Pluto.TV to Ban YouTube Channels

Many of the channels available on have great content, but they are streaming through YouTube, which brings the YouTube logo onto the Pluto platform. is planning to remove these channels from its program guide, unless they stream through a white label provider, such as Primcast. So why is doing this you ask?

About Pluto TV

Based in West Hollywood, Pluto.TV has taken up the challenge in online TV by offering a service, similar to cable, absolutely free! Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV, Pluto manages to keep its viewers glued for hours, through a leaner technology that makes streaming easier.

They have partnered with the small to medium video content makers and are categorizing all of the video contents in a channel guide, similar to what you see on your cable box. This is resulting in a nonstop and continuous viewing of content over longer hours. However, most channels on Pluto TV are YouTube branded. This is hampering the brand marketing of Pluto TV, and soon these channels will be banned.

How will content producers streaming their videos on Pluto TV through YouTube react to these news? Stay tuned for more on this from Primcast.


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How Online Video Transformed Marketing

Modern day marketing is all about presentation. The way you present your marketing message to your target audience holds a tremendous amount of sway with them. The most brilliant idea presented in a sub-standard, outdated manner has the ability to kill its spirit right on the spot. This is where content marketing comes into the picture.

Content marketing is a focused approach to marketing. It studies the market and delivers content that is directed to attract a specific target audience. Keep in mind, to keep an audience interested, the content should be dynamic and constantly evolve according to the newest trends, while at the same time providing helpful information that creates a favorable impression towards the brand. These factors work collectively towards moving the customer closer to a conversion.

 How content marketing works?

Never underestimate the intelligence of a customer. If you’re trying to sell a product or a service you shouldn’t try to convince the customer to buy it. Instead of pitching your product what you need to do is deliver information, make your customer aware of what your product is about and not only what you have to offer which leads to a desire to buy the product. Your job is to keep the customer informed. Note that this involves a lot of communication between the customer and the seller.

When content marketing made its debut, it was through text-based content in the form of physical white paper promotions, newsletters, blogs, articles, and emails. In short it was all about words. But today, nobody has the time or the patience to read those words. We have evolved and so has content marketing. Consumers want and need more interactive and attractive options and they will not settle for words anymore.

What Do the Statistics Reveal?

According to statistics, in 2015, the number of video viewers surpassed 200 million in the United States alone. It is one of the most popular activities worldwide, with South Korea leading at a 96 percent online video reach. It goes without saying that video is the best mode of selling anything.

So if you’re thinking about an alternative to video, don’t. There is nothing as effective; it is time to join the revolution. If you don’t have a video marketing strategy for the biggest platforms then you are losing out.

Why Video Rules Content Marketing?

If it is the cost you are worried about then think again. These are not the dark ages anymore. Video is not an option only for big corporations. You don’t need an astronomical budget. Nearly everyone has the access to a decent quality camera phone nowadays. All you need to keep in mind is the camera should be HD. There is quite a number of free or cost-effective video editing software available out there just for such a purpose. Videos once edited can be uploaded onto video streaming platforms. These videos can also be embedded onto a blog or a website or even a social media platform.  Small businesses can now join in the video revolution without further ado.

Still not convinced about the boons of video streaming? Here are a few more reasons why video streaming should be adopted pronto.

  • Recent research has shown that 71 percent of the consumers prefer video content, for the customer conversion rate of a video outperforms any other marketing content method.
  • Also videos have the ability of drawing more attention. We have already seen the statistics of video viewers in the United States. There is also an overload of content which discourages a viewer from even wanting to take in more information but video is easier to assimilate and preferred and capturing the attention of a consumer is important.
  • Your content is more likely to be viewed if it is supplemented with a video link. In fact, if you add a video to your website, it improves your chances of being viewed since this improves your Search Engine Optimization, thereby increasing your chances of appearing on the first page of Google search results by 53 times.
  • Opinions matter. A consumer is more likely to comment on or share a video than any other article or post conveying the same information.
  • Information relayed through video has a greater ability to be retained than any other mode of information.
  • It is not possible to check on each viewer to figure out which part of the article was liked or viewed most or how many times but a video has a feedback loop built in. This loop records the number of times watched and measures the click-through rate to such accuracy that it is even possible to bring it down to the level of an individual.
  • The exact tone of your message is delivered only though video. While reading a blog, the message can be received in many ways, some may even be unappealing but through a video your every emotion can be transmitted bringing out the essence of your product effectively.

Now that you have been convinced, here is another detail to be noted. It isn’t enough to just post a video online. It is also important to review your platforms. Since 2015, Facebook has been getting even more daily minutes watched than YouTube which has been the largest video streaming website available. Snapchat and Twitter viewers too have taken branding to a whole new level. YouTube is huge, agreed, and it is swarming with content so it is very likely to lose your content among the millions others vying for attention on the same platform. Facebook on the other hand is more personalized. If you post a video directly onto Facebook you are placing it onto Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm, which means you get an even larger viewer base and your community grows by leaps and bounds, creating the ultimate marketing network.

If you want to stay current and reap the best benefits for your company, video marketing is the way to go because let’s be realistic, all the other marketing channels are as good as void since the advent of video. If you need professional assistance for making video the star in your content marketing campaign then check out Primcast’s expertise in this context.

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Best Cameras for Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming has the capability to provide targeted outcomes for your business – wider reach and more footfalls to your blog or website and then convert the leads to conversions. However, your live stream broadcast has to be of superior quality and this is dependent on the camera you select to broadcast your content.

With so many cameras in the market claiming to be the best for live streaming, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. So before you decide to start your shopping spree, take a look at the following buying factors along with their pros and cons. This will allow you make a more informed decision.

Selection Criteria

Before you start looking at the different cameras, here are some things to consider.

  1. Hardware: It is important that your video camera is compatible with your hardware. Hence, make sure your computer has ports to connect your camera. It is best to opt for a camera that fits seamlessly with your hardware rather than changing your hardware to suit your camera.
  1. Budget: Have a budget in mind when you start shopping for a video camera. This will allow you to shortlist cameras based on what you can afford rather than selecting one and then finding out it is beyond your means.
  1. Shooting Options: How do you intend shooting the live broadcast? If you shoot on the go, you will need to make sure the video content is clear, without interference and signal degradation.

These factors will narrow down your choices to a sane level. Now with the finalized options, you can add further operational and functional filters as below –

Your Camera Options

Today, there is a wide range of cameras, including USB, HDMI, analog, SDI and DSLR cameras. Within this range, you can get different makes and models.

  1. USB Camera: This particular video camera is ideal for a newbie live broadcaster. You can connect the camera to any computer system with the USB port. If this is the first time you are live streaming, this camera will be the best choice as it is hassle-free.


  • It is extremely affordable
  • Easy setup as it is a plug-and-play camera
  • Does not require capture cards or boxes and can be connected directly to a majority of computers
  • Does not need power source, as it is powered by the computer


  • It comes with limited features. You will be unable to zoom, balance the white or enjoy more precise shots
  • You will be unable to upgrade the lens
  • Does not have the ability to generate professional-grade audio
  • Unable to record locally
  1. HDMI Camera: Although this camera is primarily for home theater systems, it is extremely popular, as it is not as expensive as an SDI camera. And, you will still be able to broadcast superior quality videos. Besides live streaming in HD, you also can record content in high-def.


  • You can get entry-level camera that is affordable and at par with a feature-laden professional-grade camera
  • Easily available
  • Easy to convert to SDI


  • Depending on the encoder or switcher you are using, you may have to convert the image to SDI
  • Does not have as long a cable as an SDI camera
  • Cables are not lockable and as a result, they can get disconnected quite easily
  • Some HDMI cameras have built-in copy protection, preventing transfer of signal
  1. Analog Camera: It comes with red, green and blue cable ports that allow you to connect to your computer. However, since laptops usually don’t have analog ports, you will have to use a capture card or switcher to enable the connection.


  • Affordably priced
  • The camera is easily available
  • You can easily replace the cables should they get damaged
  • You will find it quite easy to get capture cards and switchers to facilitate connection with your laptop


  • If you opt for an older model, you may be stuck with just SD resolution. Just new analog cameras come with high-definition image quality
  • You will not be able to use the camera too far out, as long runs can lead to poor signal and interference
  • The connector cables are usually proprietary. Hence, it may be tough to find a replacement
  • You will need an additional cable to connect to your encoder or switcher
  1. SDI Camera: This perhaps is the best camera for live broadcast streaming. It provides professional-grade videos and hence, it is the most expensive of all video cameras. There is no worry of the cables getting disconnected, so you will enjoy stable connection. The cables are long enough to shoot far out.


  • Comes with long cables that have a locking option
  • The camera comes with professional connections
  • It has connections for capture cards and encoders


  • Its cost is prohibitive and can prevent you from purchasing it
  1. DSLR Camera: This camera is similar to an HDMI camera when it comes to live video streaming. The camera should have an HDMI output, and you will have to use a capture card to connect the camera to your computer. If you overcome these issues, you can use the camera for live video streaming.

However, be careful as some models come with a mirror and this will reveal the settings of your camera during live streaming. Its limited audio capabilities are also a disadvantage. The built-in mic may not be able to capture high-quality audio and hence, you will need an external mic for the audio. Also, check the camera carefully before purchase, as some models shut down automatically if they are used for extended periods. If you plan on streaming live content for a couple of hours, DSLR camera may not be the best choice.

The Bottom Line

Now you know about the best cameras for live video streaming. Based on this information, you can make an informed decision to purchase a camera that best suits your needs. Already zeroed in on your choice? Then opt for Primcast’s live streaming services to start streaming.

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Radionomy’s Stations Removed from Tunein

Radionomy’s Stations Removed from Tunein

In an interesting twist to the on-going war between Sony labels and Radionomy, Sony has issued a take-down notice to Radionomy stations hosted on Tunein. Radionomy has been under the fire for copyright infringement from Sony brands since February, 2016. This action puts online radio stations hosted on Radionomy at risk of being removed from Tunein at any time.

Radionomy, which hosts around 40000 to 50000 online radio stations, has seen its volumes taking a hit, since Sony group of music labels have filed the infringement case. Radionomy does not mention to its customers that royalties are to be paid to copyright owners, nor do they provide royalty reports so that broadcasters can become legal.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), Sony group of music labels has claimed ownership of specific content (i.e. music, albums, tracks or artists), and Radionomy stations, listed on TuneIn have been broadcasting and streaming this content without permission to do so. TuneIn, on its part, has taken cognizance of the DMCA’s requirement, and has accepted to take down Radionomy stations from its broadcasting system.

The origins of the case

Readers may remember the Feb 26 lawsuit filed by Sony group of labels in a California federal court that cited multiple violations of copyright of their music by stations like Radionomy. Sony has claimed that the radio station has wrongfully participated in reproduction, public performance, and display of the music tracks through its users. The monetary damages sought by Sony makes the case all the more interesting. They are claiming maximum statutory damages under US laws – $150,000 per track that was infringed upon by Radionomy.

What the future holds

As of now the content disabling notice by Sony has been implemented by TuneIn for a majority of the Radionomy stations. The action has impacted mostly stations that have played or continue playing music owned by Sony Music Entertainment and other US labels. Online broadcasters can get licensed and receive monthly royalty reports from Primcast, which will allow them to calculate and pay their royalty fees.

Stay tuned for more updates, as Primcast keeps you informed of more action on this front.

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Why Video Autoplay Does not Work On Mobile

Why Video Autoplay Doesn’t Work On Mobile

Handheld devices and smartphones have revolutionized the world of videos. Today, video streaming services are formatting videos to suit these mobile devices so that people can watch content on the go. The ease of watching videos on your mobile can be fun and relaxing. However, the experience of watching a video on your computer is completely different, one that you may not be able to reproduce on your mobile. This is where the video autoplay function comes in.

If you are the broadcaster, you definitely want viewers to watch your video. Otherwise, you will lose revenue. Usually, you get paid for the number of video views. So if autoplay function doesn’t work, you will be losing out on the number of views. This, in turn, translates to lower revenues.

Hence, it is important for you to first understand why video autoplay doesn’t work on a mobile devices, and what you can do to fix this.

Understanding Video Autoplay

As the name suggests, video autoplay occurs when a video starts playing automatically. Usually, this happens when the webpage loads completely. This allows seamless video-watching experience without the viewer having to do anything.

However, this seamless play of the video does not occur when a viewer watches a video on his mobile device. The viewer first has to activate the video for it to play. Just loading the webpage will not work.

Why Autoplay Doesn’t Work on Mobile Devices?

Both Android and iOS have disabled this particular feature for mobile phones, and this is done for a reason. By disabling the video autoplay feature, the mobile phone software makers save users money.

It is prudent to remember mobile phone companies charge mobile phone users by the bandwidth they use. A typical mobile device user will have limits on the data they can use each month. If they exceed the limit, their connection speed drops or they are charged overages. Hence, the autoplay function is disabled on mobile phones to ensure users do not pay for videos they have no interest in watching.

The real culprits are the mobile phone companies, as they keep levying incremental charges for data downloads instead of charging a flat monthly fee like Internet service providers.

How Can a Broadcaster Work Around This Issue?

Well, the good news is there are a few ways around disabled video autoplay. Some of them are as follows:

  1. HTML5

You can create GIFs using HTML5. While the video will not play unless the viewer explicitly clicks the Play button, you can still transcode the initial few seconds of your video into a GIF to let the user see what it contains. You can make the GIF alluring so that the viewer feels compelled to watch your video.

  1. Single device solution

Let’s not forget that Android is an open source OS. Hence, if you know advanced coding, you can alter your Android operating system to enable autoplay of videos. This is beneficial only if you are the viewer.

While this is a possible solution, you may find it difficult, as a majority of subroutines and applications on Android OS are not open-source. If you still succeed in changing the operating system to enable video autoplay, you risk making it incompatible with certain other applications.

This trick will not work with iOS since it is not an open-source operating system. So if you own an Apple device, you will still have to manually start the videos you want to watch.

The Ideal Solution for Disabled Video Autoplay

The perfect solution is with mobile phone companies. A large number of mobile phone operators do not offer their customers unlimited data plan. Hence, until they start, video autoplay on mobile phones will be a distant dream. And, when a mobile phone company does offer unlimited data plan, the prices are exorbitant. For instance, T-Mobile in the U.S. has recently hiked the monthly charge for unlimited data plan to $95.

Today, people are downloading more than they used to a few years ago. This is because a large chunk of the population has smartphones. As a result, it is straining the mobile companies’ network and hurting their bottom line. This, in turn, is causing mobile operators to charge more for unlimited data plan. But if you see the other side of the coin, there is a demand for unlimited data plan. Hence, mobile phone carriers will sooner or later have to offer the plan to customers or commit business suicide.

The Bottom Line

Video autoplay function has been purposely disabled to save viewers money. Rather than making it more convenient for viewers, operating systems are designed to prevent unnecessary expenses that can occur with limited data plans.

As a broadcaster, you can opt for a few workarounds, but your aim should be to market your video using a webpage and making sure it is of high-quality and informative to get viewership. This way, even mobile device users will hear the buzz around your video and have no qualms about watching whether they have a limited or unlimited data plan.  Contact us for more quick tips on how to handle your media production needs.

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How to Get More Listeners for your Radio Station

How to Get More Listeners for your Radio Station

Most of us are avid radio listeners and dedicate certain minutes of our day to this joyful leisure pursuit. For most, it’s probably while they’re driving home or commuting to and from the work place. For others, it could be while they’re cooking in the kitchen after a long hard day’s work. The reason why so many people listen to the radio is because of the universal appeal of music, which tugs at our heart with every song being played out.

We listen to radio show hosts and think, “Wow, I wish I had that job. Just sitting there and playing tunes and talking to people seems like a piece of cake.” Well, that’s where we’re wrong. Just because it looks so effortless, doesn’t mean that it actually is. In fact, a lot of time and effort goes into making a particular radio station successful and building up a huge and loyal audience. You will need talent, skill, hard work, a way with people, and most of all, determination to succeed.

If you have an internet radio station and you want to learn how to build up a good audience worldwide, we have some tips and tricks for you. By using our tips, you can increase the number of people who listen to your radio show. We can help you to acquire, maintain, and grow your audience. Our strategies are unique and very popular because they work for different countries and languages. We have researched and analyzed different features of human connection, internet marketing, and basic as well as in-depth rules of communication from our experience as one of the leading radio streaming companies here in the US.

Tips for increasing your internet radio show audience

Once you create your own internet radio station, it does not end there. You will have to get listeners and make sure you keep them attracted to your station. This will help listeners to discover your station from among a host of competitors out there. Your commitment to user acquisition should also be directed at converting them to life-long patrons of your channel. Here are some basic tips you should keep in mind in order to achieve this goal:



    1. Keep it simple: This rule is the most important when it comes to the name of your radio show. It should be short, simple, and unique so that your listeners can easily identify and remember it. Make sure it is simple to pronounce, write and won’t be confused with an existing show. Adding a dash of ‘Its Different!’ will help in favorable brand recall for your station.
    2. Discover a niche: In the radio station business, it is imperative to find a target audience or a particular niche that you can take advantage of. For example, while having a rock radio station would be a popular decision, you will face tons of competition. It might be more strategic to create a radio station specifically targeted to a certain age group- like one for kids or teenagers to cater to their specific music taste.
    3. Make your schedule known: Let your listeners know about which DJs or which genre of music you are broadcasting and when. Advertise the schedule in a creative way and create buzz about special events in the weeks leading up to them.
    4. Provide various listening options: Different browsers and operating systems make it difficult if your online radio show is supported by only a particular browser. You will need to ensure that your radio show can be listened to via a number of popular media players like Quicktime, Winamp, Realplayer and Windows Media Player. Here at Primcast, our player is cross browser and cross platform compatible.
    5. Have frequent contact with listeners: The best way to truly capture the hearts of your audience is to engage with them. You should allow listeners to call in and request songs, to broadcast messages to special ones, to share funny stories or tweets. Basically, make them the stars of the show from time to time. Use MIXXX & Skype to take calls during your live broadcast. Chat with Primcast for step by step instructions.
    6. Find ways to connect with your demographic: Search for online and offline communities or forums which focus on the same topics that you broadcast on your show. Go to meetings or take part in discussions, promote the show as well as get valuable feedback on how to provide attractions that will help build up your listener base.
    7. Promote your show through various social media channels: Social media is a treasure trove when it comes to advertising and there are innumerable sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, MySpace, and Ning which can vastly increase the number of people tuning in to your show. But you need to carefully pick what you post. Make sure you post engaging content, pictures, videos that will help people to connect with your radio show and not generic status updates and posts like “Make sure you tune into my show at so-and-so time.”
    8. Guest appearances: One sure fire way to bring in new listeners is to have guests on your radio show. No, they don’t have to be celebrities which you may not know how to contact, forget even pay for. They can be local rising stars and well-known people in the vicinity or the up and coming indie/pop/rock neighborhood college band. Just make sure to inject something new into your regular radio show schedule.
    9. Create enticing online descriptions: Write creative descriptions of your radio show and what you plan to focus on and share them via blog posts or little teaser videos. Use carefully designed keywords that Google will pick up on. All these little tips can help to increase the number of listeners.
    10. Make your website attractive: This is one of the most important strategies for gaining more listeners. You can use your website for publishing articles, blog posts, info graphics, opinion posts, listener messages etc. Just make it come alive so that people randomly browsing will be attracted enough to actually tune in to your show and give it a listen.

If you need professional help in getting your radio station to soar in popularity you can contact us. We will be glad to assist you in your growth aspirations.

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Starting a Vlog Made Easy

Starting a Vlog Made Easy

Has the latest trend of video blogging caught up to you yet? Although having just emerged onto the scene, video blogging seems to be making tracks in the blogging industry. This is for the simple reason that a most people find themselves unable to deny the lure of videos. Hence, video blogging is being seen as the new, fun way of reaching out to your audience.

If you are looking to be a part of this vlog phenomena but don’t know how or where to start, here are four basic steps to familiarize yourself with, to get the hang of video blogging.

Knowing the Basics of Video Blogging

Before you begin anything, you need to learn how it works. While the only thing that differentiates a blog from a vlog is the presence of a video, it isn’t as easy as you think. A vlog has a defined theme and what’s more, you have to release your video blogs consistently. In this aspect, it is similar to ordinary blogs. To be successful at the task of video blogging, you’ll have to make sure that you talk about something that people are interested in watching and more than that, you need to make sure you can produce videos on a regular basis and post them onto your video hosting platform.

After all, the only thing that keeps people interested in a blog is the frequency and regularity of its posts. This holds true for vlogs as well.

Finding the Right Equipment

Since the success of this method depends solely on having video and audio quality that is flawless, you need to make sure you have the right equipment before setting out on this venture. Here are some of the items you will need to start with.

  • Video Gear – A video camera is a must. You may decide to use your smartphone camera or an actual prosumer-level video camera that provides full HD videos in 1080p. The best part about consumer and prosumer cameras is that they come with a host of video and audio recording features. A DSLR is considered the best camera for video recording however the quality of its in-built microphone isn’t great.
  • Audio Gear – While video quality has to be at its best, the audio is just as important. Investing in a mic that has 3.5mm jacks will work for you as these can be used with DSLRs as well as ordinary cameras. However, if you want to step your audio quality up a notch, the USB-powered microphone is another affordable option when it comes to recording audio. But to get the best audio quality out there, you should get hold of an XLR microphone. These are effective as they can be plugged into your video camera or into an external digital audio recorder.
  • Editing Software – For the video to be effective, it may sometimes need to have titles, subheadings and more. To facilitate this, you should get your hands on the right editing software like Premier Pro, Final Cut X, Avid Media Composer or any of the others that are entering the market. Although any computer is capable of handling basic editing software, a computer having a multi-core processor, an SSD and RAM that exceeds 8 GB will allow fast and easy editing.
  • Lights – The use of lights in your video will differentiate your work from that of an amateur. The use of proper lighting, and not ambient light, can give your video a whole new feel.
  • Accessories –Now that the two basics elements of vlogging, that is, audio and video gear are dealt with, there are other accessories that one will need to successfully begin vlogging. The basic accessories that you should have ready before you start the video would include extra batteries, memory cards, cables and perhaps a tripod so you can make sure you get steady footage. However, accessories are usually determined by the type of video you are looking to shoot. For example, moving shots will require advanced gear that will need time to get the hang of but one can easily manage a basic video with just a camera, microphone and tripod.


Recording and Editing

Once you’ve made sure that all necessary equipment is at hand, then comes the actual recording. To get a good shot, check the exposure levels before beginning and ensure that there is nothing unwanted in the background. The moment you finish recording, check the files to see if you got the shot as you wanted. This way, if things aren’t as you desired, you can record it once again, right there. Beginners may take time to get the hang of the equipment and get the shot they want.

After shooting comes the more complex task of editing. Simple editing may not take much time but for complex editing, you will need to check up tutorials online and learn the intricacies involved in the process.

Releasing Your Videos

For the desired response, you need to choose the right platform to release your vlog on. With Primcast, you can upload unlimited videos, and deploy through our white-labeled player, directly on your website. You can also monetize your videos with pre-roll ads or VAST ads from any platforms, including Google DFP, AOL One, Tremor Video and more.

So these are the four basics that once mastered, will certainly get you through the journey of becoming a successful video blogger.

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Benefits Of Cloud Server Hosting

Benefits Of Cloud Server Hosting

If sky is the limit for your business, you simply cannot ignore the ‘Cloud’. For every potential business today, cloud server hosting has emerged as one of the prime necessities. Turn to popular statistics and you will find almost 50% of potential enterprises in the US embracing cloud server hosting to gain a competitive edge.

That speaks galore about the unsurpassed significance of cloud. Irrespective of your products or enterprise objectives, cloud services can streamline every single business operation. Especially, with the ever-growing business complexities, Cloud services seem to be the savior for businesses today.

Before we take the plunge into discussing cloud hosting benefits, let us develop an idea on what the cloud is all about.

Defining cloud computing

The term ‘cloud’ refers to a generic idea – transferring all your computing and files on a remote / virtual server rather than having the servers placed in-house, on the company premises. The technology helps users gain access to computer systems, thus downloading files seamlessly from one system to the other.

Cloud hosting utilizes virtual servers deployed on a cluster of dedicated servers that can scale indefinitely. So, where does cloud hosting differ from traditional server hosting? Let’s find out.

Identifying the differences

Server hosting can prove to be a cumbersome affair. The ordeals are even more when you have to manage your dedicated server all alone. Unlike traditional hosting, Primcast cloud server hosting ensures the management and maintenance of your services, thus enhancing your convenience. Cloud hosting also makes life easier for business owners. The technology allows quick fixing of glitches without even involving your IT support systems.

Simply integrate cloud into your IT infrastructure and forget about the hassles associated with dedicated servers. You can offload all your accessibility and continuity worries to a reliable cloud service provider while you free up your core IT team to do what they do best – scale up your business.

Knowing the benefits

With that brief introduction, let us move towards discussing the prime benefits of cloud server hosting.

  1. Enhancing efficiency

Your team does not have to worry about migration and integration. Primcast delivers turnkey cloud deployment solutions. Your IT workforce will have the liberty of devoting their time, efforts, and attention in other core operational areas, thus boosting your firm’s efficiency.

  1. Stringent security

Crucial business data happens to be highly important for every enterprise. Entrepreneurs always live under the threat of potential data loss or breaches. With the emergence of cloud server hosting, things have changed for the better.

Whether it is a natural calamity or an accident at workplace, your data will remain safe and secure. On the occasion of malfunctioning servers, multiple data centers will offer data backup.

  1. Lower operational costs

Cloud hosting renders useful assistance in data storage, computing, and more. As a result, business owners need not think about establishing separate IT infrastructure or renewing infrastructure every three to five years. That inevitably reduces development as well as maintenance costs.

You can channelize the financial resources in core business areas alongside saving additional costs of buying software programs and licenses.

  1. The gift of proper accessibility

Cloud hosting grants you the opportunity of accessing crucial data, whenever you need to do so. Irrespective of your physical location, cloud server hosting will offer instant data access to all the authorized people.

  1. Collaboration

With cloud server hosting, you will have better opportunities of organizing crucial business data. With secured data storage in a single location, those working in the same project will enjoy access to important documents, files, and slides.

This foster coordination and collaboration amongst your workforce. Employees working on a single project will have the chance to exchange views, ideas, and information.

  1. Unlimited storage space

Storage happens to be quite a critical factor when it boils down to executing IT operations. A major benefit of cloud hosting services is the uninhibited availability of storage space. You will no longer need to worry about restricted storage space any longer. Since cloud offers unrestricted storage space, you will not even have to arrange for additional storage.

  1. Disaster recovery

You must be aware of the fact that cloud server hosting comes with robust data security system. As the consequence, those using cloud computing will not have to invest in separate data recovery systems.

It will be the responsibility of your cloud hosting service providers to ensure fast and efficient data recovery, whenever there are accidents or natural calamities.

  1. Appropriate for every establishment

No matter what the size of the enterprise, cloud server hosting ensures efficiency and easy operations across industry verticals. From service-oriented sectors and business domains to medical and retail, cloud hosting created an entirely new connotation to ‘integration’ and ‘organization’.

  1. Faster recovery times

Compared to their traditional counterparts, cloud hosting service providers have the capability of recovering data at a lightning speed. Even if there is an accident, you will not have to wait for days for your data to get recovered.

You can restore business operations in no time with the same agility, speed, and efficiency. Productivity remains unaffected even during accidental occurrences.

Cloud for everyone?

A major segment of the industrial sector has embraced the power of cloud, and chosen to revolutionize their business operations with this technology. However, some of the players in the market are still nurturing apprehensions about its utility and importance.

With robust, dependable, and reliable security features made available by experienced cloud server hosting providers here in New York, the cloud can brighten your business’ future like never before.

Cloud hosting is undoubtedly the next generation business technology. Integrate it with your existing business processes and make room for innovations, agility, fluidity, and speed.

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Live Video Streaming: Important Tool for US Politics

Live Video Streaming: Important Tool for US Politics

The American political arena is gearing up for the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections. Candidates are in full swing, political events are going on full-fledged, and debates are already underway. It goes without saying that the electoral season happens to be one of the busiest times here in US. This political extravaganza goes on for months with debates, press releases and interviews each day.

With such highly crucial and hyped political activities being streamed live, there has been a significant change in the history of US politics. Take a look around and you will find live streaming to be a mainstream trend. And there are a couple of reasons responsible for it.

Let’s take a look at the details of the matter.

Reasons behind the popularity of live streaming

Both mobile networks and Smartphone adoption rates have increased. You also cannot forget the dramatic surge in broadband connection subscriptions. The most popular live streaming event was Superbowl 50, as it attracted almost 4-million viewers to the virtual platform. However, the online turn-up for election events will surpass these numbers by huge margins.

So, what is it that makes online video streaming so significant for US politics. Why has it become an integral part of political campaigns and electoral events here in US? Let’s get down to finding the answer.

Decoding the significance

Live streaming works like a magic wand for both politicians as well as journalists. It gives them the opportunity of streaming live events, commentary, electoral speeches, and pre-election campaigns more independently than ever before.

There is a significance of the term independent in this context.

Get back to earlier times and you will surely find the increasing dependence on television networks for featuring electoral campaigns and events. Both politicians and viewers had to rely on TV networks to watch these events.

The benefits

With the rapid emergence of live streaming, candidates will no longer have to rely on television networks for broadcasting their political campaigns.

Viewers and voters on the other end will enjoy direct access to streaming contents without having to depend on the flag-bearers of mainstream media.

Looking for the major trends

With that brief overview of the importance and benefits of live video streaming, let’s move onto the major live streaming trends.

  1. The shift towards real-time

Viewers and enthusiasts earlier had to view C-SPAN for viewing and listening to political news and events. Present times have a different story to narrate, as social media channels are taking up the role of broadcasters. From YouTube to Twitter, every social media platform offers instant access to political information.

YouTube has also taken up the leading role by moderating political debate sessions with global partners such as CNN.

That’s all about the general voters and the public. What about the politicians? They are also keeping up with the latest trends, and hence embracing live video streaming technology. Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  1. Greater reach to the youth: Tech savvy young individuals are always hooked onto social media networks. Streaming live campaigns will prove to be great of way of reaching out to them.
  2. Better engagement: The concept of live video streaming will inevitably result in highly engaged press and electorate. Live statements will offer perfect opportunities for debates and rebuttals. The comments of participants will be immortalized. So, there is no going back on words.
  3. Streaming options

Live streaming is rapidly transforming the ‘face’ and ‘phase’ of US political scenario. Quite a few well-known politicians are warming up to this concept, and using live video streaming services to enhance their campaign’s reach.

  1. Primcast for political updates

With the emergence of Primcast, there is some magnificent news for enthusiasts. As a plug-and-play streaming video solution, it will offer live streams from political events right at the moment it needs to be propagated.

Just arrange for a stable internet connection, and get your live political video streams running in few minutes with Primcast. Yes, it is that easy, thus ensuring unsurpassed convenience for journalists and politicians.

With a robust and reliable Content Delivery Network, Primcast will offer live video streaming to numerous viewers across the globe.

It’s time to get started

By now, you must be aware of all the requisites involved in live video streaming. Breeze through the checklist, if you wish to know what’s missing. Live video streaming depends on:

  • Robust video content hosting services such as Primcast.
  • Reliable internet connection with minimum upload speed of 2-5 Mbps
  • A video camera capable of featuring contents in real-time
  • Hardware encoders

With each of these elements performing their respective jobs, you will get to stream the most crucial political events, campaigns, from anywhere, with a push of a button. Perhaps, live video streaming will continue to earn popularity as one of the most important resources for engaging political campaigns.

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Radionomy Sued By Media Copyright Owners

Radionomy, Shoutcast, Winamp, Targetspot, Being Sued By Media Copyright Owners

Music listening and streaming trends have undergone substantial changes over the past decade or so. Passionate music lovers no longer need to rely on traditional radio or music streaming services for their favorite tracks. With huge technological advancements underway across the globe in today’s times, streaming services too have become bigger, and many companies are competing to get a piece of the pie.

Take the case of Radionomy. A service offered by a group of companies, (Shoutcast & Targetspot) where broadcasters are rewarded for large amounts of listeners, and stations with little or no listeners are shut down, as they are deemed not profitable.

The Front-Page Story

According to news sources, Radionomy along with its entire pack of partners have been allegedly found guilty in royalty affairs. The lawsuit filed by Sony & other copyright owners accuses Radionomy of improper royalty practices and no licensing payments since 2014. The entire proceedings of the case will be carried out in the California Federal Court.

The Legal State of Affairs

The music industry in general has been battling against piracy for quite some time now. Although the initial war was against cyber-lockers, torrent sites, and unauthorized MP3 index, it has now extended to fight large content distributors such as Radionomy.

As stated earlier, a group of record labels have come together and filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Radionomy and its partners. The music companies involved in this power-play are Arista Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Zomba Recording, and LaFace Records.

Radionomy offers access to music titles that are streamed directly from the computers of hobbyists. Listeners across the globe can place searches based on genres, artists, or theme. While innumerable users are reaping its benefits, Sony music labels have a different story to narrate. According to them, Radionomy’s track record has not been quite impressive when it comes to paying royalties or providing royalty reports to its broadcasters.

Evidence and Reports

Sony music labels corroborates these claims by producing rock-solid evidence in this regard.

Evidence 1:

According to their statements, Radionomy streamed and used tracks of a huge array of artists without permission. They include creations from Bob, Dylan, Christina Aguilera, Pink Floyd, Shakira, One Direction, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Adele, and John Mayer.

Evidence 2:

The additional evidence indicated towards the use of copyrighted music singles. Radionomy’s ‘One Direction The Radio’ service played recordings of “Something Great” and “Nobody Compares”; both of which are creations of One Direction and owned by the plaintiff.

Evidence 3:

The labels went on adding to Radionomy’s hassles by taking a dig at its service offerings. According to accusations, Radionomy encourages and rewards radio stations capable of attracting a huge number of audience. On the contrary, it penalizes stations failing to reach this ‘minimum audience’ targets.

The Verdict

There is simply no denying that a great diversity of online music is something great for us all. However, crucial issues of copyright infringement must be dealt seriously. Stay tuned for more updates on this one from us at Primcast.

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