Why choose dedicated servers?

dedicated serversShould you choose dedicated servers?

Hosting your website on a shared hosting account is not necessarily a bad thing. Although for many people the main reason for this is the cost, if you don’t need high resources for your website there actually is nothing to make you get a dedicated server as opposed to getting a shared hosting account. There are of course some disadvantages that come with this type of service. First of all you will share the hosting server with other up to 2000 other websites. This number varies greatly depending on the available free space that the server offers, on the allowed bandwidth per website and the overall speed.
Dedicated servers, although much more expensive, are certainly worth their price. With online businesses today they may even be mandatory if you are to stand a chance in this very competitive internet world. However, don’t just invest on the first dedicated server service you lay your eyes on. You have to know quite a lot about dedicated servers if you are to make a wise decision when spending your hard earned money.
When it comes to hosting websites you also have the option to choose a managed server by a specialized hosting company. This can be quite expensive but it is a viable option if you don’t know how or you don’t want to run and manage your own website server.
But as I have mentioned before you really shouldn’t worry too much about a dedicated server hosting account if you just started your website and you don’t have that many visitors on your website.
Dedicated web servers, unlike shared web hosting do not share resources with other websites and can handle really well many visitors coming to your website simultaneously. The only downside that a dedicated server has is its cost. But presumably when you will need a dedicated server for your website you will be making enough money from your online business so as to afford a dedicated server.
The features that you should be expecting from a good dedicated server web hosting provider is that they should provide good network stability, reliable operation and the ease of operating sophisticated applications.
So if you are serious about building a strong online presence for your business then you should consider getting a dedicated server hosting account to suit your needs.

Primcast offers some great and very affordable plans on both dedicated and shared hosting. Feel free to visit our website at http://www.primcast.com for more information.

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Choosing the right Flash Video Stream Account

Flash Video Stream

Since lately video has become sort of a requirement for a website to be successful. People simply don’t have the time or patience to read plain old text anymore. As a result of this, the demand for video streaming has gone up and with it so did the companies’ offers. If you do a simple search on the internet you will be able to find a lot of services out there that will be able to offer you top quality video streaming. The problem now would be finding the best offer that your money can buy.

When choosing a good streaming services provider you need to make sure that they have good technical support to assist you with any difficulties that you may encounter while you are using their services. A phone line would be a preferable form of communications.

Make sure that you are getting all the necessary tools you need to stream your content online when you purchase an account from some company. You don’t want to spend more money on the software that makes streaming possible.

One last thing you may want to consider before actually purchasing a Flash Media Streaming account is setup difficulty. If it is too complicated then you may want to choose another streaming service. Sure, their technical support should be able to set it up for you the first time but you may not want to call them every time you need to change something.

Server Room offers one of the best and most reliable Flash Video Stream services available on the market today. The plans are very affordable and setting up a Live Video Stream with Flash is extremely easy, as explained in the tutorial below:

If you have any more questions or want to find out more information about our services then fell free to visit our website at www.serverroom.us or contact us on Live Chat, E-mail or by Phone. For your convenience we are available 24/7.

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Streaming Media Server

Streaming Media ServerStreaming Media Server

In our day and age the demand for delivering digital audio and video media files and live streams is getting higher and higher. Whether you are a website owner or a business owner that relies on digital content delivery then you know just how much of a difference a good streaming service makes in your business.

In order to be competitive you need nothing but the best services you can get your hands on. But seeing how prices on this type of internet services have always been kind of high, you may be required to make some sort of compromise in order to get the best features for the best value.

While some users will be happy to have the basic Windows media streaming servers features, more advanced users will most likely turn to dedicated servers as they come with many other great features and not to mention great reliability.

But in order to figure out which Windows media streaming server is the right choice, you should first have a better knowledge of what a Windows media streaming server really is.

What a Windows media server basically does is to allow an administrator to generate streaming media. Besides being able to stream video and audio content, Windows media servers can do a great deal of other things that you may find useful. Such things are the ability to cache and record streams, enforce authentication, impose various connection limits, restrict access, use multiple protocols, and generate usage statistics and many other great features.

The streams can also be distributed between servers as part of a distribution network where each server ultimately feeds a different network. The Scalable Networking Pack for Windows Server 2003 adds support for network acceleration and hardware based offloading which in turn boosts the Windows streaming media server’s performance.

Primcast has great offers on Windows media streaming servers and the best thing about our plans is that they are extremely flexible so if you either have a large or a small business, you will be able to get a great deal on an affordable price. For more information on our amazing offers feel free to visit our website or contact our technical support team which is available for you 24/7.

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SHOUTcast hosting

hosting SHOUTcastSHOUTcast hosting services

Whether you want to host you own radio show or you want to play all your favorite tunes all day, you need to have a SHOUTcast hosting account. With SHOUTcast you don’t need any kind of special equipment in order to share your music with friends all around the world.

You could actually host SHOUTcast yourself but this option is not recommended for people who don’t know what they are doing. You need to know how to configure settings, upload music to your server, configure it some more and only then if you have done anything else right will you be able to broadcast your radio online. Therefore you can see why most people opt for a SHOUTcast hosting service. But before you go ahead and buy the first SHOUTcast hosting account you lay your eyes on, there are some important things that you may want to consider.

The first thing you will want to do is to look and see if the company offering this services has a trial version. This way you can test first hand if their service is any good and if it deserves your hard earned money. Once you find a company that offers a free trial you will want to look for shuttering problems which may keep you from having an optimal experience online. You should also take into consideration the fact that even if a company does not offer a free trial this does not automatically mean that their service is of bad quality.

Another thing that you may want your SHOUTcast hosting account to have is both high and low bit-rate. This is to ensure that whatever your internet connection is you will not experience shuttering problems.

If you are planning to run your online radio station for a long time you may want to opt for a dedicated SHOUTcast hosting account. Depending on the company you may be able to choose bundled maintenance plans and constant availability of high bandwidth which would totally be worth the extra cost.

On a last note, you should try to keep an eye on every aspect of your trial version. See if there is anything not going the way it should be. If you find something wrong with their service then call their customer support service if they have one and see how they treat you. If you are going to buy a SHOUTcast hosting plan from them you are likely to need their help at some time or another so it would be good to know that you have somebody to rely on in a time of need.

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