/smoothstreaming

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